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riders with arthritis

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jasonw, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. does anybody out there ride a bike with arthritis in the knees?
    my father (60 odd) has decided he want to ride motorbikes but he suffers from arthritis in his knee joints and i dont think he will last very long with his knees bent for any period of time. he wants a cruiser style bike so at least his legs will be semi straight. i told him to get a license first and then see how he goes.

  2. I ride with "arthur" in one knee and ankle. The position on the 29year old Duc is not the perfect one but as long as the old dude takes meds and exercises the knee he should be OK no matter what style of bike. It also depends on the severity of "arthur" he has (and the weather).
  3. Get him stuck into a good quality 1000-1500mg/day of glucosamine as well if he isn't already. Takes 3-4 weeks to build up to an appreciable level in the body but most people with "arthur" find it makes quite a big difference to their levels of pain and mobility. I have patients that used to take 2 Nurofen half an hour before a round of golf then another 2 after 9 holes just to get through. Started them on glucosamine and now they play right through without taking anything.
  4. While I don't have 'arthur' yet, I've had ops on both my knees and I can't keep them in the one position for long periods of time.

    After riding a Virago for a couple of hours, I found that my knees were ok because as you mentioned, they were out straighter. On the CBR they can ache if there's a really long stretch with no breaks, but I find that in traffic, they're ok as i'm stopping and starting and can stretch my legs when waiting at the lights.

    I think his biggest problem will be any long stretches, other than that he should be fine (as others have mentioned, depending on the severity of it - however if he's even considering it it sounds like he's not TOO bad).
  5. YEP i have severe arthriticus & Fibromyalgia
    throughout my entire body
    neck to ancles

    i ride a GV 250 with boards and rarely have a lot of trouble
    riding or getting of the bike
    boards are the way to go
    forward controls would also be ok
    as long as his weather forecasting isnt acting up (knees)

    i will be upgradeing to a Bigger Cruiser very soon

    anyone interested My GV 250 silver and black
    is for sale $4200,00 ONO reg till aug 07
  6. *chuckles* weather forcasting.

    It's so true!

    Even Sverre knows it's gunna rain when my knees ache ;)
  7. I have an arthritic right wrist, brought on early as a result of an injury. I find that on long runs it hurts like hell, but have improved it dramatically by fitting a throttle friction control, the type that replaces a bar end weight. One reason I prefer my maxi scoot in traffic is that the main (linked) brake is on the left, and the throttle action is stupidly light, so my right wrist has a very easy time.
  8. thanks
    i think he is considering it because i came back from a 5 day ride and had a ball so he feels a bit left out.
    problem no 2 he has a pacemaker and his meds dont let him take the good stuff for the arthritis so he suffers a fair bit. i guess he wants to live life to the max while he still can. he will have to take a plunge knowing very well he will only be 50/50, i guess he can always sell it again
  9. Good on him for wanting to get out there and keep kicking on
    Interesting that you bring up the fact that he has a pacemaker, I seen something on tv the other night... where this bloke brought a brand new lexus, which had keyless entry? Or a keyless ignition? I cant exactly remember... however whatever it was, it messed with his pacemaker.

    Something to look into for sure :)
  10. Has he considered one of the 250 or 500 maxi Scoots? They are immeasurably more comfortable than a conventional bike, particularly as they put zero weight on the back.
  11. I have bad knees (result of bad bike accident 20 years ago) and severely inflamed lower arms.

    I find that cruisers aren't as comfortable for me as upright standard type bikes.

    Hence my choice of the 1200 Bandit.

    Don't overlook upright naked and semi naked bikes in your attempts to get a bike that is comfortable for him.
  12. Well i'm on the shortlist for a visit from "Arthur" in the legs. Result of operations and the amount of stuffing around with my joints as a child.

    After riding my Spada since September i think my bikes in future may be a little more relaxed in the seating possition than the spada or at least a little less cramped as i have noticed my knee getting a touch achy after a couple of hours in the seat.

    +100 for the Glucosamine reccomendation. I take about 1500mg of it a day to keep my ankles and knees moving works better than masking the pain with drugs.
  13. Might have to get me some of this glucosaminnnenene stuff. Sounds like it'll rid me of my weekly aches :)
  14. Might be worth looking at a Piaggio X8 or X9 scoot. You can have your legs in a cruiser style on the front inclined section of the floorboard, flat in the usual position or tucked back even crouching a bit if more comfortable. It also means you can shift around a bit.

    (touch wood) I don't suffer from 'Arthur' (yet?) despite 30 years of road running so I can't really relate to how debilitating it can be.

    If you are interested, PM me and I'd be happy to bring my X8 by so your dad can check it out.

    DD (57 years young)
  15. :roll: Yep
    Sadly i know all about the weather forecasting aches and PAIN"S
    my SOON to Be hubby ask's me so is it going to rain in 3 days or what
    :roll: he believes my aches lol
  16. I have arthur' in my knees and hips.
    I ride a cruiser, and find it much better than a sportsbike in the riding position.
    forward pegs (highway) are a must for long trips.
    +1 on the Glucosamine

    Generally found you forget the pain in your knees if you corner faster - scraping the pegs seems to be the point where your think about what you are doing rather than how it feels.

    One big point in a cruiser is the lower seat height means that you can actually get on and off the bike!
  17. Me too. I have found that Glucosamine cream works heaps better though, it's pretty much immediate relief. None of this wait a week or so for the tablets to start working.

    Although, I don't know for sure if I have Arthritis, my left knee gives me grief all the time.

    & I ride a sports bike. Doesn't bother my knee too much, but I give it a good crack before I set off.

    Blah blah. Cracking DOES not cause Arthritis. :p
  18. Bikes get arthritis?? :shock: :rofl: :bolt:
  19. HI Chani

    what is the name of the Cream and where do you get it ?
  20. Bio-Organics Glucosamine Rapid.

    It's in a red tube with a white label.

    I got mine from the Chemist Warehouse or whatever it's called, the big yellow place out the front of Eastland.

    Edited for spelling, AGAIN.