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Riders of Alice Springs, a little common sense please!!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Steve87, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Whilst I realise the majority of Alice Springs' riding population (which accounts for a fair % of the town) already have a good helping of common sense and courtesy, Its those stupid few that make my blood boil. A few examples:

    #1: Bloke on what looks like a Honda Silverwing - Riding happily down a footpath parallel to Larapinta drive (on numerous occaisions) at 60kph, with a pillion, neither of which are wearing any form of protective gear (including helmets). Surely it isn't that hard to get a couple of open face-lids and start riding on the road like everybody else (c'mon, Alice Springs' traffic isn't that bad)

    #2: Another bloke on a yellow road/trail at Larapinta/Stuart Hwy intersection, midday today: Just because you ride a bike and are wearing a high-vis vest, does not mean traffic lights don't apply to you.
    I can understand (kinda) if you just miss the lights and run a red, but when you pull up to a red light, wait for some cross-traffic to go through and then blast through the (still very red) lights, it very inexcusable (especially when there is a load of traffic waiting). Consider yourself lucky I did not manage to get your plate, or you would've had a visit from the plod by now.

    I post this in the vain hope that some of you (whom I aim this post at) read this and pull your heads in. I believe the general cager population of Alice Springs are a tolerant bunch and I sure hope we can keep it that way. But if you insist on doing things without respect for both the rules and others, just remember its not just me you're p*****g off.


  2. How many people on this forum are from Alice Springs?
  3. Stupid, reckless and dangerous behavior, stop giving us sensible riders a bad name >_<
  4. I would have thought the population of A.S. had more pressing matters to worry about than some crazy hoons on motorcycles...

    Like getting more booze.
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  5. I thought real petrol was in much higher demand than alcohol.

    All he has to do is say he didn't.
  6. These are the reasons I love being on tour in Alla Prings.
  7. Thas velvet, mate, velvet. You done go talkin 'bout that orn ear! Nest thung y' no, awl then darn ciddy boys be here, big flash mudda boiks ... You juz keep yuself quiet there, mu boy.
  8. Do they have the internet in Alice Springs?

  9. Wow, there were cars waiting at THE set of lights. Must have been peak hour.
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  10. You guys are a bit wrong there, although I know you're taking the piss. Alice is ~28,000 people.

    A little bit of pointless info from Wiki.

    Population centre sizes:

    1 Darwin 124,760
    2 Palmerston 30,005
    3 Alice Springs 27,877
    4 Katherine 10,095
    5 Nhulunbuy 5,001
    6 Tennant Creek 3,558
    7 Wadeye 2,394
    8 Jabiru 1,327
    9 Yulara 1,205

    Just to put in perspective how little there is in the NT :)
  11. Was the red light runner yesterday or Tuesday? If the latter reckon he was trying to be the first at TOTs?

    Riding in Darwin would be very a sweaty ride ......
  12. Are they suburbs?
  13. nah they must be individual streets...
  14. No. Palmerston is Darwin's satellite 'city', the rest are towns. They all get smaller from there.
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  15. How come the population is so small? Are the chicks ugly?
  16. There's no Chef there to impregnate them all. ;)

    What are you waiting for? Get to!
  17. I'd love to, but then the next generation will just turn out worse. I'd effectively breed them into non existence.