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Riding Again

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by 959416, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. Hi All,

    Started riding again after more than 15yrs,

    Feels like I need training wheels but love that new bike. 850ks in 6 days ain't bad.
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  2. G'day, er, 959416959416. Welcome to Netrider. :]

    No it certainly isn't, good effort. What piqued your return to motorcycling?
  3. Hi XJ6N,

    Been thinking (talking) about it for a while Got really busy with jobs late last year and early this year and was able to get that toy.

    Bit scary on the roads these days and taking it easy.

  4. What are you riding now? I reckon most people here, myself included, would agree that motorist behaviour hasn't improved in the last fifteen years, sadly.

    What sort of riding do you plan on doing - commuting, weekend day rides, touring..?
  5. Welcome to the forum and your return to two wheels.

    Also want to know what you are riding.
  6. More cars on the road, too many people looking at their phones, more people trying to justify their $$$$ cars....

    Got the 959 Panigale after much deliberation between the Busa and ZX10. The 959 is best suited to my needs for a bit of commuting and weekend rides. Was hard not to go for the 1000RR BM for a couple of grand more but again too much bike for inner Melbourne riding.
  7. Awesome. As well as being tangibly suited to city and weekend riding I bet the sound and the sight of it turns heads. There's just that indefinable value of a bike like a Panigale such that when you walk by yours in the garage or parking spot you're gratified just by looking at the thing.
  8. Whats the price diff between the 959 and BM 1000rr?
  9. Welcome back
  10. Welcome back to riding and welcome to the forums...

    Awesome bike there...

    And come around to the Saturday sessions one of these days...
  11. Welcome to NR mate :cool:
  12. Welcome to Netrider and back to two wheels Mr numbers :)