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Riding a crusier on a dirt road - nerve racking!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ralph, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. Went for a ride yesterday with some mates. On the way back there was a rider fatality on the road which closed the road - i know there are rules around posting on that, so don't want to creat discussion on that other then to say it was a very sombering experience - we arrived not long after it had happened, hard to not think about it the rest of the way home.

    The road being closed, there werent many options on how we could get home, so a mate asked a lady in a car who was alocal and going out way, and she knew a way to go around. So we followed her - yes out first mistake!

    Well the road went from a tight tar, to a very tight dirt rd. I ride a XVS650, only been riding 9 months or so and must say, that was the most stressful riding i think i have done. very tight dirt roads around mountains, with no barriers, the hair pins in dirt, it took a lot of concentration.

    we just took it slow, and I really had to work on the counter balance in the corners. plus had to deal with a couple of dickheads coming the other way in 4wds at great speed... oh and we had a little river crossing we had to make... wasnt deep at all.. but still a bit nerve racking..

    Have others been caught out on dirt roads? we kept hoping the dirt road would go back to tar, but it just kept getting worse and worse until we were able to get back on the main road. What is the best way to handle it ? (or is the best way simply to turn back and find another way??)
  2. Great fun isn't it!!
  3. funny stuff mate.... at least it wasnt just me that thought it was pretty hairy!!! i do need to give the air filter a shake i think today... and its going to take me a while to clean the chrome bits.... crusiers are just not designed for off road adventures.. now .. had i been on a dirt bike.. that would have been fun!!
  4. Tokk me more than an hour to get the VFR clean this morning. I'm going to wait till tomorrow and clean the chain with kero and re-lube. Damn, I hate dirt roads.
  5. Lol. I got caught on a slippery dirt road surrounded by cows that were not at all intimidated by my being on a bike and would not move. Way back it rained as well making more fun! About 4 river crossings, took the first too fast and got drenched. Have noted that road to not ride on again...