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Riding around Australia.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by scotts RR, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. Yes

  2. no

  3. i would love to one day

  1. Hey guys,
    Im just wondering if anybody on netrider has gone around our great land?
    Im really keen on doing it with my old man and a couple of mates.

    How long did take you?
    Approximatly 20000kms at about 300 kms a day....... thats 67 days. So about 2.5 months??

    Did you run into any problems?
    On a ride this big, you are bound to have something go amiss. How did you overcome it?

    And most importantly, was it worth it?
    Can you say that it was a great time, and that you really enjoyed it. Or was the ride way too long......... 2.5 months is a long time away from home.

    Im not thinking of doing this anytime soon (18months away) because their would be alot to plan, not to mention save.

    Any imput would be great

  2. 300 ks a day.. are you joking?
  3. Ah no..........
    I was just estimating, hence the reason for this topic. Why do you think that is unrealistic? I could see how 300 kms per day would get a bit trying, but like I said, that's why I'm asking if anybody has done it.

    Oh as a side note, my normal Sunday ride is around 600-700kms. Although it's not everyday, for 2.5 months.
  4. A few of my Dad's mates did it last year, they left on the 14th of June and got back on the 24th of August, so your 2.5 month estimate sounds pretty good. You can read about the trip here (some of the slightly strange journal entries are from my Dad who had a bone marrow transplant and was on a lot of drugs). They had a great time and are considering doing it again in reverse.
  5. There are some amazing ride reports on advrider. I think the shortest I have read was 10 days and something like 16,000km. Madness!
  6. If your riding 2up, I would aim for 700+km per day. Solo, 1000km per day is do able.
  7. On distance per day: I think it depends on your reason for doing the ride:

    If the journey is your destination, then go nuts and push out 1000+km/day.

    If Australia is your destination, then I think 300km/day average is far more wise - this will allow you to stop at Australia's natural and man-made attractions, visit tourist centres - you'll have time to stop and smell the roses, so to speak.
  8. Yeah I agree, I don't see the point riding around Aus and not seeing any of it. If your aim is to do 1000k's per day (at close to speed limits anyway) you are not really going to get a chance to much other than pass by. There may of course be areas where the scenery won't change much over a few hundred k's or infact there may be nothing worth stopping for, but for the most part if you just want to do a 1000k run go 500k out, then back. At least you can stay in your own bed.
  9. we met up with a couple while on our Darwin trip.. that we have just finished… the dudes mrs was riding as well and said that her limit was 300 ks a day… even my mrs nearly choked at that one…. We’d get up early, pack up and hit the road by 7 to 7.30am and put a minimum of 200 ks under our belt before we’d stop for breakfast.. most of the time 250 – 280 ks depending where the towns and roadhouses were…

    On the Darwin trip we averaged 400 ks over 25 days…. But mind you… we stayed at Uluru for three nights, Darwin for 4 nights, Kakadu for 3 nights, Litchfield for two or three nights, Coober Pedy for a couple etc etc… so if that is how you are working out your ks then that is a little more reasonable I guess… it depends on the time of the year too… not many day light hours at this time of year,,..

    On my Nullarbor trip it was all about the ride mostly and I pushed out over 1100 ks on one day (solo and sitting on 130kph)… but being two up and limited to daylight hours and fuel economy concerns with speeds of around a genuine 104kph on the Tomtom, the biggest day we did was around 770 ks…. And also, we pitched a tent on nearly every night… not like these pussies that stay in a motel room every day and think that they’ve done some hard yards :roll: … lol… :LOL:
  10. Hey thanks for all the replys guys.
    I really want to enjoy the ride, see all the spots. Go riding on all the nice roads and twisties (even if it is a few hours detour). Im not really keen on having to do 10 hours of hard riding a day. But I have ridden brisbane to sydney of a night a few times, so i can put in the hours if i want to.

    Hopefully (fingers crossed) my old man will be able to ride again, as he was in a serious accident (cager pinned him against a wall) and has a long and painful road to recovery. I would love to do this with him for his 50th (oct, nov, dec, 2010 or 2011) then spend chrissie with all the family. I live in qld, and hardly get to see my family because they all live in nowra, nsw. So this could make up for all the time apart (to my dad anyway ;) )
  11. Me and a mate are riding to Sydney-Darwin and return in about 2 months time. Hope to go up via Brisvegas - Mt Isa and return through South Australia. I'm planning on doing 500-600km a day at least as I want to do it all in 3 weeks and still have a few days in Darwin for relax (party!) Will post my trip diary when I return.
  12. Sounds good mate, make sure you get that travel log up. I enjoy reading about other people adventures, and makes me want to do my trip even more!

    So back on topic,
    I know their are 967254928632 different roads and sights to see when riding around australia, and most probably just as many logs/sites with them listed.
    But what? and where?

    If you were having a beer (or coffee) with a fellow rider, and you had to name 3 roads or places that you think EVERYBODY has to ride, what would they be?
    Im in QLD, so make sure you put in all the obvious ones like the great ocean rd ect.
  13. I did a round of oz trip back in April on mr dr650. 18500km in about 36 days, with few rest days in cairns and darwin.

    It was worth every km, you tend to miss out on a lot but you also see plenty, if that makes sense. Be prepared to ride in all conditions, hot, rainy, cold, windy, humid, dry, etc. Mesh vented clothes with thermal and water proof liners are the way to go. Also a dark tinted visor for up north is handy. Wear a camelbak for water.

