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Riding and fatigue

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by hornet, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. Some random thoughts from the trip to Melbourne, and its repecusions.

    I rode down the long way in daylight. Princes Highway with no deviations. Had a shower and freshen up at stookie's and went out for a meal and coffee with him, lil and deafwish. Ran like a clock for the next few days.

    I rode back at night, leaving from Southbank around 8:00pm, travelling the Hume Highway, and arriving at Albury, bitterly cold, at around 12:25am. Next day, I rode the rest to Wollongong, arriving home absolutely exhausted and stiff and sore beyond belief, having ridden less distance THAT day than I did on the previous Tuesday riding down. PLUS I have been a wreck for the last week, I have sore kidneys and lower back, and have been too stiff to bend down and put my socks on!!!

    And remember, a couple of months ago I did 1228 kms in a day and went to work the next day!!!

    I'm sure plenty of other people would have feedback on this experience, or is Someone just trying to tell me I'm getting old?

  2. There's some very long straight boring sections on the Princes, but it's nothing like that bastard Hume Hwy. Sitting utterly still for such a long time in the cold, not even moving around to turn the occasional corner... That's a killer.

    I reckon the Hume would do the same to anyone without a goldwing or similar couch.