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Riders make safer drivers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mr_Ignorant, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. In light of all the 'speeding' type threads of late, i thought i would chuck up a different angle that riders are in fact very safety concious.

    I rider every day and i drive maybe once a month. I'm pretty cruisey behind the wheel around town but i'm no slouch when having some 'fun'.

    On the weekend enjoying a nice drive, basking in the glorious sunshine and listening to some tunes in the passenger seat, we find ourselves driving into flying packaging come loose from a truck.

    My wife who is driving has an ok gap between the 2 cars ahead but my instinct is to be on the brakes and slow down to increase the buffer in case something big is lying on the road and the cars ahead suddenly brake.

    Sure enough a few seconds later the 2 cars in front put on the brakes and i start yelling at my wife to watch out and get on the brakes. We slow down and it's all ok but it doesn't stop me having a dummy spit on how she needs to be more careful.

    It's not only this incident but pretty much every time i get into a car. I can plainly see a major difference in the Rider mentality vs Driver mentality. I read traffic in advance and prepare for things that have not yet happened. It all seems perfectly normal to me however it seems slightly odd to a driver, 'to safe' is the impression i got from my wife.

    When i'm a passenger in a car i feel far more vulnerable than when on my bike. Partly because on a bike i can get in and out very quickly but also because i see the majority of drivers are not aware of what is going on around them.

  2. When I first met my partner Clairebear I thought she was the worst driver I had ever seen :LOL: No idea of anyone on the road except herself. After she started riding a bike her driving skills started to improve as did her awareness and now I think she's a great driver.

    So yes, riders make safer drivers :)
  3. I am like this as well but for me it's always been the way since I started driving esp when I was a passenger in my sisters car - seriously she sucks at driving - it's mainly because I am not in control.

    Generally I agree that motorbike riders are more alert with their surroundings and prepare more for what might happen.
    Doesn't mean there aren't morons or people that just suck.

    I find I speed more in the car because I am used to the noise of the bike and becuase the car is quiet I have trouble judging the speed without checking the speed-o.
  4. A man, I can't tell you how many times this has happened when I'm the passenger and my wife is driving. I'd say vast majority of her "close-calls" were completely preventable if she didn't put herself in that position in the first place.

    She'll do stuff like driving in someone's blind spot, and get all pissy when they start to move over into her lane because there's a car parked up ahead in the other car's lane.

    Or she'll complete a right hand turn when she sees a car from opposing side making a turn signal to go left, without truly confirming their intention to turn.

    I had to get on her case quite a few times for following too closely, and what I get in return is, "But everyone else is following that closely!"

    I hate being a backseat driver, but better that than have her continue to do carry on with such behavior.
  5. Riding a motorcycle has not improved my reverse-parallel parking one iota.
  6. That's how you should use the road no matter the vehicle. I've been in a car a lot longer than I've been on a bike and I haven't needed to change how I go about getting from point A to point B in a safe and predictable manner.

    Simply comes down to good vs bad road users. Vehicle type is moot.
  7. has improved my driving somewhat as i have always been very aware of the morons out there..hard to filter in a car though..
  8. I know that sice I got my bike I have changed how I drive and my wife often comments how she takes more care to look around her now.
  9. My girlfriend and entire family all think i make the worst back seat driver.

    My back seat driving has avoided some nasty accidents though so i'm not going to stop doing it, no matter how unpopular it is.

    Yet riding my motorcycle is still an instant death trap... :roll:
  10. Without a doubt they do.

    Increased hazzard perception and a better understanding of your actions behind the wheel just for starters. I also always look over my right shoulder before I overtake or join a carriageway. Thats something the majority of car drivers dont do.
  11. :LOL:
    I'm pretty sure i read a study that said as much. It concluded that motorcyclists develop the skills to make them the most alert drivers when in their cars.
  12. Im in the same boat with you on this one, just cant help myself...
    Control freak perhaps? But I just cant help but keep an eye on the rd ahead...

    Ive only ever had my motorcycle license, but im sure when the time comes to jump in a car, I will be more aware coming from bikes, as opposed to jumping on the rd in a car for the first time :)
  13. Had you been my passenger, I would've screamed right back at you. Haven't you heard of "don't disturb or disrupt the driver's concentration"?. Sometimes, the passenger's perspective is not the same as the driver's. In the past, my partner has shouted to me to brake or "watch out!" when I'm already applying the brakes gently. Each time, I've chucked a mental and screamed at him not to yell at me as I'm driving. If you can't trust your wife to drive, drive yourself. FYI, we both ride and drive.

    Back OT, yes, I agree that riders do make better drivers.
  14. THIS rider isn't a safer driver! :evil:

    Can't drive :grin:
  15. I'm probably the opposite to most I reckon. When I get in the car now I actually slack off a bit compared to how I was before I started riding. Not right I know, but I have noticed it. Compared to the bike I feel like I'm in a big, steel, safety cage and that nothing can hurt me .
  16. this happens with me and my girlfriend a lot. as i am prone to covering the break instead of slowing down immediatly for everything.
  17. I'd second that.

    On a per capita basis, I'd say I see just as many idiot motorcyclists on the roads as idiots behind the wheels of cars/trucks/buses.

    There are less people on the roads today who understand the meaning of the word "courtesy" than there were 20 years ago when I learnt to drive IMHO.

    If only people fully appreciated the phenomenal danger they place themselves in when they drive/ride. A more aware or defensive driver is one that tries to minimise those risks.

    So, yes, to some extent being a defensive rider can make you a better driver of a car, but it's more of a mindset or attitudinal thing than physical competence (that can be assesses in a driving test for example).
  18. A good point.

    I have sat silent in the passenger side waiting for the driver to react to the car in front but alas we hit them as he wasn't concentrating :cry:

    There have been times where i have sat silent and been yelled at for not saying something to alert the driver when they almost crashed.

    2 better points :grin:

    I'm not in the habit of yelling out to the driver to 'watch out' every 5 seconds. 99% of the time i'm the 'lane guider' saying 'left lane' 'right lane' and telling the driver which lane is best. If someone says 'look out', instead of having a spastic at them, take a second to compute, perhaps they have seen something you haven't as for me that is almost always the case.

    I don't agree with my wife's driving style, it's far to aggressive IMO but a lot of females are on the road (says the guy with a litre bike *cough*). I'm used to being spoilt, driven around in luxury, i am not willing to give that up just yet. Besides, i want to save my points for my bike :wink:
  19. Donski :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: I thought I was the only one following this curve.

    In truth though, while I share what you do, I must say I'm still more aware than the other idiots on the road. Even with me at half attention, the bike skills and awareness filter through.

    I do Sydney commuting every day, and I notice when on an open road without traffic (on bike) it's the weirdest feeling not being surrounded by cars.
  20. i am going to get my wife to read this thread.