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Riding around Oz on a CBR1000RR ....asking for trouble ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by paulmoran, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. Hey All,

    So, as a bit of a back story - me and 3 mates are partaking in a ride around australia to raise money for Childhood Cancer research under the arm of the Steven Walter Fund - these are the guys responsible for The Snowy Ride and other events to raise dollars to help the research ...

    Now - October 2010 (next year) they are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Snowy Ride with an Around Australia Ride (AAR) over approx 34-36 days ...looks like we will be in a riding group of around 75ish...

    So - before i dive into the 'which bike' question, let me cover off some of the 'knowns' ..

    - There will be support vehicles so we will not have to carry a single thing on our bikes

    - There will be no off road riding, essentially it will be an anti-clockwise tour of our great nation on the #1 highway

    - Days in the saddle will range from 450klms right up to 850klms. We will try and rest / break at least every 2-3 hrs

    So - I'm buying a bike for the ride and then will sell it after ...essentilly I just need a good bike for this ride. I will be looking to buy it before the end of the year so I can start doing some 'conditioning' training and riding :) ...

    My thoughts thus far are (in preference) budget for bike = $11,000

    - 06/07 CBR1000RR
    - 05/06 GSXR1000
    - 05/06 CBR1100XX The 'Bird
    - 04/05 Hyabusa

    My biggest concern is that I dont want to be in traction or be sporting a Zimmer frame due to spinal shut down ...but I have done long days in the saddle before on my CBR600RR and have not suffered ...

    So - what'yall think ?? (about which bike to take)

  2. You will be most comfortable on the bird thats for sure, why not get a bike with a more up right posture rather than a sporty one.
  3. To buy just for this trip and sell afterwards?

    The Blackbird, for sure.
  4. Yeah, the bird does seem to be the most sensible option ...considering I will be putting the best part of 20,000 kays on her ...

    I prefer the sportier looking bikes, to ride & look at etc ...but looks like like the bird is the best ride for 'this' purpose ...
  5. I have no idea why you have sports bikes on that list when you will quite clearly be touring. 34 days in that hunched over position, are you mad?

    +1 for the Blackbird as well. Honda reliability plus a bike that was made for this sort of work.

    I haven't gone around Australia but I have gone across it and back again, from Melbourne to Perth and return back in '92. My bike of choice was the CBR1000FN which performed admirably. No problems with the distance or comfort especially with a magnetic tank bag full of comfy clothes to lean on. Averaged about 1000km a day without any trouble but just don't ride at dusk or dawn if you can help it.

    Big thumbs up for the cause as well. You should keep a Netrider travel log leading up to and during the ride so we can join you in spirit. Also a great way to publicise the cause.
  6. thans mate - we have actually set up our own little site http://twowheelsforacause.org/ - this site is still being pieced together, but its shaping up ok - we are planning on using this is a bit of an online diary documenting our adventures ...from now until finish.

    All the funds we can muster up will go directly to the Steven Walter Fund ... its still early days, but looking promising - Global Economic Disaster makes people stutter st the thought of fundraining - but i reckon we will be ok to raise the 5k each that we hope for ...fingers crossed!!
  7. Hey Sinner,

    As an example - how do you think you would fare on your R1 ?? Spending say, 3 x blocks of 2 hours day after day ...

    Rather be on a 'bird ?
  8. Get some risers on the bird as well a la Deadman. He can chuck that thing about no worries and can tour hour after hour.

    Good luck, very admirable

  9. Personally I would find it quite easy. The tank on the 08 R1 is quite high so I can sit back on the seat and basically lay down on the bike with my chest on the tank. I have a race screen so I can tuck in right behind to and not hear the wind screaming.
    2hrs straight is a breeze, I’ll riding down to PI for MotoGP, but best think you can do is condition your body. Get use to the heat as wearing full leathers (which I hope you have) and get fit. Remember, the body will give out before the bike does.
    If I had a choice between the Bird and the R1, I’ll go the R1 but that’s because I’m biased
  10. Yeah, this is what I wanted to hear ...at the risk of sounding like a tosser, Id much rather the Fireblade than the Bird haha - its the 'boy racer' in me ...but I can see the obvious downside to having Spinal Issues in the middle of butt-fark-nowhere ... Ideally, I'd love to spend some time on a CBR1000RR and see how I pull up ...its much of a muchness really, the ide is so much more than the bike ...but I do love my bikes :)

    As for training / conditioning etc ....thats why i'm looking to get the ride asap, a years worth of training really only equates to 24 ish long day rides (assuming fortnightly day rides) ...so...gotta get to it :)
  11. Mate at the end of the day it's you decison and you're the one gonna ride it. you keep on leaning towards the CBR1000RR so i say go for it.
  12. The blade's loads more comfortable than the Blackbird in my opinion, the 1100XX cramps your feet up under you and stretches you out forwards. 450-850km days should be easy enough once you get used to keeping the weight off your wrists.
  13. Get a gel seat, either way :p
  14. Helibars and brackets to lower the rearsets will set you back about $600, that'd be the mod I'd do on any of those bikes if I was doing the trip you are. Perhaps try to buy a bike with an aftermarket screen, like a double bubble. Gripster tank grips will help ease the load on your wrists by making it easier to grip with your knees. Good luck.
  15. I intended to go around aus on this bike, but in its current form I dont think I could physically do it - gets uncomfortable after the first day or so and just tires you out far more than a nice plush sports tourer.

    If you go with a sporty, for gawds sake get bar risers :LOL: That said there is/was a guy on here with a zx10r who went around Australia with his mates without his back falling off.

    Dont know about the 1000rr, but my 929 (2" higher clippons) is quite 'comfortable' for short trips (ie just a few days) but after the second day or two of being brutally shaken by crap country roads, my bones start to melt. Even after adjusting compression. I'd go a bird out of that lot.
  16. I'd go for the Blackbird in that group. What about a kwaka zx12r?
  17. You need the right tool for the job, and I dont think a Sportsbike is the right tool for this job. There's a reason they're called Touring Bikes, and there's a reason people use em!

    Its like saying can I take a GoldWing out to PI for the next track day. Yeah well sure you can, but you'll enjoy a whole lot more on a sportsbike.
  18. Some Indian chaps did it on some Hyosung 650's, you could do it on any those bikes for sure.

    I guess it will come down to your body size/shape & whatever fits you best.

    (None of those bikes are particularly slow mind you... If that's of concern to you :wink: )

    Sounds like a good cause anyway, keep us updated & good luck finding a bike that fits you.

    BTW, get the Busa! :LOL:
  19. I'm with Sinner \:D/

  20. +1