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Rides and Riders in Brisbane

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by heregoes, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Well now that i have the bike i need to start finding out about getting some good riding in. So what is around Brisbane? I am going to hold off on the real tricky stuff for a good wile coz i still got a lot of learning to do. So if there are any relatively new rides out there or people that know of a good trip to take let me know. And info on clubs, rides and events that may suit me would be great


  2. Take it easy for a while on the gsxr but I guess the biggest worry you probably will have is dropping it ;)

    There's quite a few good rides around Brisbane

    For beginners I would suggest Mt Cootha

    And then Mt Mee

    then progressing to Mt Nebo/Glorious
  3. hi heregoes,

    i just came back from Mt Crosby - about 150k's all up but i doodled around a few back roads and found myself on some gravel for a bit as well.

    really nice ride, plenty to see, some twisties but nothing you couldn't handle if you leave your testosterone at home...

    i also like to zip out to Mt Cotton - i live in Camp Hill so thats a quick Sunday morning scout.

    Recommend the Mt Crosby run, was my first time out that way and i really enjoyed the ride.
  4. rides

    Splityard creek rd out towards esk/fernvale is great.
    boonah/beaudesert rd is good too.

    If you want to throw the bike around in twisty corners - mt glorious/mt nebo is right up there.

    MT lindesay is fun but it is a long ride and you either have to turn around after it or go through kyogle in nsw to get home.
  5. What these guys said...
    I haven't got much riding in since I moved to Brisbane :( (need to get new rubber on the back), but I have done a Mt Glorious/Nebo and heard great things about the roads out towards esk etc. as glenby said.

    Actually while I'm here (don't mean to hijack your thread :oops: ), where is a good place to get some new Tyres on the northside of Brisbane?
    (Around Enoggera etc..)
  6. There's a mentoring ride this sunday, if you're interested go to Macca's 8am at Nerang :) There's quite a few experienced riders going to help the less experienced with their riding skills. They're picking easy roads to work on skills :)

    Doesn't matter if you don't know anyone, look for the guy with the red hair, he'll look out for you, tell him Tanya sent you :)
  7. hey mate i'm a relatively new rider and after only 2 weeks on my vstar 650 i went on a ride down through logan village - mt tamborine - springbrook etc. it was a bit scary on some parts but i managed ok. that was a couple of months ago and we're going on another cruise this weekend following much the same route but going out to o'reilys national park. we meet at springwood at 8:30am this saturday. let me know if ur interested...anyone is free to join! we had 27 bikes last time so it was pretty decent

  8. A nice and easy (and very short) ride from enoggera is Jinker track/Bunya rd/Eatons crossing. If you have had enough by then you can come back via Samford. If you feel you want more just turn right and head towards Nebo.
  9. If you wanna meet up with people, there's always a crowd at Milton Coffee Club on Park Road Friday Nights.
  10. I'm going to coffee club, I'm allowed out this week :)