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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Jonah, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. Hi all, I'm told by a mate that there is a correct procedure to starting a bike according to the instructors at the Ridersafe course at St Agnes. There is an acronym used like F.I.N.E. (meaning fuel,ignition,neutral,engine). Is anyone able to help with what it actually is? Cheers.

  2. start bike - haul ass.
  3. dunno.. we were told fuel, back brake, killswitch, key, neutral, start, high revs, friction point, slow release, see ya later you're riding a motorbike...or something like that..

    but crisis's advise is easier to follow (y)
  4. really....killswitch before key? thought it odd your killswitch was off when i hopped on...and fuel?...

    to memory it was hold front brake as you straddle the bike...switch to back brake...key on...killswitch off..clutch in...drop to first gear and then find friction point n take off

    edit- ok ok i forgot you shouldn't be kicking it into gear with your foot on the rear brake..should be on the front brake
  5. I think back brake needs to go after neutral, otherwise a lot of people are going to be falling over.
  6. lol this is true.
  7. shouldn't type without thinking .. just ignore my post (y)
  8. Bolt cutters - hoodie - trailer......

    Oh wait - you mean how to start a bike, not steal one.....
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  9. What's the back brake for?
    Am I the only one who's got a choke and can't start without it? :p
  10. Do you really need an acronym to help you start yor bike correctly?

    I do 4 things since my bike is usually in neutral already.

    Key in the ignition and turn to on position
    Kill switch to on position
    Add a bit of choke
    Press the start up button
  11. F.I.N.E. is out of date. "Fuel' refers to turning on the fuel tap at the tank, which few (if any) modern road bikes have any more.
    'Ignition' (key on), Neutral and 'Engine' (starter) haven't changed, unless you want to complicate it all up with Ducati-style keyless ignition systems.
  12. no system will save your noob ass if you ever put your right glove on first.
    failure to mention that at an approved training facility, just astounding.

    of course you can start your bike !
    what are you an idiot.
    wtf do they teach you these days.

    LEFT GLOVE FIRST <learn it, live it. or you will ****ing die.
  13. ^ This. You will grow out of it quickly.
  14. Turn on the key
    In neutral? Yep.
    Push the start button.

    Geez, I love EFI.
  15. What about the turn off procedure?

    Engine off
    Remove key
    Screw up speeding ticket
    Remove any traffic cones from wherever they have wedged themselves
  16. to start my bike i first have to free the clutch,that means pull clutch leaver in and KICK THE KICK starter a few times to free the clutch,when clutch is free,,, i then have to turn on the pet cock ,,i then have to tickle the amal carb un till fuel comes out ,,,,then i have to kick the kick starter 2 times to get some fuel in to the cylinder,, then i have to kick the kick starter slow so the pistons are at the top of the stroke....then i turn the key and kick the bike over and if all is well she starts,if not i have to tickle the carb again kick it over slowly so the pistons are at the top of the stroke... then kick it to life ... this is how you cold start a 43year old british triumph ,,,
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  17. no wonder the jap's demolished the british market.
  18. Actually i think ur just worried about ur test

    You will not be tested or lose points etc for this procedure.

    Somewhere i typed up the exact test both of them.
  19. Mate you forgot to lock your steering.
  20. i am a bit worried about Justin, his kill switch doesn't work :eek: