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Rides and Speed

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. I'm mostly a commuter rider these days, but wouldn't mind going out for a Sunday ride if there are a bunch of Netriders types who are going. I'm not sure how such rides normally go though: I'm not really about balls-out knee-scraping intensity... I like living and walking too much. Are there groups that do relatively sedate (I'm not talking Grandma Duck, of course) rides...? And if so, around Western Brisbane?

  2. perhaps you would receieve more replies if it wasnt in the multimedia section
  3. Maybe he's after an all-singing, all-dancing ride...?

    Aaaaanyway, i'm usually up for a ride on weekends (and know a few others who'd be interested). There are plenty of choices:

    - mt cootha for a quick ride
    - mt nebo/glorious for a longer ride
    - mt tamborine/canungra for an awesome but longer ride

    and variations on those...

  4. Bravus -

    Any intermediate or beginner's ride will proceed at a sane pace, it's seldom appropriate to really gun it when there's a big group and there's usually a good range of riding abilities on a netrider ride.

    Show up, ride your own ride at your own pace, there's systems set up to make sure nobody gets lost and everyone has fun. You'll be right! And if the pace is too hot you can always do an honourable bail-out and go off by yourself if you feel like you're slowing everyone down.

    Don't stress about it. There's a few total speed demons on here and plenty of us like to ride nice and quick, but if the ride is set up properly slower riders get looked after too.

    See ya out there.
  5. Coolness: And I surely didn't intend to put it in the Multimedia section - PEBCAK* If a mod wants to move it that'd be great.

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