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Ridersafe price rise? a few questions?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by scaifie, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. I heard there was a price rise a few months ago but didn't know how much it had increased.

    Today to my surprise booking my advanced course, $270.
    I know most people are on my side here, that is just stupid! thats $2700 per day for ten people, three locations in SA. not including weekday tests.

    That totals around $842,400 pa. if we add weekday training or days where they have 20 people do the advanced test it would add up well over a million easy? the government cant tell us that it costs that much in a year.

    From some of the things i have read from government meeting it is probably not going to change and they think the number of people riding without a license wont increase, what drugs are they on? hell if i hadn't done my L's already (for $100), i wouldn't get my license.

    All this is going to cause is people riding very fast bikes (probably unregistered), without a license, and then when the police try to pull them over, they are going to run!!! It is not hard to see that this is going to happen.

    I still have a few questions, how much is it in other states at the moment?

    Will the price of bikes here go down because we cant sell them because people are turned away from getting their bike license?

    How much is it to fly interstate(or drive), do your license, fly back and get it swapped to SA? (and maybe have a holiday while your there??)

    I would really like to know what other people think about this.

    Thats my 2c. Thanks, Scaifie
  2. Prices from HART in Vic:

    2 Day Learner
    WeekDay $240.00
    Weekend $270.00

    1 Day Learner
    WeekDay $190.00
    Weekend $230.00

    WeekDay $230.00
    Weekend $260.00

    WeekDay N\A
    Weekend $160.00

    The major cost involved in learner training courses is in the insurance requirements.
  3. Thanks jaws.

    I can see how the insurance costs can come into it but how much are they, you have to sign a waiver at the start of the course to declare that it is at your own risk. so the insurance should just be for the bikes.

    Also, why dont the motorcycle manufacturers help to do something about this, the less people that ride motorcycles, the less they are going to sell.

    what about other states other than SA and VIC.
  4. Waiver or no waiver they still need to be insured for public liability which would be a very large portion of the insurance cost. Insurance rates on this type of thing are ever on the increase.