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Riding Boots - Now I feel clumsy

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Bosco, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. I got my A Stars S-MX Plus boots today, took the bike for a run but now I feel clumsy trying to operate the rear brake or shift gears.. its like I cant get my foot properly under the lever to shift up...

    Up until now I was just riding around with my racing shoes and shifting gears/braking were effortless and easy... now it feels like I'm an elephant.....

    Is this normal, and eventually you get used to it?

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  3. they take a little while to get used to, and they will also become less stiff the more you wear them.

    soon you wont want to ride without them.
  4. Bosco I felt the same way when I first got mine. Worse still I had bruises around my ankles because I had them on too tight and they were chafing against my skin (damn you thin skin!) But they are leather so they’ll soften up and mould to your calves and ankles etc. Give it some time and you’ll be all right.

    Wear some thick socks as well for that little bit of extra stretch the first few times you wear them. After that you won’t want to take them off. Mmmmmmmmm warm boots!

  5. You'll get used to it. Just remember to use a circular motion when moving your foot towards the pedal when shifting down, helps to prevent false neutrals or unwanted shifts

    Also try to keep you toes pointing out when not using the pedals.

    My Oxtars are pretty thin boot and give me good feel for the pedals. My Teknic Violators took a bit longer to get a feel for them. They're a thicker boot which is also water proof. The ratchet system is very bling tho :grin: and I get a good squeak and clunk noise when walking in them. Metal toe sliders and hard tiled floors :wink:
  6. +1 to all ^^^
    It took me a while to get used to mine, now I feel naked without em. :oops:
  7. What you talking about Willis?
    By pointing your toes out you are likely to scrape them and you don’t want to be doing this un-necessarily.
    Move your feet back a little if it suits you but pointing your toes out doesn’t seem sensible to me.
  8. Depends on how big your foot is I guess. I'm just going by what I was told during my SU course. Have the heel against the peg and use the toes (big toe joint?) for brakes/gears

    Anyway, the little scratches on the toe sliders add character :)
  9. I was told the same, ie. turn your toes out, at my 'L' course. To get used to the boots, I am walking around the house sometimes. They are not too bad, I think.
  10. I have a pair of Falco boots, and I feel really clumsy wearing them. When I wear a normal pair of shoes I'm fine, but when I put the boots on I have trouble moving my left boot from under the gear lever to the top of it and vice versa. They also cause me to miss gears :( I think what Im going to have to do is move the levers to suit me...
  11. When I first got mine, felt like a hooker in platforms trying to walk around. A few hours of riding, and a bit of walking around the house etc, and they're pretty much just comfy shoes.
  12. Looks like theres a few people with identity issues here.

    Youre motorcycle riders people!!! Not ducks!!!

    Balls of your feet on the pegs!!!
  13. Some know the very high mileage I do on bikes and it may amaze some that I also wear the low cost Falco boots, the lightweight touring ones. They are super comfortable and after a few goes with waterproof "stuff" (thats a techical term only known by my wife) they are virtually waterproof as well. Done over 150,000klms in them the past 3yrs.

    Valuer once told me regarding homes but works for most things "cost does not equal value"
  14. Absolutely true............ if you are hammering through the twisties. Not so if you are running out the klms on a trip. No one I know runs balls of feet on pegs ALL day.
  15. Yeah you will get use to it.

    I thought that I'd wasted my money on a pair on Sidi Vertigo boots when I wore them for the first couple of rides. Once you get use to them thou they feel great.
  16. Has nobody except me read the original post? He's not asking if he will get used to the boots, or where to put his toes; he's asking if he can operate his controls with the boots on, or will he always feel that he can't. Those questions are answered in the second post.......
  17. Great write up hornet well done, the bottom line is you can adjust your peddals to suit your feet and ride style,and yes new boots do feel a bit goofy but persist and you won,t go back to riding in runners.
  18. We read it Paul and promptly moved on, we are discussing oils and tyres next ..... oh goodie. :LOL:
  19. hahahahahaha

    Thanks Hornet.
    I've adjusted the shift lever up as it was upshifts causing me grief...
    brake pedal was fine... all good now.
    boots are a bit tight but they'll work their way round :D
  20. When they do, you wont want to take them off :)