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Riders in Albury/Wadonga?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by imajo, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. Just need someone to check out a bike if anyone is around that area... how long is the drive btw? if the bike checks out fine ill probably get a trailer and tow it back.

    Also leads me to my next question - what can i use as a ramp to load the bike up?

  2. We are an hour from Albury
    How far the drive is for you depends where your coming from

    We have something you could use to put the bike on the trailer.

    As for other NR members in Albury/Wodonga area, dont think there is any.
  3. Yep im from the Albury area... If you want me check out a bike, im sure i can arrange something.
  4. :LOL: Well there is an active NR member in the area after all. Which is good. Being the "Weeks from hell" have started, getting over there might have been a bit of a problem.
  5. I'm in numurkah which is a 2 hour drive from albury and a 3hr drive from melbourne (roughly) so your looking at a 5hr drive min from melbourne.
  6. Nah, it's only about 3 hrs from the north side of melb.
    I used to do a run from dandy to wodonga a while back. From the craigieburn bypass, it should only be about 3 hrs. (maybe a tad more)
  7. I am also interested in finding a netrider in the area with a spare pillion seat. Anyone?
  8. Thats fantastic! Can always rely on someone on here.
    Its a 06 R6 that im looking at buying and the guy is in Wondonga.
    From Melbourne CBD its about 4 hours?
    I think i will get a trailer and drive it back - i just want someone to do a quick inspection and make sure nothing is wrong with it. The owner has only bought it about 3 months ago so theres still warranty on it which should cover any major problems.

    FYI (Dont go buying it PLEASEEEEEEEEEe)

  9. Oh that is such a pretty bike :wink:

    As with anything thats not that old & very little K's on it I would be asking why selling. But having said that, get Honda Phantom to look @ it & if its been well maintained which it looks like it has. You got yourself a winner there.

    Note to who ever checks it out... take a good look @ the left side of bike. No pics showing that side.
  10. yeah i came across it the other day and it looks too good - very cheap but then again it is in wodonga.

    His reason for selling is that he has now changed jobs and doesnt have a company car so he needs to sell to buy one... legit i think. It looks clean enough.

    Looks like a real bargain... BTW the best price so far for a brand newie is $14500 ride away.
  11. Ok, ill give him a call thursday and might check it out friday or on the weekend. Also Melbourne to Wodonga is only 2.45mins - 3.15mins away if that helps.
  12. thanks! if i buy i ill buy u a slab.
    well that doesnt sound too bad then (traveling time) i think i can manage that. Drive up and back... yeah definately interested buying it for that price.
  13. Sorry mate, i havent got around to checking the bike out. Currently im still on holidays. Hopefully when im back and if your still interested ill check it out.
  14. :shock: What 2 weeks on & no one has looked @ yet.
    imajo you may just have to get ur butt up here before the bike goes, ( if it hasnt already )

    Things are pretty hectic up here, Pete has only had xmas day off, or else we would have gone to look @ it. If you need or want a place to crash, just well out.
  15. imajo, find out if the bike still for sale if your still interested.
    Pete trying taking tomorrow off, we can go over & have a look if you want.

    Get back to me. Have sent you pm.