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Riding a bike over restriction size

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by likuid, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know what the fines/consequences are for riding a bike over your restricted limit. ie for us queenslands on Re's say we are caught riding a 600cc what happens from there?

  2. The biggest consequences are if you run into a $120k Merc and are uninsured so they bankrupt you.

    Other than that, you should find everything you need to know: Here

    Basically, don't do it. Bide your time like everyone else.
  3. I thought you could go straight to an unrestricted license in queensland?
    Or do you not have a full car license?
  4. In looking at the queensland transport website, they have some funny legal interpretations.

    read below


    Driving when you do not hold a driver licence

    You are not the holder of a driver licence if:

    Your driver licence has expired and you have not renewed it.
    You have voluntarily surrendered your driver licence.
    Your Queensland driver licence has been suspended or cancelled because you are medically unfit to drive safely.
    You do not hold the class of licence for the vehicle you are driving.
    You have never held a driver licence.
    After completing a period of disqualification, you do not obtain a further driver licence before starting to drive again.
    If you drive a motor vehicle and do not have a driver licence, due to any of the these reasons, you may receive an infringement notice or be required to be dealt with by a court for unlicensed driving.

    In queensland, they handle RE and R licences differently. They are actually different classes of licence.

    For you guys, this means that you could be charged with unlicenced driving!!
    Plus no insurance!
  5. does anyone actually know the fine? has anyone been in this situation. ?

    iondah: thanks for the link, but i was kinda after some personal experience's :LOL:
  6. Don't be stupid dude! :roll:

    If you are convicted of unlicensed driving, the court can fine you of up to A$3000 or imprison you for up to one year.

    You guys have to go for your q-ride test to go from RE to R (you don't get it automatically like in other states).

    The fine is as prob around $600 for a first offence and you will have to go to court.
  7. yeah but we automatically get out R learners after 1 year. and on my licence is says ive have my Re's for over a year. even though i haven't. not that im majorly thinking of doing it, just wondering etc. as ive had mates offer their bigger bikes for test runs. wanna know risks/fines invovled etc.
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  9. cheers for that. but theres not really info for qld related stuff. like its not much of a deterant in vic eh. $116 and no demirit points in some cases.
  10. http://www.transport.qld.gov.au/Hom..._licence/Motorbike/Licence_classes_and_codes/

    As my earlier email mate. You guys are different to many other states. Here in VIC our RE is a condition on a full licence. This means if someone gets pinged for riding the bigger bike they are licenced but have breeched a condition ($116 fine no points) that could be for not wearing glasses or driving an manual when only allowed an auto. Falls under the same regulation.

    In Qld you guys do not see the RE as a condition (this is very different to us) there you have RE and R licences as the two different licences. There fore as my earlier email you are technically riding unlicenced. First fine would be a couple of hundred bucks.
    Check out the above link to see how Qld licences are structured and the fine for not complying with conditions. But as I have shown already shown, the capacity is not a condition but different class of licence.
  11. **edit** nevermind i see now. thx for that.
  12. Mate, have helped you as much as I can.

    You are not breaking a code, you are technically riding unlicenced

    RE is a class of licence
    R is a different class of licence.

    The codes relate to transmissions and glasses etc. not the R/RE stuff.

    This is what your state transport authority says on its sites. So unless cops act contrary to this, I would either sit my Q-ride test or not do it.
  13. I don't get it. If you've got Q-Ride, what's the big deal?! Unless you don't have the skills to pass, in which case you definitely shouldn't be riding outside your restriction.
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