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Ridersafe S.a. Course

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by phil01, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Basic test st Agnes the actual test at the end 2nd day,
    Ride in an oval change from 2 to 3 on straights back to 2 on corner, eyes head
    In correct position for corners
    Stop between 2 cones with left foot on ground and in 1st.

    That is the test.
    Advanced test for r date licence
    Ride between a kinda snake curve between 2 lines about 500mm apart - easy
    Figure eight inside a rectangle about 1.5 car parks wide no feet on the ground - hard
    Slow straight between two lines against stop watch - easy ish
    Weave between markers both wheels must clear -medium
    Emergency brake from 30 k ph in 3rd within 11 m left foot ground in 1st

    There is a points system which is very forgiving but u must get the last
    One or its instant fail
  2. Bumping this because i'm going for Advanced next weekend.

    Can confirm the basic test is as above, and is very simple provided you can ride straight and follow orders.

    You can lose up to 10 points and still pass I believe. Only one person in my group failed, and honestly he needed more practice. I lost 0 points and had almost zero experience on a bike.

    I'm a little concerned about the u turn on the advanced test but hoping i'll get by with the points system. Also the test is on my birthday so thought I might slip that in to see if I get some sympathy :p
  3. No chance for sympathy. If you dont pass youre out of the wolf pack
  4. I passed! Lost fifteen points out of possible twenty.

    Hardest part by far was the weaving between the cats eyes I put my foot down twice losing ten points. To be honest I never practiced turning so tight back and forth.

    My advice to anyone taking the test is to master slipping the clutch/using the rear brake at speeds of ten kmh or less. All the tests bar one are slow control.

    Happy to answer any queries if anyone has any. :riding:
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  5. I got one of these sheets when I passed my Ls but lost it somewhere:rolleyes: , so I went to ridersafe and got another one today. Not trying to step on Phil's toes, but if anyone wants diagrams for your Ps/ Advanced test, then here they are.

  6. Yep that's the one, good work mate, I struggled on the weaving but was fine with every other bit.