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Riding above your restrictions

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by nobby, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. My mate just got pulled over on the Monash Freeway and fined for riding a bike above 250cc while still on restrictions.

    He wasn't doing anything wrong when the copper pulled him over, (other than the above) the copper had simple done a rego check on the bike while following him, and noticed that the registered owner had only had his licence for 11 months.

    Poor bugger, one month to go... Hey... he knew the risks.

    Still.... at least the nice policeman let him ride the bike home.

    Anyway for all those people who have asked what happens if you get caught riding a big bike while still on a little bike licence.

    it's.........$110 and no loss of points, but the copper did warn... they ain't so nice the second time around.
  2. Not to mention I believe your TAC insurance is void while you do that. Same as if you ride/drive while disqualified.

    You *can* actually ask for special dispensation before your P's expire to get your full license earlier. I almost did this myself, except I had about three weeks to go and I had already bought my new bike. VicRoads said they could do it, but it would take more than 3 weeks, so I didn't bother.

    Bit late for your mate now, since he's been busted being a wally...

  3. Or, more importantly, any other form of insurance. 3rd party, comprehensive, medical, income protection, etc. No pity for anyone in this situation, and I hope they change it to a bigger fine and loss of points also.
  4. i believe you're covered for TAC as long as the bike has current rego. we had a bloke in at the epworth undergoing rehab. a year or so ago and he had stacked his 600cc ride on P's, no problems with the TAC claim.

    that said don't go stacking an r1 the day you get your learners and then complain to me cause the TAC said they're not paying a cent :wink:
  5. What type of criterion must be satisfied? im sure im not the only interested person :)

  6. partly the fault of the person who let him ride the bike, too, very irresponsible. I hope the bike owner splits the fine with him, he should!
  7. Someone's not reading all the info here, or maybe he has a twin brother, nobby's post indicates that the rider also own's the bike. :LOL: :LOL:
  8. oops, sorry 'bout that (only had one coffee this morning.......)
  9. Have the same problem too, need 4 or 5 to kick start the brain. :D :D
  10. .... that plus I was cheezed because it started raining and Skuff and I couldn't go for a ride up Macquarie Pass etc. Worse yet, he left about 40 minutes ago to drive back to Melbourne and now it's fined up!!!!!!
    Anyway, I must read posts more carefully...... getting old!
  11. Don't worry Paul, the same in Melbourne, I had to take my son to tennis at 8am and it was washed out, rain coming down in buckets and then 1.5 hours later it's sunshine.