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Riding at the speed limit. Why even bother?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by JohnnyComeLately, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. I'm not a fast rider, certainly not by the standards of people I occasionally ride with. I don't really get any kicks out of going fast in a straight line and as such the fastest I've ever gone on a bike was coming out of a sweeping bend. So I do understand why people by cruisers and other touring bikes.

    But I don't get it. Some people seem to think the pinnacle of riding is in a group, all on their sportsbikes, sitting in line doing the speed limit. I suppose both the national park and Mac Pass bring out the wobblers and other associated special people, and so I really shouldn't expect any different, but I truly don't understand why they even bother. Why not do the hipster thing and ride to the grounds for breakfast then la perouse for lunch? Why not go the wannabe outlaw pirate route and ride in, well, slightly more comfort. Why not just drive? What do people get out of riding the most uncomfortable bikes designed for a few hundred km to ride one of the sweetest mountain passes at the silly nsw speed limits? I just don't get it. Am I alone in this?

  2. It's called license preservation. Most people are averse to accruing demerit points and paying the associated fines.
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  3. Sure. I get that. If I havea a particular desire to avoid being fined on a particular day, I stay home. I'd rather do that, than not enjoy a ride on decent riding roads because I'm riding at a stupidly low speed limit set by fools who first found out about fun when they looked it in the dictionary. I might as well go surfing at the beach when there's no waves to speak of.
  4. if i choose to do the speed limit then go around me i dont mind
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  5. time&place?
    the time for going nuts is (usually) not when other people are around to see it...

    why do people buy $200 running shoes, and just walk around in them?
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    stress fractures, shin splints.
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  7. Who do people buy fast V8/turbo charged cars if they only do 60km/h?

    I have a new BMW (their flagship "Tourer") and even if I rode it at posted speed limits everywhere, it provides comfort, protection from the elements, has GPS, stereo, ABS, Cruise ctrl, heated grips/seats, the best lighting ever seen on a motorcycle, electronically adjustable suspension, shaft drive, full trip computer, large fuel tank, electric screen height, smooth etc etc all of those things are benefits I receive regardless of the speed at which I ride it.

    It has a 6 cyl engine making 170BHP and 175Nm with 70% of that torque available from just above idle if at any point I decide I want to use it.

    People on sports bikes often do the ride to every beach so I can pose with my mates in our group thing, and ride about at low speeds in suburbia, but take the bike out to the open road, and they start enjoying the capabilities more. Many also do track days on them.

    I have a particular desire to avoid being fined everyday, but I see no reason to stay home.......
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  8. I've often wondered about these discussions. There are those who are critical about people buying expensive high powered sports bikes and riding them to 'the cafe', about 'wannabe racers' , 'pretenders' etc. I came back into riding 4 yrs back at the age of 56. Did a wise thing and did level 1-3 at CSS, not because I wanted to be a racer but coz I wanted to get the most out of road riding. I LOVE RIDING (just got back yesterday evening after doing 1100kms in a day and a half) and I LOVE SPEED, but I know my limits. I pick my battles. Am comfortable in tight twisties but not like a racetrack demon. Give me more open sweepers and it's like waving a red flag in front of a bull Yes, at my age if I come off and break bones and stuff, I heal slower. Unfortunately in my line of work my licence is a necessity and I do have to hang on to it, so I try to be careful about where and when my right wrist goes ballistic! The one thing I might say is that ever since I got on the bike I have been encouraging others to do it BUT I always tell them to be sensible, learn good technique and stay safe. Really doesn't matter what we do as long as we enjoy what we do, so I say whatever floats your boat, forget the stereotype. Never forget being flogged in the twisties by a ratty looking old greybeard of a bloke on a dirt bike. Cheers.
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  9. I understand the wobblers, I was one myself once, we all were.

    The group thing though? I'll never get it. Riding is such an individual pursuit, once you put on the lid and turn the key it's just you and the bike. Why ruin it with other people? It's like jerking off - I do it, you do it, but do we really need to do it together at the same time and place so we can talk about it afterwards?
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  10. Riding for me is mainly a daily commute , so i get my fair share of riding experience in terms of different weather and cagers.

