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Riding a non-LAMS bike on your RE

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Luke, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. I was speaking to a guy in a bike shop the other day and he mentioned that when he had his RE license, he got the sh*ts with his 250cc after 7 months and just bought a Speed Triple and rode that. He also cited a rather amusing story where coppers pulled up beside him at a set of lights one day and started chatting to him about the bike etc before wishing him a good day and driving off :LOL: .

    Now obviously this is all hypothetical and this post is not suggesting nor condoning the breaking of any law, but what problems would you foresee with this?

    I thought of the following:
    1. You're not insured. So if you crashed you'd have your bill, plus the crash repair bill for anything else you hit.
    2. If you get pulled over for ANYTHING, you will also cop a fine and demerit points for riding a bike you are not licensed to ride. You'll also have to catch a bus home from wherever you happen to get pulled over. Could be expensive if its a cab home and would be most inconvenient (have to get the bike picked up etc).
    3. As a result of 2 above, you'd have to be really conscious of loud exhausts, never breaking the speed limit, be careful when filtering, be constantly looking out for cops etc.
    4. You couldn't go on rides (especially on the weekend) to places where the cops regularly conduct license checks, noise and mod checks etc (e.g. Mount Glorious, Mount Mee etc in Queensland).

    I mentioned this to him and he just said :shock: ..."I never got done".

    The bike is registered though, so you have CTP.

    Until March this year I had gone 4 years (in a car) without being pulled over by a cop. So it got me thinking that presumably a whole heap of people do this and get away with it. And particularly if you didn't tight arse on your riding gear, you would pretty much blend in. The cops aren't going to pull over every motorcycle they see. That would cut into McDonald's/doughnut time.

    Any other obvious risks above that I've missed?
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Thread Status:
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