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Riding after a Dislocated shoulder...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Haysey, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. Hello All,

    Well first swim at bondi on sunday and i ended up with a dislocated shoulder... Bondi rescue, ambo ride to vinnies and it was back in its place after about 45mins..

    So im in a sling for a couple of weeks min.. cant ride the gixxer... :<

    Im wondering how many of you out there have done a shoulder and how long it took for you to get back on the bike?

    The gixxer is a pretty racy position so im hoping that it wont be painful or even pop out again when i jump back on...

    Any hints, points, tips anyone can give me about a dislocated shoulder in general? Much appreciated..

    THanks all

  2. Smashed my left shoulder into little fragments requiring plates and pins. Was riding again after 12 weeks. What's most important is that you do the physio work required to build up your muscles in that area to reduce the chance of a dislocation happening again, and to help support the joint.

    As for how long that takes before you're ready to ride the gixxer again safely, well It's really up to you. You'll know when you're ready. Shouldn't be more than a three weeks methinks.
  3. I've dislocated my shoulder more times than I can remember, had shoulder reconstruction but both still come out often (at least once a year)

    My advice is to book in for physio asap, since my first dislocation in 1987 the time from injury to physio has been reduced from 2 months to I think 2 weeks (in 2004) so i think the view is to get onto that asap. There were some new excercises too at that time where the focus was to have the elbow against the ribs but the hand facing away from the body rather than in front of you like it is in the sling. Apparently this excercises the muscle most important in keeping the shoulder in place. Whatever the method is now get onto as asap and follow any excercise plan religiously and beyond the time limits they recommend but I would hold off on the riding till given the all clear.
  4. plus one to robbie55, the exercises seem stupid but do serve a purpose.

    i dislocate mine every now and then, its now at a point where i dislocate it and ride home from where i dislocated it (have done this)
  5. Did you get on TV?
  6. Ha! That was going to be my question too!
  7. +3 for what Robbie said. Can't stress it enough.
    I Dislocated my shoulder and broke the collar bone. And stretched the tendons quite badly. I was pretty slack with the physio. Soon as I could I was back on the bike and didn't follow up on the physio.
    Now my shoulder pops out quite often. And still hurts like hell to get back in. And I have a constant pain in my shoulder muscle as the tendon feels like it knotted or balled up and I can feel it when I move my arm. If I play a few sets of tennis I can't even pick up my coffee mug the next day.
    So now my only choice is to have some quack open it up and cut away. I have never even had a tooth out and am still putting up with the pain. I have been doing physio once a month for the last 6 months and it just does not get any better.
    The physio hurts like buggery. But if you do it right the first time.
  8. It won't get any better either, you need physio weekly or at least fortnightly, as once a month loses any benefits for an acute/chronic injury.
    If you find it's not improving change physios see a specialist and get it worked on properly.
    You may need surgery in the end.
  9. Don't worry Bretto, it gets easier to pop out and back in - my method is to wait for a good muscle spasm and roll the shoulder back and up, it'll pop right back in, no need for a doc or any medication.
  10. Sorry I should have been more specific. I go back to him once a month but I do the exercizes and stretches every day. It was once a week to begin.
    If anyone knows a good physio on the Sunshine coast then bewty. this guy does all the footballers and triathletes and was recomended as the best.
    I do need surgery. But I am a big sook lol. Paranoid of hospitals actually.
    He thinks we can work it out without having to be cut open. It's under work cover so i will keep it up cause it gets a lot worse if I dont. Maybe next time break something I will let them.
  11. Hey all,

    Thanks for the replies... They didnt have the camera crew with them, although it would have been 2x the laughs because i work for channel 10...

    I did it on sunday, booked in for specialist on thurs, and physio on fri because i want to get it strapped so i dont do any damage before StereoSonic on sat..

    Ill head to a good sports physio i think, they should get me moving again quick.. Yes i know the exercises are annoying but I REALLY dont want this to happen again... I guess ill just have to be mindful of it for the next year or two because thats when its most likely to happen again from what ive read...

    I broke the collarbone on the same shoulder 8 years ago when i was a kid.. the docs were flipping out when looking at the Xrays they thought I had done it again!... Im learning to use my left arm again!

