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Riders really are a friendly bunch

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Tempus, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. Tonight, I decided I'd go for a ride for a few hours. I had no real idea where I was going to end up or what I would do when I got there but I didn't care. I just wanted to be on my bike.

    After riding for about an hour or so, I see a single headlight approaching from behind. Recognising another rider I slow down enough for him to catch up. He rides by and gives me the thumbs up and we exchange pleasantries at the next set of lights.

    I'm on my way home and I find the rider is going in the same direction. He has a ZX-2R and by the looks of it, he knows how to ride.

    Anyway, a few k's down the road he puts his indicator on and motions for me to stop. We turn our bikes off and have a chat for a few minutes. The blokes name is Danny and he seems like a pretty agreeable fella. He asks if I'd like to go for a ride around the local hot spots and I am more than happy to go for a cruise.

    We go for a ride out to Terrigal beach and have a bit of a chat before heading back the way we came. We stop at his house and exchange numbers, and then I'm on my way again.

    This sort of camaraderie is something I had no idea about. I've only had my bike license for a month and if someone had told me about this facet of riding before that, I would have scoffed and assumed it was someones overblown romantic notion of some bygone golden age.

    Makes me wish I got my license years ago.
  2. Yep. Riding M'bikes opens up a whole new world. A world where people are actually nice, and treat each other with respect. (most of the time at least :p )

    Sounds like a nice romantic date, the two of you had. Did you give him a kiss on the front porch? :p :LOL:

    Nah, seriously, it's always great to hear of humanity's brighter side for a change. Especially due to our shitty start to this century/millenium.

    Keep the good karma flowing! :cool:
  3. This is one of the reasons why i ride,

    Their are only two communities, that are like this and I am fortunate enough to be involved in both.

    Motor bikes look after their own,

    As do boaties, Recreational boating/fishing, are also like minded and look after each other,

    If only the rest of the world would wake up and be more like us bikers.... :wink:
  4. Well religious groups are as friendly... but they are way way too friendly :shock: :LOL:

    Yeh riders are great. I love waving/nodding to other riders and feel so bad when I don't wave back in time when they wave to me.
  5. G'day everyone,.....

    Sounds like you made a new freind,...good one.
    This is what we all need to hear more of.
    Hope you have more days like that.

    Dr Who?
  6. +1

    Have met a number of riding buddies the same way or I've seen a group
    & start tagging along with em & ask them at the next lights if they mind.
  7. Mountain bikers are the same. You can be riding a sweet bit of single track meet another rider and end up stopping for a chat or even end up riding togeather.
    But dont get me started on the roadies (the cycling ones not the motorbike ones) they are machines without a soul. It's just head down and go.
  8. seen the movie the cable guy?...
  9. Ohh such a sweet story and a happy ending to boot :grin:
    I ride around that area a fair bit, i live over at shelly beach so its not to far away....i ride a blue Suzuki GS500F, and with black riding gear, flag us down and we'll go for a spin. Also if you want a quick run head out towards Coppacabana and ride along Cummberland way, its only short but its a bit of fun....also when you did your Ls did you have a bloke called Ray?
  10. Take a ride down the Old Pac Hwy and stop in at Road Warriors - plenty of people there to talk bikes with, especially if you like sportsbikes.

    Pie in the Sky near Cowan is much more of a mix.
  11. Not all cycling roadies are without a soul! my head is normally down cause i'm suckin up the big gasps just to get my butt up that hill! :p although every rider i've gone past so far in my cycling career (3 months) have been going the opposite way, but they do wave or nod in most cases. :p
  12. i know just what u mean tempus. i've only been riding a coupla months and only new to the riding community - but where else would someone u've hardly met, whose just moved into the area and doesn't know u, offer to fix ur bike and take u for a ride....just cause they can't bear the thought of a new rider not bein able to ride.....

    i too wish i'd started this years ago - but better late than never - and my group of trusted friends has already grown. now i can't think of not having riders as mates.....

    thanks guys to all of you....
  13. I remember my first ride as a pillion and how my friend (the pilot of the VFR I was on) nodded to every rider we passed. I was as awe-struck by the friendly biking community as I was by the feeling of being on the bike. Just over a year later (now a rider myself)- I talk to any biker I meet and nod to every biker I pass.
  14. I love how you can just go for a spin, meet another rider on the road and just hang out riding. Just riding around enjoying the company of other riders. Dont even know the guy, but able to share the fantastic experience of riding, and being a rider - maybe stopping once or twice to grab some food or a drink, with a chat and then at the end of the day, another nod and we go our seperate ways. And then weeks, months or years later, meet the same guy again and its like you are the oldest of friends. Catching up, reminiscing about previous bikes and biking stories.

    What with all the terrible things going on in the world, it gives me a bit of faith in humanity again...
  15. At the risk of being unpopular (or maybe I should say more unpopular) I'm going to disagree.

    I agree that riders are great with the nodding, chatting at a petrol stop and usually even stopping to see if someone is ok when required. But IMO this stuff is pretty superficial and just part of the general culture. The same rider who nods at you is happy to thieve your bike (if he/she is the thieving type), the same rider who stops to see if you are broken down will happily rip you off if he happens to be your mechanic (and he is that type), I could be mistaken but I'm pretty sure I saw a post a while back about a NR knowing where another NR's stolen bike was and not saying anything (this could all be untrue but you get the picture).

    So what I would say is that once you get past the cultural norms associated with riding people who ride are just regular people. Some are good, some are ok, some are bad.
  16. Tiga, at first read I thought your post was unnecessarily cynical. But I've given it a bit more thought and I have to partially agree. While I think there is a genuine cameraderie amongst riders, there is also nothing to stop the odd rotten egg from getting in and using that feeling to their own advantage.
    Bottom line: most people are genuinely friendly and it costs nothing to return in kind. Trust is something that needs to be earned. Be open, but not unguarded.
  17. I agree with your bottom line titus.
  18. i know what u mean tiga. have u ever been to "motorcycle accessories (MCA)" in liverpool sydney?

    or to a motorbike mechanics shop?

    ive never met more rude and intimidating people. but then again, dont let a few bad seeds ruin the group.
  19. The three I have been to in Sydney have given me very nice service and attention.

  20. munecito, I wasn't trying to say all mechanics are dodgy. Just that bike riders are like any other group of people. Some are great and some are not. When I had an experience with a dodgy mechanic who did a bad job I found a totally wonderful mechanic in Pete the Pom (check out the riders voice) who fixed my bike and restored my faith in people......but I am a little cautious about trusting riders I don't know.

    A while ago I had a bike follow me home (ok maybe he needed to go exactly through the backstreets I was taking, but I was a bit suss). When I realised he was on my tail I went to the local shops and not my place. He left and I went home. Maybe he was totally genuine and his intentions were all good or maybe it was just a co-incidence. But, on the offchance he wanted to know where my bike resides at night I think my actions were reasonable.