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Riding around the law

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MV, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. Well, it's been pretty mundane around here (if you exclude Vic vs Jason) & I'm sick of reading about newbs riding outside of their license conditions without insurance so:

    How do you* ride around the law?

    (*Doesn't have to be you specifically, theoretical techniques are fine too. Also, this is a public forum, if you have super secret techniques, send me a pm ;) )

    Not talking running from the cops or anything like that, just general techniques for flying under the radar, so to speak.

    I know a guy who likes to go moderately fast, but only when to posted limit is 100/110, everywhere else is speed limit. This makes sense to me.

    Anyone else?
  2. what do you want to do

    fly under the radar

    you may need to buy a blackbird
  3. Not drawing too much attention to yourself is the trick. excessively load pipes, heavily modified bikes, a patch or wheelies off the lights will draw closer scrutinee from the filth.

    Keep a bit above the speed limit and moderate accelleration away from the lights and the cops don't pay too much attention.
  4. can you get a fine for accelleration, even if you keep your front wheel down, and no wheel spin? how do they judge this ?
  5. I make sure that I never leave the fluffy bunnies on the road. Helps hide the trail.
  6. it's called time and place....although they are slowly taking my places away :roll:..... so they are forcing the next option which is if your on the throttle don't roll off, take that how ever you like
  7. A couple of states used to have undue acceleration or similar. I'm not sure how that sits under the national road rules.

    It's more the drawing attention thing I was concerned about.
  8. avoid known RBT checkpoints - "the man" in my area is so predictable - same time place and days

    don't speed

    ATGATT -- you are seen as a serious rider then by "the man"

    obey the road rules - have a clean pristine looking bike - makes you appear an enthusiast who treats bike with kid gloves and doesn't do silly things

    Bite your tongue instead of getting angry at motorists for cutting you off etc

    let some cars overtake you know and then -- you dont have to be first place everywhere
  9. Ride a BMW :grin:.

    But yeah, I agree with ibast on not drawing attention to yourself. If you do so whilst doing something else illegal (eg riding unlicensed, carrying "substances" etc) you're a prize dill.

    I'm not sure about the pristine bike helping. My bikes have mostly been battlescarred, roadgrime caked shitheaps or refugees from Mad Max 2 and I still haven't received much police attention.

    Or maybe my general invisibility in bars and restaurants extends to my presence on the road as well.
  10. If you find a car going at a decent speed on the highway, let them break the trail, just sit back but keep it in sight (and watch out for cameras).

    Ride an older (preferably non-Japanese) bike and get a conversation going if you do get pulled over.

    Don't wear anything too distinctive - and particularly don't have stickers or tatts that say things like "fsck the pigs!" :)

    Use your indicators before moving over to filter.

    And as stewy said it's about time and place - doing a high speed run on the Monash, the Eastern Freeway or the Geelong Road (no matter how empty it appears) is a recipe for being booked.

    Don't do monos or stoppies on main roads. And if you really don't want to draw attention to yourself than 2 or 3 k's over is better than 5k under.
  11. I go sooooooooo fast that I can't be caught.
  12. What about "/sbin/fsck /dev/pig0"?
  13. I'd say not speeding, but I've only one of the times I've been pulled over was for speeding, the rest was at or well below the speed limit. Doesn't matter how well you're riding and within the speed limits, if they dont like the look of you, you'll get pulled over.

    Keeping the bike stock is the best bet, that way if you're pulled over the the cop has nothing legitimate to do you for, they can't just take their small penis out on you by giving you a petty infringement for aftermarket parts eg indicators, headlights, etc.

    Stock exhaust makes a MASSIVE difference, gunning it off the lights draws alot of attention (doesn't seem to stop me doing it though, after the intersection is clear). I've been pulled over for 'unnecessary acceleration' despite only accelerating to the speed limit. They tried to claim I was speeding, despite their only suggestion towards that being the sound (they were about half a km away). I knew they couldn't do me so just played mr. good attitude but at the same time not taking any BS from them.

    But if I had a stock exhaust, I could have accelerated to twice the speed limit and they wouldn't have even noticed. Stock is stealth.

    Also, watch out for highway cops. It is a prerequirement that they have no penis (or if they are female, they must have one) and will try to do you for anything and everything they can, because their lives are so miserable they have to take it out by giving you petty fines.
  14. The tattoo for the intelligent bogan :)
  15. The general idea is to make their lives easy.
    The easiest way is to go where they aren't.
  16. But I like going to the brothel
  17. Unnecessary acceleration seems like a guaranteed trap for any big bike. Gently lean on the throttle in 1st gear with any bike nearing 1000cc and youll pull well ahead of any traffic if youre in front.

    Arbitrary laws are so dull. Around town Im about 80% defensive and 20% aggressive (eg actively accelerating away from packs of vehicles).

    But when the coast is clear apparently Im the kind of person that needs to be put in gaol, given news stories of recent times.

    Just avoid the road police patrols. They dont seem to have anything to offer motorcycle riders. They wont protect me from other vehicles, and other vehicles hardly need protecting from me.
  18. I had one check that my contacts were in. In the middle of the night with a maglite.

    As for the topic, running it up to the red line (only a 250, red line wont put you in gaol) as I enter the m5 tunnel. slowly roll of and wait for the backfires to begin.
  19. tunnels are fun. anyone know any fun tunnels in the gold coast?
  20. Cameras - Know where they are, reduce speed to under limit. If it is a red light camera be very conservative (of course check mirrors for falcadore mowing you down from behind). If you don't know area a GPS is handy.

    Time of year - Especially careful around long weekends, Friday nights ... etc

    Police Cars - Usually use same spots so be careful around those. Unmarked cars are difficult. Some variety but usually commodore. Careful with any drivers that try to rev you up. Let them pass and check is not undercover cop fishing for a ticket.

    General - If I see a cop car up front I never pass them, even if they are well under the speed limit. If pulled over I'm respectful, honest and regretful. I've found that works much better than any creative excuse ! Besides they probably heard it all before. Then again if you've got a shocking driving record then there is probably no way you'll get out of it.

    And of course stick to road rules :)