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Riders who use ipods

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mischiefmaka, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. Just started using my ipod when i ride and now i cant ride without it...

    Thing is im finding the earphones are a tad cumbersome, it is becoming a fine art just getting the Helmet on and off my head without taking out an eye.

    Ive purchased a set of flash noise isolating earphones, they sound awesome when i get lucky with the "helmet on" action but they still pose an issue when im taking the helmet off, they get dragged up the side of my face and hurt...

    Was wondering if anyone here uses anything different? or has any suggestions for good flat earphones or perhaps even an in helmet jobbie that just plugs into the actual ipod?
  2. After years of experimenting with varoius types of earphones, I finnally splurged at the GP way back in 04 and got a set of earmould plugs made up and paid the extra to get the Ipod/MP3 cables put in, and have not looked back since. There used almost everytime I ride and are still as good as the day I got them.

    There custom made to fit your ears perfectly and since they are virtulaly flush and dont protrude out past your ears I have never had a problem getting tangled or "ripped" out when taking the helmet of , the biggest bonus is with no pressure on your ears from the helmet pressing against them, you can wear them all day with no discomfort at all.
  3. I just use earbuds, no problems what-so-ever putting on and taking off my helmet. You could get those earmold things that I've seen in motorcycle mags, just pick any of them up and they should have ads for custom made earplugs/phones.
  4. I use standard iPhone ear buds which are the same as iPod and they push against my ears and hurt a little when taking the helmet off but nothing unbearable. If you don't want to go full bull and spend on the earmold then perhaps look at ear buds with protrude less once in the ear.

    Check out this thread:


    Also while searching on the net I came across these awesome looking earphones which don't tangle and supposedly handle high bass rap, hip hop music which other earphones struggle to cope with, with ease. They are designed by Dr Dre:


    These go on ebay for AU65 - 200.
  5. Ah see Bob, this sounds like what im looking for! Do you have any links or brand names?

    Ive also seen some people who have little flat soft speakers in their helmet and wondered if these were actually any good? they dont go in your ear so they wouldn't have any noise isolating benefits and as i ride a cruiser with fairly loud pipes i think i need noise isolation
  6. Thanks for the links resmeN, im checking them out now
  7. +1 for earmold headphones. Expensive ($240!) but comfy. I've tried every other solution in those threads, and none have been as comfortable as the earmolds. The sound isn't fabulous, but it does cut the wind noise down a huge amount - and let's face it, over the sound of the wind and the engine, no headphones are going to sound that good. The more external noise they cut out, the quieter you can play your music and still hear it, and the less nerve damage you end up doing to your auditory system.
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  9. Yeah Zenali, im happy to pay the money for a good comfortable solution, so long as i can hear my music, dont get red sore ears and can put my helmet on and off first time every time im happy.
  10. Ralph these sort of ear phones are pretty much what i have, I do have small ears and my ear canals are pretty small so all earphones poke out of my ears a bit and then the helmet catches them on the way down and rips them out of my ears, takes me a few attempts to get the helmet on without dislodging the earphones
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  13. I used to use V-Moda Vibe earbuds - but they hurt like hell when I took my helmet off.

    I replaced them with Sennheiser CX300 earbuds. The lower profile of the Sennheiser means getting the helmet off is not longer an exercise in masochism.

    Sennheisers FTW.
  14. I've got a pair of Sennheiser earbuds, same profile as the Cx300 but made for the iPhone. They fit OK, but can be a bit painful when I take the helmet off. The worst thing is that they hurt my ears after half an hour or so - even without a helmet. I don't blame the headphones though. I've got weird ears I guess.

    The earmold ones are comparatively good when I put the helmet on or take it off, provided I've put them in properly. In fact, if I haven't got them all the way in I can tell because the helmet is uncomfortable when I put it on.
  15. I'm pretty rough with my headphones so I opt for the type like ralph suggested only the cheaper TDK ones and they come with three different size rubbery bits.

    I found that standard earphones like the those that come with the iPod get skew-wiff when putting a helmet on and become uncomfortable where as the bud type at least seat in the ear canal and help block some of the noise. The other consideration with my experience is that it was an open face postie helmet, although one colleague pulled the lining out put some earphones underneath it and put it back into place and all he needed to do was plug his helmet in - it seemed to work for him *shrug*

    Another option his to use the noise canceling type but replace with the rubber sleeves with industrial ear plugs ala the suggestion on RC36's blog site.
    Just quietly, I'd love a set of the custom molded ones too :p
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  17. Oh ok these Fuze ones look pretty good Zaphod69..
    let me know how you go with them, perhaps ill get myself a pair of them, they look to be a tight fit and come in a range of colours ( most important lol)
  18. The Fuze's cord is 48inch and that's 120 cm???

    Either that's a mistake or that's waayyyyyyy tooo long. I even hate the length of my iPhones cable which is probably around 20".
  19. I'm running a bluetooth setup which hooks up with the iPhone and doubles as a hands free for those very unusual times when I'm happy to take a call on the bike.


    $220 for 2 units so you can use them with 2 helmets as intercom - apparently has a range of 1km but I haven't tested the intercom functionality.

    I'm happy with the in helmet speakers however depending on your helmet (I run an X-11) you need to position them just right otherwise it squashes your ears!
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