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Riders wanted for Friday.

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. http://www.blackdogride.com.au/view/

    Can you spare some time on Friday afternoon for a great cause?

    Steve is doing the above ride to raise awareness for depression.

    The Melbourne leg is dropping in in Melbourne this Friday.

    It leaves Hoppers Crossing at around 4pm and headed to Footscray then onto the Royal Melbourne Hotel, 6.30pm Friday - 31st July.

    For those that can make it to the ride from Hoppers Crossing to Melbourne need to assemble at the BP servo on Morris road near the rail station.

    For those that are in and around the city on Friday and you can spare some time to get down to the Royal Melbourne Hotel the media awaits you.
    You may even be discovered ;)

    Below is the list of stops that Steve will be making.

    Adelaide - Kilburn Football Club, 5.30 pm Wednesday - 29th July.

    Melbourne - Royal Melbourne Hotel, 6.30pm Friday - 31st July.

    Batemans Bay - Starfish Deli, 6pm Sunday - 2nd Aug.

    Sydney - Northies, Cronulla, 5-6pm Monday - 3rd Aug.

    Coffs Harbour - Surf Club Restaurant 5.30 -6pm Wednesday - 5th Aug

    Brisbane - Breakfast Creek Hotel, Ascot 6pm - Friday 7th Aug

    Mackay - Shamrock Hotel, 5.30 - 6pm - Saturday 8th Aug

    Cairns - Barrier Reef Hotel, 5pm - Sunay 9th Aug

    Top end & WA events are still being confirmed.

    We really would appreciate your assistance in gathering as many riders together as possible to support this epic journey, and Steve.

  2. Good cause, will try and get of work a little bit early and join the ride in from Hoppers.
  3. Ok , where is the Royal Melbourne Hotel ??? :oops:

    It's a great cause and I'm going to try and get to it :)
  4. will do if I can swing a rdo
  5. ill work on being there.

  6. .....very worthwhile cause...will certainly try & be there!!! :grin:
  7. couldnt make it as I had to do a job at the dunny paper factory, just spare me a thought next time you wipe your ass. :wink:
  8. will definately be going, one of my family members died due to this. Oops just realised has already passed.
  9. Good cause, I'm in - can you post maplink to the start location please so know where to meet.

  10. Seems I missed the boat on this one :LOL: :shock:
  11. spewing i missed out on this
  12. Don't get depressed about it.