    I did anywhere between 200km to 850km per day, just depended on how I felt. You say you wanted to do a trip like this around Oct, Nov, Dec..just be wary that this will be the wet season up north and it will be very humid.

    Whether you do this in 2 weeks or 2 months, it doesn't matter as long as you do the trip. You will see plenty I can assure you. There will lots of keyboard warriors and cafe riders who will say crap like "i don't see the point in doing a trip like this in XX days" or "wouldn't it be better to do 200km a day and see everything". All these people do is whinge and moan and never really experience what true motorcycling is about. This is your trip (and your dads), travels as far as you want, as fast as you want, see whatever you want...you decided how and where you ride.

    Have lots of fun and take plenty of pics..Australia is a truly wonderful place to travel. :grin:

    This is the report of my trip http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=463057&highlight=voodsy

    Feel free to ask any questions, always willing to help another motorcyclist about.
  14. I think a great place to start would be the Australia Motorcycle Atlas (Fourth Ed) which has 200 top rides by Peter Thoeming (aka. 'The Bear'). I've noticed BP servos stock it for $42.95, or it can be had for about $36 on eBay (when you add shipping, buying at BP surprisingly makes sense!).

    I only just picked up my copy the other day, but wish I'd bought it aaages ago - really helps you with route choice, even for such mundane rides as going from one capital city to another - there are several motorcycle-worthy ways to get there aside from taking the main drag.
  15. Oh ok, thanks for that.
    Will pick a copy up as soon as I see it.
  16. Iv'e done a reasonable amount of long distance touring but not all around oz. Mainly owing to fact it takes week just to get to other side let alone getting back and rest stops. Draw a line diagnolly from Brisbane to Perth and most of the bottom half Iv'e covered.
    There is another thread running at the moment asking what bike to ride around oz. Personally I would choose a DL650 or 1000. Iv'e always done my trips on litre plus bikes and on long distance hauls like the Nullabour, they can really add up on juice, hence the 650 option if/when I get the time to do the top end.
    I would allow 500km a day, you will do more, you wil do less, but some days :? you just cant be farged.
    For my money there's no point in seeing a beautiful spot in the country side at 100kmh, without stopping to pay it justcie, and that all adds up to more time. Also the slightly off road capability of a DL will let you see sooooo much more than road bike IMO.

    Dont pack too much!!!! and get your pack as easily loadable, unloadable as possible. This normally takes a few days to get this routine right. I did two and half months camping riding across Canada, and having to unload and reload everyday and every night becomes really fargin boring, so you learn to make it as easy as possible.

    Saddle bags are better for a long haul journey IMO, as when I did the Nullabour, I had 2 gearsacks back to back, was fantastic but didn't allow for a swag or a tent, so I couldnt camp, nor carry any cooking gear. Have a seperate thick hesian type bag for your cooking gear, as it gets filthy and covers everything else in crap. Not camping adds large cost to the trip.
    Just go do it would be my last peice of advice :grin:
  17. Thanks movin.
    I was thing of selling my ninja a few months before we leave and picking up something like a DR650se. A few that i have talked to have done the trip on this bike, and couldnt recommend them enough for serviceability and reliability. But its a year before i get a bike, ive got plenty of test rides and research to do :p
    This isnt happening for ages, but im getting more and more excited everyday :)
  18. i had my Goldwing for around 14 months before we went on our Darwin Trip up through the Red Centre... it gave us time to test ride the bike on many trips... set it up with towbar and trailer etc to do more testing with over night trips on a nice weekend...

    through the winter we don't ride a great deal due to the weather so most of our riding and testing was done in the better months.. and believe me, those weekends soon slip away..

    on our first big night out with the new trailer, tent etc the Mrs forgot to pack the tent pegs, sleeping bags and pillows... i was servicing the bike on that morning you see... i told her to make a list many times.. but you know what women are like :roll:


    here's a couple of pics from a stay over up at the Grampians vic


  19. I haven't riden around oz, but i have done half of it. Last year 4 of us rode down from Townsville in NQld to Philip Island in two weeks. All up it was about 10,000klm (we took the long way there). We're about to head off to do it all again to watch the Moto GP, can't wait.
    As for working out how many Klm to do in a day, depends a lot on were you are. In Qld there are very few windy roads & towns, so it's easy to do 600 to 700klm a day. But in NSW & Vic were there are twice as many roads & towns it takes a little longer, we usually do about 400 to 500klm a day.
    Your biggest thing on which bike to take will depend on what is comfy for you to ride & how far it gets on a tank. I ride a GSXR600 which i love, but not so good on fuel (only250klm to tank i'm always weary of the next fuel stop) If your going to places like North WA it can be more 300klm between fuel stops.
  20. Definitely keen to do this at some point. As an aside for sightseeing, there was a thread on the 'Big Things' (as featured on the Telstra ad) that I managed to favourite a map from... check it out here

    I'd definitely be taking a swag, and a Trangia set for cooking; both fairly compact and light bits of gear that are well suited to biking. I've done a fair bit of hiking and its amazing what you can fit into a bag when you pare out all the crap you don't need. Not much bike experience in travelling, but keen to get started as soon as I get my full license and can bust out my touring bike.

    The 125GP replicas aren't all that suited to touring, would you imagine? :LOL:

    Cheers - boingk