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Riding after Hypnotherapy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 2wheelsagain, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. Rode back to work the other day after seeing a hypnotherapist.
    Big mistake! I thought I felt ok but obviously still a little "under".
    Man, talk about everything being in fast motion. Scary stuff.
    Riding bikes is dangerous enough at the best of times.
    If you've been under. Don't do it!

    Anyone have a similar experience?

  2. Maybe he should have a label on his door, like you get with the pills...

    I.e. "Do not operate heavy machinery after taking this therapy"

    You'll be surprised how sober you'll need to be when riding a bike (compared to a car). It's not worth even having ONE beer.
  3. Thats exactly what the motion sensation was like 10 to many!
  4. Doctor (swinging fob watch on chain): "You are Valentino Rossi. You are Valentino Rossi..."

    Gotta be worth a try! :LOL:
  5. :-k hypnosis shouldn't have any effect on you once you've completed the session, besides perhaps a heightened feeling of relaxation or focus.
  6. >_>


    Maybe he didn't click his fingers loud enough at the end.
  7. na, he sped time up, its now in fast forward. thats why all voices sound like the chipmunks
  8. strange......my hypno is required by law to warn against driving after a session AND she puts the warning on the tape.

    "do not listen to this tape while driving a motor vehicle"

    what r u getting hypno for? i do pain releif and healing.

    did you say 'a wana feel like im going real fast on my bike' when you walked in?
  9. Yeah, performing the chicken dance everytime you hear a car horn can make riding difficult. :LOL: That crazy Dr St James.....

    Hope the sessions work for though mate! :grin: I've heard a lot of positive things about it.
  10. I'll ask him about a warning next time I see him. Not for pain etc just trying to knock a few edges off I guess. I was sceptical but it seems to work.......

    I knew there would be some funny comments so comment away!
  11. I have undergone similar stuff to hypno but didnt find any major difference after the event . Just felt like I had shed a whole load of troubles of my mind and was able to concentrate even better than before the treatment.
    As I said it was "similar to"
    I spose we all react differently to different treatments and that goes for not only narcotic treatments. Narcs have chemical influences on the brain as well as body so hypno maybe does the same thing .
    Dopamine production etc etc .
    I was just thinking about meditation pre ride but that may have a similar effect to hypno ,as during meditation everything else is surreally slowed down , so in the real awake and aware world it my seem like a 45 rpm record played at 78 speed. :)
  12. Thats it. Better than the 10 to many I posted earlier. I'll be talking to him next time about it.
  13. Having done a fair amount of meditation and similar stuff combined with Tai Chi I find food is a great "grounder". Coming home from TC class and buzzing a little I have some simple food that seems to be the trick.

    Seems like you need a little more time between sessions and riding or driving 2wheelsagain.