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Riding a 600 on a restricted license

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Gezza24, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Sell and upgrade

  2. Keep the RGV and obey the law

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  1. Hi All,

    I ride an RGV250 which I've had for about the past 6 months. Anyway I'm starting to get a bit worried about the new LAMS laws coming in and putting an end to my fun. Also they'd probably render my bike worthless through resale. The bikes are also notorious for dropping the powervalve into the cylinder so I got a few reasons for selling before it sends me broke. I'm after an 97 or 98 gsxr600, but trouble is I've still got about 9 months of restricted license left. Do you think it's worth the risk of getting fined so I could get myself a reliable bike which isn't going to drop in resale value? It was always the plan to get a 600, but I'm starting to think sooner rather than later might be better. Any opinions welcome :grin:

  2. shame you didnt have the third option, sell the RGV and get a pos 4 stroke 250 which wont loose its value as much. i understand the penalties for riding outside of restrictions are far less harsh than in NSW, but as has been said in about 30000 other threads on this topic, when you smash into that ferrari, you better bend over and be ready to take it no lube for the rest of your natural life.
    a bit pessimistic i know, but expect the worst...
  3. It's not the fine for riding a 600 you need to worry about . It's the not have any insurance cover part thats the killer. Have stack and that could send you and keep you broke for the next 30years! Going broke with the 250 is def a better idea IMHO

    Also, has been plenty of threads on this exact topic in the past, use the search.. its your friend :grin:
  4. *SNAP* :grin:
  5. dont sell.... dont take da risk
  6. I have this feeling of deja vu. hmmmm weird.......

    Your call matey.

    Ive been done twice on mine so far. $232 in "license conditions" fines so far. (no demerits tho! hehe)
  7. Sum it up. You know the consequences. Are you prepared to take the risk for the gain?

    I did it without any fines/dramas at all. But at that point i didnt really give a crap about anything and didnt feel i had a lot to lose. Same situation today? I wouldnt do it.

    So basically have a think about it and make the choice. Simple!
  8. I guess one other alternative is to sell the RGV and then wait for LAMS to actually come in and buy one of the restricted 600s until you're off restrictions. I personally would strongly advise against riding unlicensed - which is what you're really doing if you ride a bike you're not licensed for - for all the excellent reasons already mentioned above.

    lack of insurance >>>>>>> fines
  9. bigger bikes

    I have a vfr 750 and an r1. my vfr was off limits to my wife until I sold her 250. now she is almost legal to ride it. it is a risk as we all know,but the temptation is often to great to resist. I did the same thing as have many b4 us. if the rider is EXTEMELY CAREFUL, I don't see any dramas. if anything the grey area of time teaches you to pull ya head and ride DEFENCIVELY.It can be good but it can also turn to shit real quick. go easy,huh.
  10. If you buy and ride a 600 on restrictions and have an accident don't expect to get any sympathy :p

    At best you'll get people doing Nelson impersonations and going HAHA!
  11. Hope it never happens but what if you take out another rider, or rear end a new Merc.. Do you have the bucks to pay back the relative insurance co's ??

    And if you are hurt and can't work, you will get no compensation from the RTA..

    Insurance co will chase you for every cent you owe..

    You will also be up for the other parties medical expenses as well.

    And then you will have nothing but a huge debt on your head..

    If i were you i would be more worried about this scenario, than losing a couple of thousand bucks because of LAMS..
  12. Riding a bike you're not licensed for puts you in what Jason tends to call the "unrider" category. It would be very interesting to see what the road toll stats would be like if the "unrider" category was removed.
  13. I looked at the Vicroads website the other day and there is some info about the LAMS. It seems to indicate that it will only apply to newly licenced riders. I can't see them making every existing L plater sell their RGV for somthing else.

  14. +1
  15. I'd be selling it and buying a different 250. But that's just me - I can't be stuffed with worrying about getting caught or mucking up.

    From my understanding you won't have to change bikes when LAMS come in. The only issue is if it's resale would go down, being one of the bikes removed from the Ls approved list.
  16. :arrow: Sell and upgrade
  17. As has been discussed previously many times if you want to do it, do it just realise that you won't be insured. If you decide to do it be careful around other bikes and cars.
  18. Selling the RGV, and riding the 600 does'nt sound so bad...UNTIL, the crap hits the fan..
    Consider the scenario that Blue14 explained...that kind of worst case scenario will ruin your life.
    As Pinkxie suggested...if you really need to unload the RGV...do so, for another 250.
  19. if you want it get it.... if you break it or other peoples cars/bikes/boats
    then you going to have to pay for it...

    i rode my 600 gsxr k4 while on restriction didnt have a accident or drop the bike

    i took it easy and didnt go to the spur or any of the nice twistie roads.... it was stock standard as well
    so not to attrack any attention... untill i got off my restrictions :grin:

    its your call in the end and no matter what people say about againts the law etc etc...
    its just human nature to break the law...... most of them anyways lol :LOL:

    good luck in what you decide matey
  20. What's the point then? :roll: