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ridersafe courses in SA triple in price :(

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by donski, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. Apparantly the ridersafe basic course is increasing from $90 to $290 and the advanced course $79 to $255. Grrrrr.

    I'm about to book in for my course and had worked out the budget for my new bike. The increase could have paid for half of my equipment.

    I thought the government would want to encourage more people to ride bikes to lessen congestion on the road?

  2. It's annoying, I'd bet... But it's still reasonable value for a fun day out.
  3. Yeh it cost me $120 to book in my stage 1 course a few months back... Bloody government... Its all about making a dime for those blokes. :evil:
  4. Is the ridersafe course a government based course or a private company?
    I always thought extra courses like those were privately run.
  5. It was reported in the The Advertiser yesterday, Minister Carmen Zollo confirmed that the Ridersafe course fees were increasing next month, and cited reasons of increased demand for the course.

    I think I'll pay for my course next week to beat the price rise!
  6. Spot on there donski. Costs have risen due to a massive increase in demand. Glad I paid for my Stage 2 in March. Still couldn't manage to book in earlier than July 9th though :mad:
  7. Sheesh - spot somewhere to make some big bucks and bring it on huh? That sucks in a BIG way. :evil: :shock:

    Is there a limit to how long you can wait after you pay before you book in? ie I still have several months before my Ls expire but I *REALLY* don't want to pay 255 to get into the advanced course later!!! Thinking of paying this week and then waiting a couple of months to book in. Shouldn't be a problem with this should there??
  8. Increase in demand is one thing, over inlfated prices is another.

    They should be made to justify such a price hike.

    Thats outrageous!!!!! thats over 200% rise :evil:
  9. If you book and pay this week you'll still pay the old prices so get to it!! I'm going to book my L's :)
  10. god damn!!! i feel sorry for you guys.
  11. I'm gonna pay for mine tomorrow and book it later on - just wanna have it paid for before it goes up :s
  12. So will netrider be taking up the cause?
  13. I'm not usually paranoid BUT:
    given that there's a wait of several months coupled with an increase in price of that magnitude;
    given that there doesn't seem to be any plans to increase the number of testing stations;

    I suspect that the agenda is about trying to deter motorcycling.

    There really are people out there with that agenda and they are in policy making positions. (We used to have one on VMAC till she moved to Queensland :evil: )
  14. "Increased demand" is no reason to triple prices.

    They obviously don't know that you make money better by selling cheaply to many than expensively to few. Numbers will drop drastically now the price has gone up, you watch.
  15. Exactly... :evil:
  16. All govt fees go up every year on 1 July as standard. The office I work in just issued our new prices for 1 July. (hence why the transport sa site still says $103, cause the changes don't take effect till 1 July).

    However the increase to the ridersafe courses are insane. that's the biggest price hike I've ever seen. I'll e-mail my contact in the MRA about it.

    Glad I got my licence when I did!
  17. It's crap that a government body charges based on demand, they should charge based on what it costs them to run. I dont agree though that the amount of people going for their licence will drop though. I would still have gone for my licence even if it cost $500.
  18. I went to pay for my advanced course today (did my basic and got my Ls about a month ago) and the apparently the part where you have to have your Ls for 4 months before booking the advanced course actually translates to "you must have had your Ls for 4 months before you can even PAY for the course". The learner's permit itself - the piece of paper - only says you *should* have your Ls for 4 months before *booking* the course. Because the fees are going up, the f*ckers said to me today that if you could pay for it that far in advance, everyone would just pay before the fees went up. Too freaking right they would!!!

    So, when I pointed out that it'll take me three months or so to get into a course, which will be 4 months, the guy had a snipe that he guarantees that I'll get in within the month because they're putting so many more instructors and courses on. That's crap. I've only heard they're gonna finally open the St Agnes one, which will close down the Walkley Heights one.

    What happens now? When I hit 4 months, I can pay for my course. By the time I get in, its likely to be 6 or maybe 7 months. If I fail and have to resit it, which I have to do WITHIN 9 months of getting my Ls, I'll overshoot 9 months and have to sit my Ls again. If I have to do that, its a $700 experience (sit advanced, fail, sit basic, sit advanced again).

    I am so f*cking angry at the govt right now.
  19. You have been told the wrong thing.

    Firstly, it is only a recommendation you ride for 4 months before going to the Level 2 day. There is nothing stopping you booking it as soon as you pass Level 1 and get your Learner's Permit. Last time I did Level 1 that's what they told me - and you can repeat Level 2 as many times as you like until you pass. ( I have had my 'L's before, it expired before I could get to do Level 2, due to work commitments).

    Secondly, there is nothing stopping you paying for the Level 2 course at the same time as paying for the Level 1 course. I should know, as I just went and did it - all up $193 vs. $509 next week.
    The lady serving me at the counter recommended I pay for both and just to make sure went and saw her supervisor about it.
  20. :eek:

    *really jacked off now*

    So, once you pay for the advanced, you only pay once, no matter how many times you do it?

    And *kicks the d*ckhead at regency park* .. might call transportSA tomorrow and confirm it before I go back in. Gonna be really pissed if everyone's been told that people CANT book in. Cos seriously, the paperwork says "should" .. not "must" have been on Ls for 4 months!