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Riders In Bairnsdale

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matt_thebaker, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. I was wondering if there are any other riders on here from Bairnsdale area, keen for rides up to Swifts Creek, Hotham etc. I usually go on Thursday and Sunday afternoons or anytime Fridays

  2. Dude, im coming up to bairnsdale tommorrow for the x-mas holidays. I grew up there.
    I'm gonna take my bike.
    Last time i was there i just went to omeo and back.

    Ever weirder is that you are 22, So chances are i know you :LOL:
    Also if you name is matt its also funnyer.

    I went to seco college, if you went to nagle i prob dont know ya.

    I think there is a guy from Nicholson on here too, i remember some guy whining about a bairnsdale guy on a dirt bike using his mobile phone while riding
  3. I live acroos the road form the seco college.How dare you swear at me, I have nothing to do with Nagle, cheating bastards.(I play cricket and hockey against them).I grew up in NSW so I wouldnt know ya anyway
  4. How long you been in bairnsdale?

    So your names matt and you work at a bakery?
  5. Been living here since March this year, work in the bakery at Safeway.Howd u know I work in a bakery?hehe
  6. Swifts Creek area is apparently rife with locusts at the moment and causing traffic hazards .. be wary if you do head there soon. But being a lot closer, you more have better info than I.
  7. Thanks Mouth.Was just askin for future rides, but thanks anyway.Dont think ill be heading up there in the next few weeks, unless theres a bikini wash going on somewhere, then its a case of the more bugs the better!

  8. I like having my Visor up.. Locust swarm in my eyes and mouth :cry:
  9. At least you wont have to stop for lunch, you may need a drink though
  10. So, is there any riders anywhere round here, like Lakes Entrance, Orbost, Bruthen, Sale, etc. I havent been livin here long so dont have anyone to ride with yet!