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Riders down on Western Ring Rd

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BuellN, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. 2 cycles are down at the entrance to the western ring road off the princes hwy west bound, Couldnt see much , a cbr 250 and a black naked cycle,

    No more info yet, lotsa cops and ambos

  2. dammmmm
    i hope they are alright...
    man no good for the start of the long weekend
  3. Wife just went past it, it's not good.

    One bike is a BMW and the other one a CBR250.

    Ambos & Mica on site, one rider recieving CPR :(
  4. Sad to hear of another rider killed, scary to think that he may have been taken out by another bike. Take it easy out there this weekend everyone.
  5. Always sad to hear, not a good start to a long weekend / school holidays.
    RIP , and safe rinding to the rest of you.
  6. taken out by another rider?? WTF? :(

    sad news.
  7. did the article hint on who hit who aka did bMW hit cb ??
    not good either way.

    I feel bad for those that saw this. It sticks in your mind when you seen that sort of thing
  8. (please excuse my generalisation, but)
    the article says they rider that died was a 45 year old man,
    he was the one hit from behind by the 33 year old man.

    (this is pure speculation, please forgive me)
    my guess is the younger rider would have been on the CBR250,
    and the older rider, from Taylors Lake, on the bMW.
  9. This is horrific another rider takes a rider down, what can you say to that.
    When I first started to ride larger capacity bikes I saw an accident just like this as I was behind it all a BMW rider two up just about missed the turn off to Cranbourne and counter steered hard to get on the exit again but in so doing side swiped a Honda CX 500 (I think this is the bike the one with the pots that hang out like a Guzzi).
    The Honda was two up as well non were seriously hurt but the rider of the Honda broke his collar bone and was in shock. Its not a good sight.

    My heart felt condolences go out to the family of the fallen rider.
  10. One of our mates was driving a truck when the ambos arrived, he told us one was a squid.

    Heart felt condolences go out to the family and friends of the fallen rider.

    Edited to add, the squid was receiving CPR and having his clothes cut off him.
  11. Condolences to the deceased rider's family and friends. :(

    Fingers crossed for a full recovery for the injured rider.
  12. Bikes are so maneuverable and quick that i tend to take extra care around other bikes. Not saying that's what's happened here was avoidable.

    Hope those involved ok
  13. So sad, for both, and for the familes and loved ones who will bear the on-going pain

    Prayers and thoughts with them