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VIC riding a 2007 r6 on probabtion license.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by markwearspants, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. g'day. so tried to lurk everywhere first before posting. (maybe i missed it)

    I am on my probationary license for my motorcycle (and car so i must display a green P) and from my understanding I am still under the LAMS scheme for 1 year. I was just wondering if anybody knows what the fine and/or points would be? I have found a 2007 r6 for a real bargain and I'm not sure if it is worth buying and riding for 6 weeks until I get my full license. If it is quite a heavy fine I will give it a miss.


  2. ^ as above...

    If you're that keen on buying the bike then buy it - just don't ride it until the E condition has expired.......or don't get caught.
  3. I'm curious myself. When you get caught can you come back and tell us?
  4. If it's just 6 weeks and it's a bargain, why not get it and wait ?
    Give it a wash, give it a service, look over the bike and learn all the bumps nicks and marks in her bodywork.

    Your restricted license doesn't stop you from using it on a track ;)
  5. If its truly a very good deal, buy it and dont ride it till your unrestricted.
  6. I know where you're coming from mate.

    Once you're a few weeks away from coming off your restrictions, you start to keep an eye out for your next bike... then you find the perfect one that you don't want to let get away.

    I've just come off my LAMS and have upgraded, but I found my new bike weeks before I was off my restrictions. So the seller agreed to hold on to the bike even after I'd paid in full, so that way it was out of sight, out of mind (kinda!) till I was ready to pick it up. (y)

    If the seller is as cool as the one I dealt with, you might be able to make a similar deal. If you take the bike home now, you know you're not going to be able to resist taking it out for a sneaky ride before you're supposed to, and that could end badly if you get pulled over, or worse, have an accident. :cry:

    Some bike shops can store your bike for a fee, and keep it on a trickle charger - that might be another option.
  7. It may do, depends what trackday you're interested in. Stokedpaz got caught out on this one, wanting to do SBK level one on his R6 while still on Ps, turns out they don't allow it. I was thinking of doing level 1 on one their rental Gixxers, looks like I'll have to either use my GS500 or wait till February.
  8. hey mark, you have to display a green p on your bike if its been a year of P licence on the bike and you still have a P car licence. so if you are displaying a green p then you are off restrictions but still a p plater.

    i have a p plate on my r6 (green), it gets some looks but havent been pulled up yet. i rode non lams bikes for a bit when on lams and was never caught. dunno if it was just luck, or the fact i tried to not attract attention when riding.

    just double check the LAM expiry date on teh back of your licence. i find it funny that im not restricted to what bike i can ride but i cant drive what car i want to. derp much.
  9. Might be harder to get away with it now though, especially with the new plate recognition that coppers get now days....................I wouldnt risk it.

    Oh oh oh do you know if hes selling his SBK level 1?.........im like a vulture :p