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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by BREM, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Hey guys for quite some time now i have been tring to find the punishment in the ACT and NSW for riding a bike that isnt learner approved whilst on your L plates or P plates. Im more interested in the ACT punishment than NSW. As recent evidence as possible. Also Is there someone i could go to to get the info i need eg police or something.

  2. Might I suggest that if it is illegal, it would probably be better (and safer) to err on the side of *it's illegal for a reason* and not let the legal consequences dictate if you're going to take the risk? I may only be new to this board, but I see a "first post lets ask something so I can break the rules" kind of guy. Too many rookie riders find themselves shaking hands with oncoming traffic/armco and static objects because they think a bike looks sexy and don't respect its power. :]

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  3. well..........:-s......... other than insurance wont cover you in any way whatsoever........your nuts would be held like a vice by 'the man' for a considerable time while taking great delight in squeezing them regularly just to hear you scream.....
  4. it will be all fun and games, til you adjust the throttle mid corner, only to apply too much power and slide, or hit the gas a bit hard moving in traffic and hit the car infront.............
    and god help you if you hit gravel, especially when going round a roundabout.

    this is coming from a guy that rides daily, spends weekend riding dirtbikes. ive ridden 450's offroad. they are great fun and the power is awesome. but there is no way id ride something that powerfull on the road yet (been riding since may) it doesnt take much to get the reasr end loose. and it takes a delicate throttle hand to control it. something that takes alot of time and practice.

    a good lams bike will have plenty of power to have fun while keeping it easy enough to ride. if its too slow for you, then learn how to actually ride it.

    still dont get why its a bad idea???

    let me put this in perspective for you,

    the lams power to weight ratio is 150kw per tonne,
    which is roughly the same as an ss commonwhore................ u think its a good idea for a learner driver, to drive an ss commodore by themsleves???
    yet your talking of doing it in not an ss, but a v8 supercar.

    you want a 600, buy an hyosung, or an restricted ninja
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  5. $441 and 7 points in NSW on P's => license suspended for 3 months. 2nd offence $677 and 7 pts.
    $441 and 4 points in NSW on L's => 3 months suspension
  6. to be clear i understand that what i am asking is not the best question to be asking but i have been brought up around bikes all my life and have been racing dirt bikes for about a decade. the only difference is i havent riden a bike on the road. i have as much experienced and just as capable of controling these bikes as most people that have got there full licence and are riding these bikes. i understand the capabilties of these bikes and the dangers that can come of them to an inexperienced or irresponsible user. i am not someone that speeds or rides beyond my capabilities. i hope its clear that im not any less experienced than alot of the poeple on this site who do have these bikes. i know its still against the law either way but i think its my choice.
  7. By no means am I an expert and I am in no position to attest to your abilites, but IMO being a good dirt rider doesn't make you capable of riding a proper 600 on the road without taking much more of a risk than seasoned road riders.
    If you really think you'd be as capable on the road as you're saying you would be, then I suggest you save yourself any (EXTREMELY) likely legal hassle and get something like a Honda RVF400, or a motarded road legal XR600R if you're so inclined. Personally if I was a first time road user even if I had years of dirt riding under my belt, I wouldn't touch either. From what I've read a Honda VTR250 is a very good choice for a learner rider, and you are a learner if you are riding on the road for the first time, no question about it.
  8. Riding on the dirt teaches nothing for the road. You weight the wrong peg for a start.
  9. yeh that i know but i wasnt saying that i was any better of a rider than other guys i was just saying that i am just as experienced. because i think that some of these previous posted assumed i had absolutly no experience whatso ever.
  10. The marginal advantage that you would get doesnt justify a bigger bike, if it did the government would recognise the prior riding experience and exempt you from lams. Take the advice a rgv400 or a motarded 600 is a quick bike which most fully licenced riders would struggle to ride quickly.

    My dr650 is learner legal and i have had my licence for 16 years, i still find it fun after owning R1, Buells and other 1000cc bikes.
  11. dude, just ride a bike that you are legally allowed to.

    "I have been riding forever, I am so good on dirt, I have ridden since I was a kid" - mate get over your self and just abide by the rules. Your previous experience jumping logs and climbing hills in the mud are not going to save you when a 19 year old girl in a mazda 2 decides to just change lanes for no apparent reason, without indicating and picks you up on the way through.

    Besides, no amount of experience makes you exempt from the laws.
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  12. Also - I don't care how long you have been riding or what you have been riding - you will never stop learning or developing.

    An electrical engineer cannot build a bridge, but a civil engineer can. They are both engineer's - think about why......
  13. Dirt and road riding are two different disciplines and there are only a few skills which translate across with a whole lot more that don't. Those who are over confident in their motorcycling are also those who come off.. These bikes are capable of insane speed and are not very learner friendly. You're also probably going to be outridden by the more experienced bloke on the 250 who has learnt to corner properly rather than just over capitalise on the straights (which is also where you'et nabbed by the po-po).
  14. In the ACT it's "contravene conditions of licence". It's not a huge TIN $$ wise but there's always the chance they could take you to court instead and you end up with a criminal history.

    Plus insurance issues if you crash and posting details on a public forum isn't the brightest idea...

    First time you get caught you'd likely get away with a TIN. 2nd time you'd likely be arrested, held overnight in the watchhouse and go to court the following morning. Then you'd have bail conditions. Caught a 3rd time and you're in deep poo.

    Court penalty is max $2000 fine.
  15. Simple fact is that you would be highly likely to get caught. All it would take is one random breath test and license check. You probably wouldn't have L or P plates on and the next obvious step would be for them to check out the bike.
  16. If you crash you will die.

    Not because of the collision, but because if you hit someone's property they will stick a shovel through your face
  17. going by what i saw on my Ls course (in the ACT as well) the dirt riders are the worst of the bunch when it comes to starting out on the road. lots of bad habbits picked up from years of lazy riding out on farms and such. (of the three DR riders 2 failed, everyone with 0 exp passed)

    Your a fool, buy a Lams bike you twit in the ACT its only a 1 year Lams restriction its really not that long a time, buy a cheap CBR250RR or something and then start saving for your R1 that you can get 15 months later.

    The punishment is severe if you get caught and worse if you crash, i hope you realise that, say, you crash at a roundabout and your bike slides into a car and a pedestrian.

    you have no insurance and will be personally liable for fixing a car and a person, this can be extremely expensive depending on what/how hard, you hit.

    dont be a dumb **** and follow the process like everyone else.
  18. Yeah, play by the rules and do your part to keep the prices of piece of shit 250cc trash inflated well above what they're worth in any sane situation.

    Know why a lot of people don't like LAMS bikes? Because they're almost universally terrible, and the ones that aren't cost more than non-LAMS bikes that are 5,182 times better in nearly every category.
  19. Thinking like this is why we have so many stupid laws: People put up with them. I actually think the LAMS stuff isn't actually a bad idea per se, just poorly implemented like almost everything else.
  20. have you ridden a 600cc inline 4?

    the original zx-6r did 0-100 in 3.6 seconds with a top speed of ~260.

    now, lets bake a cake;

    +fast bike
    +dirt experience
    +car roadcraft (might as well have none fyi)
    +idiot car drivers
    +idiot truck drivers
    +gravel, camber, gear
    +extra weight
    +no insurnace
    +stop-on-a-dime brakes

    and you get!

    a disaster.

    inline 4 600cc bikes are NOT for beginners, in anyway, shape or form.