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VIC Riders Fined for parking in dedicated M/C spot

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jdkarmch, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. For some unexplained reason the signs at the dedicated motorcycle parking area at the cnr of Flinders lane and Queen St were changed today from Motorcycles Only to Authorised Vehicles Only.
    The new signs were removed at 3pm. In the meantime Six bikes received fines for being parked illegally. MRA(Vic) was notified and followed it up with Melbourne City Council only to be told, "riders will have to fight the fines".

    Something smells here. These are the six bikes we know who got fined, but who may not know why they should fight it. If you know or see them make sure you tell them about this cock up.

    HW 862
    IA 260
    ER 272
    JD 440
  2. Arseholes
    Private contractors get special privileges for what reason????
  3. chances are good the bikes will either be in the same spot tomorrow or in the area.
  4. Paul, the guy who runs the shoe shop opposite this spot alerted us to what was happening. Hopefully, he has been able to alert them.

    In the meantime.....

    What really upsets me is how "stuffed around" these riders are going to be, because now they will have to follow it through formally - Grant is waiting for a call.

    Anyone want to make noise about this? Advice? 3AW Rumour File anyone?

    PS Thanks for dragging the images over Smee - much appreciated=D>
  5. Good work guys. I hope you are able to help those affected. The mind boggles.
  6. What smells bad to me here, is that parking inspectors must have a good knowledge of the different areas they patrol, and wouldn't expect to be able to book bikes there. So if these signs were changed by some private contractor, how did the inspectors suddenly realise they could go there and book a few bikes? Someone tipped them off that this was going to happen. All officials involved need to be taken out the back of the dunnies for a little chat.
  7. Councils put up temporary parking restrictions all the time as required.

    There might've been a need to free up that section of road to allow an expected large truck enough room to get in to somewhere or a multitude of other reasons.

    The Golden Rule is to always read the signs on both sides of where you park all the time cos if you don't you'll get nailed.

    Bit of a bugger that they removed the signs mid arvo though.
  8. Athough what you say is true, it's hardly fair...

    Well if you're someone who parks in the same legal spot day after day would you really stand in front of a parking sign every day and carefully read it?
    Of course not.
    Covering parking signs that way is a low act that would easily catch anyone.
    If councils or private companies really need any space temporarily, you would think that using some sort of road closing system would be a fairer way than just putting a temporary cover that doesn't look any different to the normal sign, then changing it back well before the vehicle owners return to their vehicles.

    It's a bloody disgrace and the council should be ashamed by telling everyone they just have to fight it out themselves....
  9. The catch being that the signs need to be up before you park there, if you park there & then they put the signs up, you can't be fined for that.

    That really blows, do we know when the signs were put up?
  10. +1

    Write in to appeal the tickets if you like, but they are only going to say 'Well you should've looked at the signs'.
  11. Disagree. Councils normal erect road level signage and witches hats when they want to reserve an area for work or contractors. That's always been the convention. Switching signage for a few hours without additional warning is a new game. If private enterprise did something similar to this they would be prosecuted.

    Remember, this council lost a court case not so long ago over switching signs for cars AFTER they were parked in a legal spot, then ticketing them. Goes to history of misdemeanor, m'lud.
  12. I'm under the impression the signs were put up after the bikes were parked there.
  13. Temporary signs are put up over normal signs on a regular basis for at least the last 3 years in Flinders lane near russell street and also in Russell street near collins. So this is certainly not something new.

    However if bikes were parked there prior to the signs being erected and then booked that is a disgraceful act.
  14. Where I work up in Treasury Place there's often parking restrictions for cars behind our building. There's a lot of film and television work goes on and they have signs covering the usual ones that mention they have a permit.

    I wonder if there was no permit applied for, it's not common but it does happen that some contractors put their own temporary signs up.

    Especially since the couple of times I've seen centre of the road motorcycle spots blocked, they've either taped them off or used witches hats to block the spots. There's something slightly odd about this.
  15. May I suggest calling the contractors to find out if they if fact put up the signage, what time, if they actually attended and did any work (or why not) and whether they applied for a permit. Also, why no bollards/witches hats?
    The witness in the shop can attest to some of this, perhaps.
  16. MRA has done that, and made contact today. Will get back to you all with the full story as soon as it emerges.

    Explanation being given sounds a little suss at the moment.

    Also, IMHO the council, having been supplied with the regos of the bikes we know of and the date time info and the ID of the parking officer (which we do have in one of the photos taken yesterday) should just do a block withdrawal of the fine paperwork - to ensure that nobody gets missed.

    MRA is still doing some leg work to get to the bottom of this debacle.
  17. Thats bollocks.

    If the council tried that 1000 times to reserve motorcycle spots for a car it would never work. But why not try, you can just fine the unsuspecting bikes and make a few thousand $ in the process. I have no problem with the council reserving spots if need be, and if it has to be motorcycle spots for some reason then make it MC spots. But put up some whiches hats or tape or something, don't just change the sign.
  18. And that's exactly why I am so upset about the way it happened. Someone needs to be brought to account - otherwise it will happen again, and again, and again.....
  19. And if the space was urgently needed for some higher cause, why weren't the bikes flattened in the process. Surely they can't have just done it for no reason?

    Oh, that's right, they were short of cash.................
  20. In my opinion this is the fault of the Mayor Robert Doyle and a reflection of his leadership.

    Pretty much says it all being associated with Monash Uni.

    Lord Mayor Robert Doyle
    Robert Doyle was elected in 2008 and is the serving Lord Mayor of Melbourne.
    Robert Doyle is a Principal at The Nous Group, a management consultancy business based in Melbourne, and, since 2007, has been Chairman of Melbourne Health (The Royal Melbourne Hospital).

    Robert is President of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, Chairman of the Royal Melbourne Hospital Foundation and a Trustee of the Shrine of Remembrance. Robert is also an Ambassador for Odyssey House, a drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation facility, an Ambassador for SecondBite, a not-for profit organisation committed to making a positive difference by distributing fresh food to the disadvantaged and homeless, an ex-officio member of Cancer Council Victoria and an Ambassador for Field of Women, a charity raising awareness of breast cancer, an Ambassador for the White Ribbon Day Foundation, an international day for the elimination of violence against women, an Ambassador for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and is the Honorary President of the Melbourne Region of the Scout Association.

    In 2010, Robert was made a Fellow of Monash University.

    A Member of Victoria’s Parliament for 14 years, Robert was Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Liberal Party for four years. He has also been Shadow Minister for Health and, in government, Parliamentary Secretary for Health.

    Contact Office of the Lord Mayor
    The Right Hon the Lord Mayor Robert Doyle
    Phone: (03) 9658 9658
    Fax: (03) 9654 2628
    Email: lordmayor@melbourne.vic.gov.au

    City of Melbourne
    GPO Box 1603
    Melbourne VIC 3001