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Riding big bikes on Learners and P plates??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Daggz, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. Hey all just wondering what you think and what has happened to any people who ride big bikes on learners permits??

    Im riding an 1100 cruiser on my l's, But i have been riding for years on the dirt.

    personally i feel my bike safer then say an aprillia RS250 which will outrun my bike any day of the week, but i feel the cops should leave the cruisers alone.

    your thoughts???
  2. What do I think? Well I wouldn't be recommending it to someone who does not have lots of riding experience.

    What has happened? I believe it is only a fine if you get caught, however, you may not be covered by your property insurer.
  3. Hope you don't run into a car and spend the rest of your life paying back the debt for their car and your bike, plus any extended medical recovery you may need.
  4. Oooh don't get me started about uninsured road users... grrr

    Yes, you sir are part of that special club. Even if u do have insurance, you might be covered if your bike is stolen, but NOT if you hit ME. Better get a lawer son, better get a real good one. (love that song :grin: )

    PS This isnt a personal attack or anything :wink: , just a warning that you are at severe financial risk if that "what if" does happen...
  5. If you hit me and found out your insurer didn't want to know you, you'd be paying out of your own pocket. The RS250 isn't the only 250 on the road you know. :wink:

    Either way, as far as I'm concerned you can do want you want as long as you're prepared to come up with the cash if you fcuk up without whinging about it. :)
  6. Define 'big'.....
  7. He doesn't .. no insurance company will cover, or provide a policy to, someone when riding illegally.
  8. I know that, but you can insure a bike or any vehicle for that matter in your name regardless of your licence status. Total waste of money if you do ride it though, which is the point I was making in my first post. This was discussed only a couple of weeks ago, no?

    Oh yeah, BTW I got off my restrictions today. Booyah for me! :wink:
  9. I have an internal battle with myself regarding this every day...

    I want to upgrade and in my opinion I am ready to, however the nagging issue of insurance is the only thing stopping me. I could live with the fine if I got caught but I know I couldn't live with potentially having to pay thousands of dollars to the persons whose car i damaged while also paying off a loan for a bike I no longer have. It's all well and good to say i won't crash but sometimes shit happens and if and when it does and you have no insurance cover due to riding a big bike on an unrestricted licence you'll kick yourself.

    I have 5 months left...I'd rather wait 5 months than make a rash decision that I could be paying for for the rest of my life.

    just my 2 cents worth :)
  10. Exactly right, not even for theft !! This is a topic that comes up quite regularly. So its a $110 dollar fine, TAC will cover you and third party, but will not cover loss of income. Now thats on p's, on L's could be a different story.. :?
  11. Dirt riding is a top place to hone handling skills, BUT is doesnt take the place of road skills, they sit u on a 250 to hopefully give u time to learn how it is on the road out there, Never seen a tree swerve in front of me on a dirt bike.(some will argue) the way a car driver will.As the other blokes said , Dont hit me either coz if I can get up we are both gunna be in trouble. Get off it and go back to ya 250.

  12. Daggs claims his licence is currently disqualified (which would also cancel his learner's permit) in this thread


    Definately no cover for any property damage he causes or Income/Impairment benefits from TAC if he is unable to work or severly injured.
  13. Thanks for your opinions people. Yes i am suspended ATM, however i only drive too and from work out of a HAVE TO situation.
    The bikes been off the road since i lost my licence and only gets riden occasionally anyways.

    I have a run around NSR 150 that i can park wherever and not stress about. I never leave the Vstar too far outta my site, worried about it getting stolen.

  14. Please don't rip my head off for the following comments, but how much damage can a bike do to a car in a collision*? Unless you're riding at high/unsafe speeds, in which case death would be a much higher concern to me.

    Ride safe, ride smart, and property damage isn't a big concern.

    *Unless you hit a petrol tanker, which explodes and burns down an office complex with an underground carpark full of cars...then you're in trouble!
  15. BTDT..
    I am on my L's and was riding around on a 550. I thought the exact same thing "Its not as fast, its a lot more stable, its heavier therefore beter".

    So not true. My 250 out-brakes, out corners, out accellerates the 550 i was on.
    As a learner, this is important. I have just a little more room for error. Mainly on the braking part.

    Also, if i do ditch the bike and wear it as a result, the 250 is a lot lighter and im a lot less likely to be pinned under it or sustain serious injuries as a result of coming into contact with the bike itself.

    As im sure you know now, riding on the road is a HELL of a lot different to fanging around on a trail or motorcrosser. Not much of a comparison.

    Even if youve been riding for ages, stick to the 250 and under, its 15months at most. Lose your licence and youll be kicking yourself.....for 2 years or so.
  16. I personally think riding around on a bigger bike when you’re on your restricted licence is a damn stupid idea. Not only because of the insurance risks (which are pretty big) but more because of the danger your putting YOURSELF in.

    It’s called a learners licence for a reason. I’m always thinking “i'm a great rider", until I make a mistake that nearly always could have been avoided if I had stopped thinking I was valentino rossi.

    It is for this reason that I’m going to wait a few years before I upgrade to larger bike. I just don't trust myself!! :p

    12 months really isn't that long on a 250. I reckon just wait your time and enjoy the great fuel economy
  17. stay on the big bike mate :wink: what ever bike is more comfy just stay on it :grin: i know what its like riding a bigger bike on restrictions cause im doing it atm too :LOL: :LOL: live for the moment bro :wink: enjoy enjoy :grin:
  18. Yeah ask that same question to someone who owns a Bentley/Porsche/Lamborghini/Ferrari etc. I wouldnt want to owe one of those guys even just a mirror!!!
  19. yeah i was one those people who had their L's for a couple years (expired and then extended it) I rode every day during this time on my little Balius - Rain, Hail or Shine. When the last week of my L's was about to expire i decided to do my P's. I didnt keep my 250 long after that - traded it in and brought the speed tripple with about 5 months of my probationary period to go. During that time i was like damn hope i dont get pulled over or damn i hope i dont hit anyone.

    My opinion was yes i only had my P's for 7 months but i have been riding for over 2 years. So considered my self as a sensible rider. I know too many people who go get the bike licence and not ride until they are full so they can get a open class bike. To me, thats asking for trouble. You should have to ride a low powered bike for at least a year.

    My two cents worth...

    Anyway i was out on the mountain hwy this morning. OMG soooo much fog couldnt see anything and was getting wet with all the moisture in the air. Well thats what you get for leaving at 7 (at least there was no cagers on the road at that time).

    Have a good long weekend
  20. Hmm, unlicenced, riding a bike you can't legally ride.
    Get off the friggin road. I'm tired of people like you fcuking up and causing families grief..........I love your "have to" comment. Did you "have to" do the things that caused your licence to be suspended? I guarantee when you have an accident, you'll just do a runner like everyone else who thinks the law is beneath them.
    Want to know the penalties? We had (yes had, no licence, no job) an apprentice at work who thought it was cool to drive and ride illegally, and also drive an unregistered vehicle. He got caught once, did it again and is now in the big house.

    Regards, Andrew.