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Riders experience of Kymco CK

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by frank_hipeeps1, May 28, 2010.

  1. Hi
    Im in the market for a first bike.
    Iv been looking at the kymco 125 CK. Its only $2700 (inc. on road costs and two years warranty) which is cheaper than most second hand bikes..

    I was wondering what people thought of them and whether their low price has come at the expense of something critical?

  2. Yeah she's a fine beast


    Don't expect it to go faster than 80km/h maybe 90 on a good day

    it's got the same hp as a postie bike. Ok maybe a couple of more hp. Honestly it's probably a decent practice bike but get a 2nd hand vtr 250 or similar. They will be 2x the cost though
  3. hi

    you get what you pay for
  4. there is a reason why its cheaper trust me.
    Follow the rules for a First Bike:
    1.buy a naked bike.
    2.buy second hand (that first ride out of shop will cost 1-2k)
    3.dont pay over 6k (trust me on this, you will be upgrading in 6months anyway)
    4.take it slow and enjoy yourself
    5.(dont buy kymco)lol
  5. Out of the Chinese bikes/scooters, Kymco and Sachs are the ones to get. At $2.7K that is preety cheap so it doesnt matter if you drop it as you will get a similar amount of resale anyway (compared to dropping a ninja or something).

    If you are only riding roads up to 80kms an hour and have a good dealer (speak to them about parts) then I would say its a good buy for a first bike, though be aware that you will upgrade in 6 months (so save up some money in the meantime). Dont spend money on the Kymco other than maintenance and fuel and just ride it.
  6. I don't have any experience with this bike, but I had a Kymco scooter and it was perfectly fine as far as quality goes. Kymco are from Taiwan not mainland China, and quality wise Taiwanese manufacturers like Kymco, SYM or PGO are closer to Japan than China. Having said that, I suspect this particular model is in fact manufactured in mainland China, so who knows? But at least with Kymco brand behind them you should get decent dealer support and supply of parts should something go wrong.
    What warranty do they offer on this model?
  7. Crap. why do people keep saying this.
  8. What do you weigh? If it's more than maybe 75kg, I wouldn't recommend a 125 for anything other than round town use, especially if you're not a particularly good aerodynamic shape.
  9. Go to bikepint and look up Kawasaki GPX250 ....Cheap as chips and one with 30,000kms -50,000kms would last longer then the Kymco ...One million times more "street cred"..and probably twice as fast and any dealer will service it for you or have parts, if ever needed at all.
    $2700 will get you a good little bike ,you just got to know what brands and models to look for.
    Honda VT250 Spada is another one.
  10. Depending on the bike and the damage (and there will be damage), repairs/replacements will start at hundreds of dollars and slide up to thousands. And that's without getting into carbon-fibre silliness or anything. This means a minor incident can easily result in the bike being written off (if and insurance claim is made), even it there is no mechanical damage. Should you repair any such damage yourself, availability of second-hand fairings is minimal, and usually scratched up.

    There are some bikes, such as the GS500F, which you may be able to strip naked if damage occurs (or pre-emptively), but if you end up doing that, what's the point in having it in the first place?

    All that said, there are some cheap but good/reliable faired bikes out there, and you may wish to look into them.
  11. Yea I only way about 70kg
  12. Warranty is two years unlimited km.
    Sounds good but i doubt id want the bike for two years
    Yeah i think you're right about the manufactured in China but what isn't?
  13. I've looked up those models; they cost about $3700-$4000.
    You really reckon a bike thats done 30 000-50 000 km is going to last longer than a new bike?
    haha I agree with the street cred though.
  14. Thanks everyone
    I don't think il be buying the kymco CK.
    Still for $2700, on road, i can't find many other options out there.
  15. $3700 to $4000?

    As to lasting longer, he could be referring to how long it'll take you to get bored/tired of it. A 125cc four-stroke doesn't have much go.
  16. Insurance and resiliance to damage at a guess.

    VTR250 was $220/year comprehensive for me;
    GPX250 and ZZR250 was $400-600
    CBR250RR was $600-1200.

    A VTR250 laying on its side is a couple of $10 replacement levers and maybe a scratched/dented muffler.
    A fully-faired bike on its side is $500+ in replacement fairings and repainting. :S
  17. Good point about lasting longer from being bored.
    But I was talking about it lasting as in still working and running.
    Look at some of the km's on the other GPX bike for sale 50,000km 90,000kms.
    They are a tired and tested proven bike as long as its been looked after and serviced they should give you pretty much trouble free riding ,till you upgrade in 12 months and easy to sell it.
  18. Why even bother buying a bike if you strongly believe you are going to drop it.
  19. Umm yeah but CK is a naked bike... and I very much doubt there are any carbon fiber bits available for it :)

    There's something to be said for a new bike for $2,700 - as long as you don't mind the 'performance' of 125cc, you can take your chances, forget comprehensive insurance and just ride the thing. After one year you'll either have a wreck on your hands and be at most 2,700 out of pocket, or you'll be selling an almost new bike with one year of warranty still left.
  20. i reckon some of the newer scooters would more poke than the kymco.
    Seriously if you want to sit on 80-90 comfortably dont go below 250cc. unless u get a two stroke bike (Rs125/Mito 125) but they probably dont fit ur criteria.