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Riding and the Older Rider (Geezer pains)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by titus, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. As one more long group ride approaches (only a couple a year for me these days) I find myself, amid the usual excitement and anticipation, strangely apprehensive this time around. It's not the usual butterflies in the belly, or worry about something going wrong though.
    It's the sure and certain knowledge that bodily, I'm not as up for it as I once was. It may be that I've ridden through the mental softness of youth into the tempered years of middle age, but I've now crested that brow. I'm on the downhill for sure and my frame is telling me that in no uncertain terms.
    Even last weekend a simple freeway hike of 200+km ended in piercing neck pains. I can't blame the bike, the riding position is as upright as it's going the get. The seat is fine. So it's got to be me ol' bones, dunnit?
    Don't bother telling me to HTFU, I'll do that myself thanks. I'm interested in what strategies the other older folk here use to ease them through the longer days. Or even if you're younger and have 'issues' that require you to adapt. How do you either get yourself ride fit, or manage creeping infirmity as you put in the big miles?
    All responses/issues welcome, but cures for neck pain especially so. ;)

  2. Ain't it fun getting old.
    If you can take an asprin once a day for a few days leading up to and the day of the ride. Also at least a liter of water a day...not mixed with scotch or cordial! try for two tho. This will keep your blood flowing and keep those aching joints bay. Will also help you keep hydrated which will keep you thinking clearly.

    And simple core muscle and stretching exercises. Nothing strenuous, or time consuming. Shouldn't take more then twenty minutes a day. But if you have the time go thirty. Basic coreand stretching exercises can be downloaded of any physio site on the net.

    The crook neck is the wind..or your head going through it and using those neck muscles a bit more then they are use to. As your riding or at home.. just push your chin out as far as you can then back in as close as you can and repeat that half a dozen times.. It should keep the neck loose enough not to give you grief.

    Also found a pocket full of lollies keeps my mind active and gives me a little lift when I start thinking this ride was a stupid idea...bout ten minutes into it :)
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  3. Know how you feel old timer, go through all that myself. Got myself the ligjhtest helmet I could find, bought a bike that has a lean of only about 10 degrees and excersise on the move. The one that seems to help me the most is to consciously stiffen the stomach muscles and rest my neck back slightly, loosen the arms and wrists so they are only just on the bars and stand up on the pegs occasionaly.
    I rarely ride for more than an hour between stops, fortunately most of the guys i ride with are in the same boat.
    Youve done the hard yards mate no shame in taking it a bit easier, at least you are still in the saddle.
  4. There's the rub. Group I'm leading is very mixed age-wise. Young guns want to keep going so I have to grit my teeth and finish the stage.
    (of course, they're less enthusiastic when hung over, and that's easy to arrange ;) ) Ah, well, it'll all be worth it when it's over.
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  5. Well, I got myself a big-ass touring screen screen which reduces the helmet drag to next to nothing. Had the added benefit of reducing the wind noise such that I don't need ear plugs any more, in most conditions.
  6. Hadn't thought of that, partly because I've got a mini screen on there now. But I doubt it affects flow at head level. You've got me thinking... maybe an additional 'spoiler'? Hmmm...
  7. I would certainly go down the route of a bar-mounted fairing. The stress on your neck is added to by the stress on your shoulders from bucking the headwinds...
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  8. #8 b12mick, Jan 29, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2013
    Could it be that you simply aren't 'bike fit' as you once were.

    Even though I ride every day, I find that if there's a couple months break between 500km rides, the first one hurts. But if I've regularly been doing 250km to 350km rides then the 500km is fine, no pain.

    As for the specific neck pain, try a screen (or taller screen). But if it persists after the ride, I'd visit a physio or chiropractor.
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  9. I recently lowered the rearsets 30mm,use and airhawk and a throttle rocker.Haven't tried the new peg position over a big day yet.Tried them for clearance and thats better than I though it would be.Hope it fixes the pins and needles I get in my left leg after 600ks or so.
  10. drink beer when you get home
    a six pack before or after food daily helps
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  11. Ha, I think it's a pretty safe bet there will be 'therapy' on tour :D
    I'm probably far from ride fit but that's what it is.
    I'll look into the screen options for sure, and I'll take Bretto's advice about aspirin and exercise/stretching.
    As for other parts, I haven't suffered from leg cramps on this bike (950SM) like I did on the Speed Triple and a sheepskin is good enough to avoid dying in the a**.
    Zim, I'd be getting pins and needles in the brain after 600km. Limiting the days to 500 this time around.
  12. Thats the problem heading south out of Sydney,the first days transport section is a bit painful
  13. Titus, as odd as it may seem, it could be that upright seating position that is causing neck issues.
    I have a serious neck injury, and can't drive a car for too long. It feels like every bump is going right up my spine and impacting on my neck.
    Yet on the sports bike I can travel twice as far relatively pain free, because I am cantered forward and can take the bumps on my legs more.

    Admittedly, my overall distance travelled on a ride is far less than it used to be before the accident, but it is actually more comfortable than the car.

    The Suzuki 600/750/thou's, are probably the easiest ergonomics on the body (??), so why not do a bit of a test ride, just for the experience and see what happens.

    Good luck mate.
  14. A decent break every couple of hours . Walk a bit.Alter your riding position within the limits imposed by type of bike and style of riding.A fairing and screen help.Adjusting handlebar height and angle can get you a more comfortable riding position. A throttle stop enables you to alternate hands when resting one hand. These days I find 400 kms is enough. Panadeine will wipe out your headache in 15 minutes for up to 6 hours. That is my formula . I am 66
  15. fluids and breaks - if the kiddies wanna keep going - let them...you'll catch up and have them in your rear mirror soon enough regardless.

    and Rennsport !!! truly am glad to see your still around sir, was a tad worried after that fatality up Blaxland not long back...
  16. If you are putting a big screen on you have to be aware that it can buffett your head badly if not right I put one on then had to put windscreen lowers to stop buffetting
  17. Yeah, I've experienced that with on a BMW 1200GS - almost worse than no screen.
    In that light I've been researching Vario screens and looks like I can get one for my model. Oe maybe just add the spoiler to existing.
    Raven and Rennsport - points taken about riding position. One of the best things about the SM is the almost unlimited range of riding positions available by virtue of the long seat, so I can certainly try that. Also going to look at helmet weight as mentioned earlier.
    Anyone got solutions to their own age-related degeneration?
  18. all i can say is the older i get the more pain killers i take ,,works for me
  19. I take Panadol Ostio Ease before a ride and at the meal stop.

    They are slow release so work all day.

    550Kms trips with a stop every 100 to 125 kms and feel fine to do it the next day.
  20. Pharmaceuticals... my new frontier, eh? ;)
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