    Going out on group rides, for me anyways, is about going to places i've never been before but also socialising with other like minded people who enjoy doing what i do. Riding.

    I couldn't care less if we sit on the side of the road eating sandwiches you misses packed for you, or a meat pie from a truck stop or going to a cafe for a 20oz 4 shot 1/3 decaf decaf non fat no foam soy breve cappuccino with three pumps of sugar free vanilla and two pumps chocolate with four sweet and lows and extra whipped cream or something along those lines.

    Some people like to show boat.. Hey look at my shiny new Monster or Triumph etc.. You'll have those with bikes and cars, that's just the culture we live in these days..
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  11. Increasingly nanny state revenue raising road laws is why after years of road bikes (generally modified) I tried switching to dirt road tourers (I found riding dirt roads interesting but limiting) so then I bought a cruiser.

    Now I've got a bike which feels good to ride at (or near) the speed limit (if you take a look at increasing cruiser sales numbers you'll realize I'm not inventing the wheel here).

    But super sports bikes at 100kph on the public roads (that's like sitting in a plane and taxiing around the airport).

    OTOH if people want to engage in that particular pointless eccentricity why should we care?

    Adults build train sets and train spot, sports bikers at the speed limit is no worse.
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  12. Maybe they enjoy the scenery.

    Maybe they enjoy the company.

    Maybe the bike they are riding is their dream machine.

    Maybe they have a little respect for other road users.

    Maybe they save it for when nobody is looking or when there is little chance of being caught.

    Maybe you still have a lot to learn.

    and maybe if you had ever ridden any of these bikes you'd know that when your not hanging on for dear life and relax your arms, you can ride pretty much any bike as far as you'd like with no sore wrists or aching arms.
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  13. You can do that on any bike it doesn't have to be a super sports bike at 100kph.

    If a super sports bike is their adult train set toy then that's ok.

    You can do that on any bike, it doesn't have to be a super sports bike at 100kph.

    Now this is a legitimate reason (although as I mentioned increasing amounts of penalties and enforcement are making this harder).

    I've been riding 40 years, owned over 30 bikes and ridden over a million kilometres.
    Whilst one never stops learning respectfully maybe it's you that's the inexperienced one here.

    Interested in coming on a far rider or iron butt challenge ride with me then?
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  14. #15 Ljiljan, Jan 19, 2015
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2015
    It's worse then that. Speed limit is 60 on mac pass.

    Im guilty of riding slowish on some roads. But they're my roads, and seeing more than one other vehicle on them would be unlucky. There's a difference between slowish and religiously sitting on 60 though.
  15. But why can't it be a super sports or whatever else tickles your fancy?

    If it was any other bike would it make it not okay?

    why can't it be a super sport? what do you care if it is? how does what someone else choose to do in their leisure time in any way effect you?

    I don't see how? police don't really have anything new at their disposal they didn't have 20 years ago.

    hide in a push and point a LIDAR down the road.

    Yes, but you see I don't care how far you have ridden or how many bikes you have owned and how I could learn anything from this is beyond me? for all I know you have wobbled down the road doing everything wrong for 40 years.

    Thought about it... but no.

    you see, I'll go for a ride for as long as I feel like going for a ride. It might be 100km it might be 1,000km it might even be camping by the side of the road and riding several thousand km's over a few days. I'm sure there are far better bikes suited to this than my VFR but it is what I chose.

    I don't feel the need to follow a bunch of rules, collect my fuel dockets and detailed spreadsheets about time vs distance.

    I also don't feel any need to start a thread berating you, or saying well why don't you just do your far ride in the comfort of a car, you could still keep all your fuel dockets and drive all through the night to meet your checkpoints and make your milage.
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  16. also.... isn't it a strict rule on these far rides that speed limits need to be obeyed, and this is checked through averaging?
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  17. I don't get why people whinge about others so much. Just get on your bike and ride.
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  18. I don't think you do understand though...

    one might get a cruiser as that is what they are passionate about, it might better suit there wants or needs it might just be "just because".

    I doubt it has anything to do with they only want to do the speed limit, so that is all that is required.
  19. Again, I would say don't knock it until you have tried it.
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