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Riding a restricted bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GreenNinja, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. Anyone here get busted or know of any one that got busted :wink: riding a restricted bike?

    Or do you ever get pulled over by the police, to check if your riding a restricted bike?

    Just curious that's all
  2. My brother rode a GSXR600 for a year before he passed his test
  3. .....i think you mean riding on a restricted licence.....rather than riding a restricted bike.
  4. As long as your not doing anything that would warrant them to pull you over such as speeding, riding erratically or have your L/P plates on something that is obviously not a restricted bike you should be OK, you'd have to be pretty unlucky. They do however do random licence checks here in the ACT where they pull everyone over, not sure how do-able that is in Sydney.

    The big problem is your insurance would probably be voided if you're ever in an accident on a bike that you are not eligle to ride. Pray you don't crash into a Mercedes.
  5. Thats the thing that worries me. If it were only a fine for riding a larger bike, I'd take the risk and wouldn't worry so much if I copped a fine. However I don't know how it would affect insurance cover. Does anyone know for sure?
  6. I think you'll find written in most PDS that the vehicle must have be operating legally if an accident claim is to be made. This topic has been done to death.

    It is a fine in VIC if pulled over and I think only 1 point (stand corrected) but its the accident side of it that would take away the enjoyment of riding for me. But hey, you cant get blood out of a stone.
  7. Just paint "636" on the side of your bike with purple texta.

    No-one but you will know the difference. :wink:
  8. Yes.

    Any claim would be denied.

    Financially, you would be bent over a table and sodomised with a parking bollard, unless you simply have the cash reserves to pay for ANY damage you could do to someone else's property with your bike.
  9. 1 year is such a long time. Especially if you go and look at bikes... like that 600rr I looked at yesterday... :cry:
    It must be really tough for people who have friends with full licenses.
  10. Unless you were riding track/cross before getting your license, or have hit the hills EVERY day with better riders than you for a solid few months of your provisional career: you probably still have plenty of room to thrill and scare yourself on a 250, up until you come off restrictions.

    I still have tonnes of fun on my 250... I just can't wait to have MORE fun on a bigger bike ;)
  11. I just had a read of "insuremyride" PDS, and it seems that they WOULD cover you in the event of an accident.


    I might be missing something, but it only makes mention of people being "unlicenced" or being refused insurance previously.....

    And I believe that if caught in Victoria on a larger bike whilst restricted, I "think" it is just a fine - no demerit points.
  12. Yeeeeeeees.

    When you are restricted to 250cc or whatever & you are riding a 600cc, you are "unlicensed" to ride that motorcycle.
  13. Yeah, I just had a read over it, and what you've said is right.

    I believe you can still take out "theft" cover.
  14. IN the old days, we put 250 stickers on our RD350 bikes!

    Never got busted !
  15. Wouldnt the OP be "unlicensed" anyway? Not licensed to drive that type of vehicle? Would be the same as if he jumped behind the wheel of a B Double if not endorsed to drive it.
  16. what about tac are you covered for that? You would hate to break something and need rehab, to find out you are left high and dry, or hit a merc, and have to pay it off for the next 3 years.
  17. I completely agree. I think it's fair to say that I haven't ridden my current bike to it's limit yet, so I'm not about to go and get a 600cc supersport.

    I think what you said at the end of your post sums up what I feel.
  18. Thanks for the replies, the answer is what I suspected, but its good to know.
  19. In this situation i was referring to a Ninja 636 and that (like most other 600cc) are massive bikes, almost the size of 1000cc.

    I think just taking off all stickers with numbers to indicate it's size is a good way to go.

    Also in NSW you get a fine plus 2 demirit points.
  20. In vic nowadays the system has changed a little. I think now its demerit points as well as fine, and thay can impound your bike.
    Where as it used to be $110 fine and off you go dont get caught again i suppose.
    And the TAC will cover medical costs relating to accident, but yu cant claim loss of wages. I am actually to believe that you can have no licence at all and still be covered by tac.
    Other issue is no one will insure you..