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Riding a GN 250 coming from an R6

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by damov, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. Wow 250's really do suck.

    I am in NZ and thought I would rent a bike for a few days and they only had gn 250 left so I got the little bugger.

    Man its like being on a lawn mower with 2 wheels. Now I know why super six complains about his 250 v twin honda (mind you its got to be heaps better than this).

    Bizarre riding position too all upright and handlebars almost in you lap!

    I am so going to be like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that feels better when I get back on the r6.

    Well at least I get to have a ride I guess so cant complain to much.
  2. awww, c'mon mate, stop discouraging the people who ride 250s and don't have a choice!

    In the last couple of weeks eswen and kraven rode their 250s from Melbourne up to Sydney and then down to Wollongong and then home, and then last weekend N1GH7-R1D3R and myself rode down to Melbourne and back to the BBQ and Josh was on his 250.

    Having said that, the GN isn't exactly a touring marvel, I'd have to admit....
  3. Thats it mate, better than walkin :D
  4. GN250's not exactly the best example of a 250 coming from a supersport.

    Being a rental, you're missing out on a lot of the good things about riding one. Lawnmower it may be, but check the service costs/fuel bills vs. the R6- thats the main reason to own one.
  5. Damo
    howd you go about renting a bike in NZ ?
    did they check your aus licence or ? just take your money/deposit ?

  6. De Gustibus non es disputandem!* Give me the GN anyday 8)

    (*Don't argue over matters of taste)
  7. De Gustibus non es disputandem!* Give me the GN anyday 8)

    (*Don't argue over matters of taste)
  8. damn you people! i only have a cb to ride! grrr :evil:

    PS dyou reckon it's time to urgrade if my shoes keep hiting the deck? :oops:
  9. Yeah its dead easy you just bring in your licence and a credit card they take an imprint for the insurance (comes straight off the card if you have an accident so dont crash) pay your fee for the rental it only cost me $70 for a day and your away.
  10. I went from a 99 CBR600F3 (with the lot... full race exhaust, dynojetted, dyno'd, after market suspension front and rear, cams, carbs... etc) to a Suzuki GS500e...... when I moved from NZ to Aus....

    Although I am sure many can see the beauty in the GS.... imagine driving a ferrari for 3 years and then having to drive a 1983 holden gemini for a year....
  11. Stop wearing platforms...
  12. I new I was going to get some flack for those statments. As I have never really owned a 250 I really didnt know what to expect seeing that my first bike was a fzr 400. Which was really zippy and had heaps of low end power even for a small bike.

    If i was on a cbr 250 or someithing like that I would have been maybe a little more at home.

    But the gn 250 whould definately not be something I would go out of my way to ride again if I had a choice. Really don like the ride position or the fallback on the handlebars it kind of felt really unstable to me and the footpegs and controls seem to far forward on the bike too.
  13. ouch :cry: cut like a four year olds sandwich.

    but seriously i my shoes were scraping and i was hanging off the thing. not again though. scared myself
  14. hey, the CB 250 is a good little bike - very economical!!

    I have milked up to 380km's out of 1 tank of petrol & still not hit reserve. I only filled up cause I was nearly home & passed a petrol station.

    I recon I could make 400kms out of a tank.....