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Riders selling up, motorcycling not for them

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nightgash, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Does anyone have any friends who have got into motorbike riding and then have quickly given it up because it wasn't for them?

    I know of a person who had a scare on his bike and never rode it again. The girl I bought my bike off was on her L's and bought a FZR250 and then sold it and wanted to sell all her gear with the bike. It seemed like she didn't want to ride again.

    Does anyone have any stories of people getting their license or learners, buying a bike and then selling it later with no intention of riding again?
  2. A year ago I was going to sell my dirt bike and gear to take up golf seriously but my wife talked me out of it. A year on and I traded the dirtie on a roadie. Sweet.

    I know many guys who have given up the bikes due to cost of living with kids, education etc and also due to safety.

    By the same token I know of guys with families who decide to take it up (having never ridden before) so I suppose it evens out.
  3. Yes, A girl bought all the gear and a Honda shadow I think? a little cruiser.
    She only had sight out of one eye. Not long after she had her bike for a few months she rode home and went to ride up the driveway and onto the footpath so she could wash the bike.

    Well, the wall was on her left, same side as her bad eye and sho rode into the wall.

    From that day onward, she never lived it down nor did she ride again. Sold everything and never bothered with riding again.
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  5. The guy I got my bike from started riding about a year ago, for about 2 months and quit and has been trying to sell it since XD
  6. i find it really strange that some people get on a bike, have a near miss, and sell the thing.

    what? didn't they think they were at risk when they bought the bike?

    what's worse is the injured people who say 'im never getting on a bike again, that's stupid'

    didnt they think getting hurt was up there on the possibility scale along with having fun?

    the worst i know of is a girl who bought a honda cb 250 [urh]. after a year she rocked into a dealer to upgrade.

    she walked out with a brand new honda cb 250.
  7. Is it wrong that I laughed at this, in a sad ironic sort of laugh?

    Damn that salesman must have being good....
  8. When you think about it, most people have never ridden on the road before they get their L's, and so have no real idea whether riding on the road is going to be 'them' or not until after they gone a fair way into it. Many people have bought bikes in preparation for when they have their licence, only to find once they're on the road that they don't realy enjoy the ride as much as they thought initially.
    I would imagine the number of people in this situation would be suprisingly high.
  9. One of my mates gave up riding a few years ago after another friend was killed when hit by a blind fcuk wit on the Calder Fwy. After losing a close friend in a stupid and unnecessary crash (driver didn't head check and sideswiped him off the road), he lost his nerve. Can't say I blame him. :)
  10. Maybe she did the right thing.

    My primary school friend was born blind in one eye. He took up motorcycle riding after finishing school as a means to commute. He died a few months before his 21st birthday. By riding into a wall I think she would have known in herself that the motor skills and hand eye coordination required riding a bike is just too much when you only have one eye. :cry:
  11. i agree seany. when i started up [never driven a car] i was gobsmacked by the idiots on our roads.

    every time a person dies that way it is a sign of how incompetent the rta and our leaders are.

    innocent, bright people are getting pushed off our roads by wankers. it's not right.

    yeah, either that or the girl was really dumb!
  12. For me, I know the risks. I made a decision to accept them. As such, if I was paralysed from the waist down I feel I'd probably get a trike with the compo money......

    To me, it's part of living my life the way I want to live it, and if you can't do that, then you're really not living at all IMHO.

    Of course, if someone said, if you get on the bike tomorrow you'll be a paraplegic then I could probably take the train...... until thursday. :p

    (and probably go to the pub after work wednesday afternoon)

    But, I understand that some people may lack the confidence after an accident. It took ages to get my ex to drive again after both of her serious car accidents.

    I fpeople have a different approach to life, thats their choice, and we should encourage it. How else do we get all those low milage late model bikes on the cheap if it wasnt for them?
  13. When I was in my early 20's (and owned a fantastic Honda 400/4) I remember visiting a good friend in intensive care. He was knocked off his bike at an intersection. He picked the bike up and then collapsed with internal injuries. When he got out of hospital he bought a bigger bike. I didn't own a bike again for 20 years. I guess we all react differently.
  14. Use myself as a 1/2 example.

    Was pillion on a ZZR250 17yrs ago & absolutely shit myself. Mate had to
    stop because I didnt want to lean over when he was turning.

    Never sat on a bike again, & hadnt ever given it a 2nd thought until 2yrs
    ago my wife put the thought in my head one arvo when riding to work on
    my little pocketbike became illegal. :grin:

    Rang up the same day, made a booking & 4wks later had my L's.

    Havent looked back since.
  15. Agreed.

    I know my picture of riding before I got my license and the reality afterwards turned out to be two different things.

    As it turns out I like the reality just fine anyway. I can easily see how that might not turn out to be the case for some people, especially if they had an off or a near miss early on.

    Who knows, maybe I'll give it in after my first off. But I've stayed rubber side down thus far and I'm happy to keep riding (although I'll admit I wouldn't mind something with a bit more go - the zzr250 was not built with the "fat bastard" market segment in mind).
  16. Had a guy up here a couple of years ago... an accountant.. did Qride, got his licence, bought a brand new r1.
    Bike shop got a call a couple of days later, he sold it back to them with 300km on it. Took a huge loss on the bike and all his gear.
    Don't know what but apparently he got a huge scare.
  17. I was at a set of lights in tuggeranong canberra after having my L's for 8 days

    this woman and her 2 kids and hubby in the passenger seat came flighing through a red light

    I was in the left lane the van next to me I couldnt see traffic comming on my right

    the van took off so did i as the light went green then bang thevan stompted on the breaks and so did i but it skidded ( atm old tyres 12 years old) and here was this small 4wd skidding in front of me

    I ended up tapping the door and bent my front mud guard

    and had the shit scared out of me

    i road the bike home with crocked forks pulled the mud guard off and road to work the next day

    it was the best experience as now ive learnt green doesnt mean go LOOK everywhere first then go every time

  18. He was an accountant... it would take much for him to have a scare......


    maybe a big hairy bikie nodded to him at the lights......
  19. I can understand that a person might try it out of curiosity and then give it up because it didn't feel right; it's not as if you can know what riding's like from someone telling you.

    But it's harder to give up the longer you do it, trust me :wink:.......
  20. I had a riding buddy who wrote off 2 748's in about 12 months in crashes (one his fault the other another rider's) and he gave up riding having ridden for years. It was his decision, he's still alive and I can respect that choice.

    Some people are better off not riding. The upside is maybe now they'll be biker friendly car drivers.