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Riders 'film stunts on freeway'

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vic, May 9, 2005.

  1. 09may05

    POLICE have nabbed three motorcyclists who allegedly filmed each other as they performed stunts on a Melbourne freeway.

    Concerned motorists phoned police yesterday afternoon, saying the motorcyclists were riding in a dangerous manner on the Eastern Freeway.

    Police said they were told that a group of four riders was performing stunts and that one of the group was using a hand-held video camera, while riding, to record the antics.

    Shortly after 3.30pm (AEST) members of the Force Response Unit found the riders, though only three of the four stopped when intercepted on Lonsdale Street in the city.

    They were expected to be charged with failure to maintain proper control of their motor vehicles and other traffic offences, police said.
  2. According to a police spokesperson on 3AW this morning one of the riders caught was the one with the video camera and police are studying the footage to determine the indentity of the forth rider involved :facepalm:

    I think this falls into the "some people are just plain stupid" category.
  3. bit bloody stupid , but on the other hand
    how can you not be in control of a vehicle , doing a standing wheelie .?
    I recon that takes a lot of control :LOL:
  4. They deserve to have the book thrown at them, and their bikes confiscated, and then donated to deserving OFARC's who are wanting, but cannot afford, bigger bikes. Said OFARC's would then treat the bikes with far more respect.

    Yes, I would be an OFARC who would like to "aquire" said bike :wink:

  5. Hey, I enjoyed watching Ghost Rider... a melbourne version would not hurt :LOL:
  6. That 'movie' has already been done too death, guzillions of times up to date, so why bother to make another? :LOL:
  7. because this time its aussies maybe? i'd much prefer to see some aussies doing this stuff on our roads than yanks doing it in places i'll never see (with no helmets or gear either). its all entertaining to me still :D

    and yeah, just remember that these guys have more control on one wheel than a lot of newbies have on two. not saying its totally safe or anything, but they'll only hurt themselves if they stack. and lets face it, motorcycling isn't the safest hobby in the world, this is just another step up, just like we're a step or two up from cars.

    anyways think what you will, but just bear in mind that the newspaper doesn't always tell the whole truth....
  8. yeah ghostrider is in a league of his own, videos of a group of heroes doing stoppies and wheelies makes me yawn... however the ensuing crash footage is usually worth a larf. :D
  9. Uh oh , another fight brewing.
  10. Arguing on the internet is like competing in the special olympics...

    (tell me about it. Maybe if we post enough meta-posts people will get bored of this thread, or it'll get locked, or something)
  11. soooo, you dont like stunting then? not your idea of entertainment? well, i dont like big brother or anything with jamie oliver in it. we're all entertained by different things arent we, be a pretty boring world if we all loved watching the same good safe wholesome 'entertainment' eh :LOL:
  12. i get my stunting fix from watching Jamie Oliver on his scooter! :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Hows that popcorn cooking Marty!

    :D :D :D
  14. *shakes fist* YOU GIVE THAT FARKER RATINGS!!!!!!!!! :evil:

    :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Id like to watch the video, reckless motorbike videos is what i enjoy also what i like to ride like (except im crap).. i need some new heros besides ghost rider
  16. Interesting, failure to maintain full control of the vehicle, I'm sure I see that on a daily basis. Most show as much control as I had bladder control at 6months old.

    I'd like to see this news article one day:

    POLICE have nabbed three thousand motorists who were allegedly driving erratically on a Melbourne freeway.

    Concerned motorcyclists phoned police yesterday morning, saying the motorists were driving in a dangerous manner on the Eastern Freeway.

    Police said they were told that groups of drivers were changing lanes without indicating, merging into the same lanes as motorcycles and failing to look when turning, among many other dangerous low-skill manouvers.

    Shortly after 9.30am (AEST) members of the Force Response Unit found the drivers, still stuck in peak hour morning traffic beeping at each other like slack-jawed cattle.

    They were expected to be charged with failure to maintain proper control of their motor vehicles and other traffic offences, and have been tested for drugs, police said.
  17. and their vehicles have been confiscated and crushed into small cubes... :LOL:
  18. 3pm on a sunday aint exactly peak hour traffic tho. and theres only so much you can do in an industrial estate, maintaining a 100kph standup wheelie for a couple of kays is kinda out of the question. while empty industrial estates are awesome for the low speed technical stuff, there is more to stunting than that.

    they DONT deserve all they get cos they'll end up copping the brunt of a lot of frustrations. my guess is that they'll cop more than any that lawyer who killed the cyclist (12 month suspension & $3100), possibly more than the drunken cow that killed the motorcyclist and almost definately more than any drunk driver out there.

    sends a great message out there eh. "go forth and drink drive and kill ppls, but dont EVER try and do something thats dangerous to yourself"

  19. too many big words padros, you know i get headaches from that stuff :(

    just think to yourself "what would the HOFF say?"

    :LOL: :LOL: