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Riding alone do you prefer it?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by HeavyNinja, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. So after a week of riding my bike everywhere I am kind of over it. I am going on a ride tomorrow but then think how boring it is going to be doing it alone. I am a hermit, keep to myself etc, but am finding that on the rides I did with someone else, I got much more enjoyment. It doesn't help that there is only so far you can ride after work so tend to ride the same coast road etc.

    Do you guys prefer to ride alone or with a mate. Not necessarily big group rides but just someone you can have a chat to when you stop etc. In my car I love driving, but I am also relaxed, got music going etc. Again, might just be that I keep riding the same roads everyday. Might feel different after tomorrow's ride.

    Also the actual riding Part of being on the bike I love. Just feel like something is missing on my rides.
  2. Actually very happy riding solo. Or with the other half or a smallish group. Not so gung-ho on huge group rides.
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  3. Yeah I didn't mind at first, maybe I have just overdone it. Have clocked up 600km in 6 days but it is riding the same roads. Tomorrow I am going through forrest etc.
  4. Yup change your route a bit. Even better, go get semi-list and go somewhere you've never been before. Back roads to Pinjarra?
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  5. I've ridden thousands of kays by myself, but probably thousands more with my brother..
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  6. Pinjarra is a bit far from me. I am going to peaceful bay tomorrow. Never been and only 110km from here.
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  7. A little from "Column A" and a little from "Column B".
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  8. You might also just be confused since looking in your mirror you might think you are seeing your twin?
  9. I didn't have any mirrors in my house, it's too confusing!!
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  10. I like some alone time after a hectic week of work and family. But do enjoy the company of friends when I am stopped as a chat is always nice over a coffee.
    But big groups are never good as I can't help myself sometimes and might break some road rules.
  11. I don't mind riding in small groups (3-5), but due to my work situation, I tend to do most my riding alone midweek.
    Same goes for my multi day rides, it always starts of with a few going, however, they tend to drop off as the date closes in.

    I would say that 95% of my riding is done alone. Having ridden for so many years, I have found that of all my mates that I started riding with 35 years ago, I am the last one still riding.

    In small groups I get to have a laugh, bit of b/s about the days ride, memories to share.

    Riding alone, I can stop when I want, ride at my own pace, start the day whenever I feel like it, usually at night time when I pull in, I have found other people will approach me for a chat, something they don't do if in a group.

    Perhaps I am a 'loner', just doing what I want to do????
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  12. The majority of my riding is solo, but also enjoy riding with small groups. One of my regular weekend runs is the Great Alpine Rd from Bruthen to Omeo, pretty much guaranteed to bump into fellow riders at the bakery in Omeo for a chin wag.
  13. I like a combination of all.

    Large group rides - should be renamed 'coffee' ride since the only way to enjoy them are short distance long coffee break rides - great to see old friends and chat
    Small groups - 2 - 5; Best ones really if you go with your regular mates. You can do 'nice' speeds and hunt in a pack.
    Lone wolf - i have my regular Friday after work hour door to door ride that sets the mood for the weekend. Better done alone since I would never do the speeds I do with others with me.
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  14. I like riding by myself or with a small select group of 3 to 4 equally well. Don't enjoy large groups but will do if it is in a good cause, like the Black Dog Ride.
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  15. Definitely more of a lone wolf here as well. 'Coffee' rides can be a bit difficult to stomach, but I like the flexibility to stop when I like, try new roads, etc. by myself or when with a small group (2-5) of friends.
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  16. Prefer solo, but i have music on in my helmet so i dont get as bored. I also like group rides with no more than 5-6people.
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  17. Love the flexibility and freedom when riding solo. Leave when you want, go where you like, stop when you feel like it, etc...
    Yes, it would be nice at times to have someone to share the experience, but the benefits are worth it, for me.

    Big groups can go either way. The Jindy meet-up ride was great, but the only HOG run I've attended was terrible.

    The trick, as mentioned by chillibuttonchillibutton , is to try new roads and discover new ones by occasionally 'getting lost', on purpose.

    Definitely works for me.
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  18. Get yourself a girlfriend so you can ride her instead.

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  19. Bet you she won't be so keen on the occasional group ride though......
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  20. You got a virus infection JustusJustus?
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