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riding 2 up/with pillion

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ginji, May 21, 2007.

  1. I've never ridden 2 up before, either as the rider or the pillion; can those people that have ridden 2 up give some advice on what to do, some of the common pitfalls etc etc? (I'm on my unrestricted license, so I can take a pillion if I want, and I'm slowly getting my GF interested in coming along for a ride one day...)

  2. Tell em to keep their feet up, keep their body with yours, hang on, not look around like a bloody emu. Some people are useless as pillions and never improve. Hope your GF isnt one of them.

    As a rider, the main thing that changes is the weight of the bike in low speed stuff. If you're dodgy at low speed to start with dont get a pillion. Beyond that you can sort your suspension out if you're doing a lot of 2-up, but the simple solution is just to ride well within the limits as the handling turns to shit with the extra weight and funny COG.
  3. Yeah keep their body with yours, particularly around corners. You don't want them shifting their body weight the wrong way mid corner - they should lean slighty just like you.
  4. Tell them to relax, not tense up their body.
  5. If you know anyone who has been a pillion then I'd take a few rides with them on the back to get used to it.. Some try to steer the bike by leaning the opposite way, leaning too soon or looking around.. also there are two times when a pillions feet touch the ground.. getting on and getting off.. NEVER any other time.. thats my suggestion anyway..
  6. "Some riders (usually male) with passengers (usually female) who are trying for cheap intimacy may brake harder or more frequently than they need to. This practice is known as the "boob jam," and if you feel you are being subjected to it, feel free to confront him :)"

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  7. mmmmmm, boob jam. =P~

    Allow more time for braking. With the extra weight you don't pull up as quick.
  8. i'm assuming your male...

    mate, pay careful attention to your NUT placement :shock:
  9. that can be solved easily by asking your pillion to put an arm around you on the back of the tank - they support their own weight when you brake, which stops you having to do it.

    It's always fun watching the homophobes cadge a lift, because they sit as far away from the rider as possible and often half fall off the back when the rider starts off. (see comments about the rider ending up with ankles in the armpits!)
  10. A quick blast right at the start scares the shit out of the aforementioned homophobes and gets 'em hanging on quick smart.
  11. I find braking the hardest so if they can hang onto a grab rail all the better.
  12. My partners suggestion is to be a pillion for a few rides.. :grin:
  13. Dont let them get to used to it because it will impact on your enjoyment of riding. I try to avoid it at all costs but sometimes I'm caught at a weak moment. :p
  14. Riding 2 up is NOT just you taking someone for a ride on the back...
    See it as a "team effort", and you must develope a close-knit understanding of what each other is doing.
    And it takes practice!...But if you both take it seriously, it is possible to develope a real "together" feeling...each of you fulfilling your roles as pillion and rider...THAT makes it MUCH easier and much safer, and as a result, you will enjoy the ride together.

    Your Pillion must take an active role in the ride...not just sit there like a balloon full of water, lolling all over the place - you will feel every move they make, through the bike, so they must be still, composed, and paying attention to what is going on.

    Hands should be, palms out and resting firmly on the tank - arms extended around your waistline. This supports the pillion under braking, and allows them the ability to grab your waist under power. It also prevents them from flopping about during cornering etc.

    Generally, the pillion should try to be "inert"..(not effecting the bike), so that you and the bike are free to act on each others inputs.