    Still confused to how i actually did it.. Not even a cool story or anything!
  12. I had an off on my bike, and as I was pushing it to roadside, discovered to my horror I "couldn't" pull back my outstretched arm! Like you said, hurt like hell to get it back in. After X-rays n stuff, doctor corrected me - mine wasn't a dislocation, it was a subluxation (weakening) of shoulder muscles.

    I don't doubt that yours was dislocated tho, seeing as it was accompanied by a broken collar bone. ("Hey, I fractured my clavicle too, other arm, on another bike accident!!")

    I had movement restrictions on the shoulder for months after that.

    OP, I reckon it'd be a good 2 weeks before you can resume riding, esp on a Gixxer. You need time for yr muscles to heal, otherwise it may pop out again!
  13. I brokemy humerus and shattered my shoulder AC which put me out for a few months. I was back riding after 12 weeks and started physio about 2 weeks after the surgery. Finding a good physio who understands your injury and who is good at their practice is paramount. I did my physio exercises and hydrotherapy religiously and now I have about 90% range of movement and have no pain.

    I reckon Haysey should get his shoulder looked at asap and get it sorted so you can get back on the bike for summer!

    p.s. You may have to be a tad bit subdued at Stereosonic and nod your head like a chin stroking music purist :)
  14. theres nothing funny about that

    im sorry please continue with the actual thread

    in regards to stereosonic dont get to carried away, you will know about it the next day!
  15. I broke my collarbone and dislocated my right shoulder after stacking the bike in May this year. Started riding again mid September. While I probably could have returned earlier, I didn't want to risk it, cos of some complications in my recovery:

    It was a 'posterior' dislocation, i.e. out the back. When I went to get x-rays after the accident, they were all from the front on, so the shoulder joint didn't appear displaced at all... they picked up the broken collarbone straight away, but failed to see the other problem. It spent three weeks out of place, and consequently cut a groove in the shoulder ball joint. So when I went into surgery to get the shoulder 'reduction', I also had to have a bone graft from my hip.

    On the up side, I've had very little trouble from it since then. My strength and most of the flexibility in that arm have returned. In fact I think I'm a bit stronger than I was before, since I've been quite dedicated to the exercises (and I wasn't exactly he-man before anyway).

    So basically, don't rush it and keep exercising it... easy stuff to begin with, and then build up your repertoire over time.
  16. you know what they say about great minds..................
  17. OMG three weeks with a dislocated shoulder, no one can accuse you of being soft.
  18. Must of been a pretty good effort to dislocate your shoulder swimming, swimming isnt a usual cause for shoulder dislocation.

    Anywho, post surgery my SLAP (superior labrum extending from the anterior to posterior) lesion, including supra & infraspinatus tears.

    Was in a sling for 2 months, 2 months and 1 day I was driving around 3.5 months I jumped on a bike.

    Do the exercises and eventually weight work to ensure the surrounding muscles dont atrophy (shrink). If your jumping back in the pool, avoid freestyle & butterfly to start off with, start with breath stroke once the you feel your shoulder is up to it then move onto the other strokes.

    My shoulder is at 85% im told this is as good as it will get, as Im left with bursitis & tendinitis.

    If your looking for a surgeon in sydney, feel free to pm me as I work in the NSW health sector.
  19. Hello everyone thank you very much for the replies!

    Twist - I def think ill wear a brace for a little while atleast.. piece of mind and all

    Quo Vad - Specialist today was rubbish - Going to physio tomorrow arvo to get them to strap my shoulder to my body so it cant move and avoid it getting damaged on sat... got work xmas party tomorrow night so staying semi sober is the plan!

    Black - I think i hit the bottom when i went under? Dont really know... Not looking for a reco just yet... going to do all i can to avoid it really.... thats last resort


    went to st vinnies public today (thats where ED booked me)

    waited for only 2 hours

    saw a registrar guy (not even a proper doctor) didnt really know what he was talking about, I knew more researching on the web last few days

    He reckons i have to leave it for another 2 weeks before i even think about physio.. He thinks it will be 2-3 months before i can get back on the bike...

    What a joke!

    Booked in with Syd Uni sports clinic tuesday morning.. Hopefully we will get this ball rolling! Im going to do everything possible to get back to form ASAP...

    Need to find a $1500 shitbox car to get me around for the next month or so!