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Riding around boom gates

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by David@DHill, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. I'll be taking the new bike to Sydney Airport this week. I know there are plenty of spaces for riders there, but they're all inside the official parking stations.

    There are several places on the web (including a thread on this site) that say "you won't have to pay - just ride around the boom gates".

    But ... don't boom gates in most parking stations go most of the way across the egress-space? Like in this example:


    Or is that uncommon in Australia? I don't think I could jump them after only a week on my L's! :LOL:

  2. Not too sure about sydney mate but at Tullamarine, they are easy to ride around both in and out .
  3. BTW, I'm not asking specifically about the gates at Sydney airport (unless someone knows!), more about boom gates generally.
  4. I used to ride around the ones in Canberra shopping plazas all the time.
  5. Here in Perth most of the car parks that take bikes have been fitted with small, bike-specific gates on the entrance which issue a ticket. On the way out you need to insert your (paid) ticket into the big boom gates on the car exits. On the undercover car parks there's not really room to get around them but there are a couple of open air car parks where the idea hasn't really been properly thought through. Especially if you ride a trailie :D.
  6. i must admit after lots of frustration with Chermsides shopping centres boom gate tickets ive done the old ride around...

    one of the car parks you cant ride around but if i pull up as close as possible i can lift the boom with my right hand and clutch the bike in.

    i watched an old guy on a postie do the lift up and ride under but when he let go it bounced off his backpack and fell off, the guy from centre management that was there empting the machine went off his head, we explained that the tickets end up all crushed in our pockets and then jam up the machine
  7. An extended boom, is an indication you should pay.
  8. Yeah, sorta the same thing I was thinking...
  9. You could always carry a battery powered angle grinder to shorten the extended boom.
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    Pay? You mean with money? ;)

    Actually when I first read about the idea of riding around a gate, I thought it seemed kinda like shoplifting (which I last did when I was eight, but then I remembered that the airport is owned by a merchant bank. And there's no honour among us thieves!

    Anyway, I was near the airport this morning, so I rode in for a look, and snapped this at the domestic terminal:


    Yep, I think even with my limited skills, I can make it around one of those.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Melb airport has signs at all the entrance gates saying motorcycles must pay and cameras at the exit gates with signs saying tail gaiters will be prosecuted.....

    In practice I believe most bikes just ride around .... Anyone had an recent experience at Tulla ?
  13. this is why I had my bike lowered.
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  14. Yes, i work interstate and regularly ride to the airport.
    A two night trip costs me $69.00 in the long term car park so its worth it for me to do the ride around.
    The regular exit gate is often manned so depending on the time of day, i look for an alternate exit.
    Plenty of bikes there, never seen one pay.
  15. Is it okay to do this in Sydney shopping centers? What worries me is there usually are cameras at the exit points. Also, half of the time the ticket machine at the exit won't activate because it doesn't detect my bike (probably a pressure plate activates it)
  16. It is only a civil matter. If you are at the exit and you have paid all they could do even if they have your details is track you down and try to sue you for the cost of the oarking but you could just keep your ticket if you are really worried about that happening. If you have paid they have no "damages" to sue for.

    But they wont even bother with that.
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  17. What annoys me are the ones where they have a short boom gate entering, so i ride around, but the exit is a extended boom, so i have to tailgate out...

  18. Yeah I can confirm. Most parking lots (Even the Canberra Hospital one) have boomgates where you could just squeeze into.
  19. Ride around boom gates all the time, at worst u can exit using a walkway exit. Nearly all of the cameras are triggered via pressure plate so they wouldn't even record you if you ride around them.
  20. Actually, it's NOT a civil matter - it's criminal if the operator of the park reports you to the Police for theft. They provide a service in exchange for payment. The service is use of a parking space.

    Whether or not anything is done about it is another matter entirely of course, but I would hate to see someone charged for a criminal offence without knowing why :)