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riders in port macquarie?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fishola, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. Anyone live in port macquarie and go ridin? Dont know too many people to go ridin with, the more the merrier.
    I am only a learner but have been ridin for a couple of years so not too shit.Have a couple of people to ride with but more would be cool.Especially with gingers creek just up the road sweet ridin lots of fun.Anyway if anyone lives in the area and is keen let me know,cheers!!! :grin:

  2. If you want to talk with real riders who don't mind a good long ride turn up at the V-Wall tavern at Nambucca Heads after 1pm on the 9th Feb. We will already be there and settled so its a good time to drop by. Everyone there would have just done 1000klms or more for lunch.
  3. Must be a good lunch :) Just havin trouble findin people to ride with in this area.Have a couple of mates that are keen but the more the merrier i say.(and i am only on my Ls) where are they??????
  4. vtrbob lives not that far away (Coffs) after moving up from Melb about 12 mths ago. He's always open to riding, so drop him a PM. He a bastard, but a nice one :grin: His wife also rides as well, and is even nicer than he is :LOL: :p
  5. Do the locals really call it port?
  6. yes , i use to live there and hardly anyone used the full name of the town
  7. yep everyone in the area calls it port
  8. I lived there too!

    And yep they do call it that. :cool:
  9. You have oxley and long flat and all those awesome roads near you.. you bastard!

  10. And people asked me why I trailed my bike all the way to Port Macquarie at Christmas time :cool:
  11. Why ?

    Doesn't it like traveling.
  12. I suggested to SWMBO that I ride up while she travelled with the kids...... It was a very short conversation :shock:
  13. Hey I resemble that 1st remark :LOL:
    But yes your right Nuga is a little milf who likes to ride her big toy :wink: :LOL:

    We do take the trip down to 'Port' at least once a month when time allows....
    Mmmmm Cassegrain winery :cool:

    As of today all the xmas friends and relies are on there way home, so once the roads dry out we'll be out and about again soon :grin:

    Ps: you can all get your minds outa the gutter too, you all know Nuga's big toy that she like to play with......... her Virago 1100 :p :LOL:
  14. I'm a Port local & always looking for someone to ride with.just got back into bikes after a long break (kids 0 -20). Give us a call :)
  15. me me me :cool: although i do shift work so im not always available :LOL:
  16. Live at Port? JEALOUS. I'd ride with ya, but it'd take me 4-6 hours to meet you after the phone call :D

    I know your pain.