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Rider's down on Black Spur?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RGVroomDaddy, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. Saw a number of ambulances up on the Black Spur today at about 5:00-5:30PM ... also saw a damaged bike leaning up against the mountain face.

    Anyway, hope everyone is ok! Given that it hasn't been posted here I guess they were either not netriders or haven't made it back yet. There were quite a few people at the scene so not sure if it was a group ride or a lot of concerned passers by.

    P.S I didn't stop since I didn't really think it would help but just wondering what people think ... would the moral support of some passing riders be appreciated or would it just be getting in the way?


  2. read thread about matt phanoongy etc.
  3. Depends on the number of people gathered around the accident. If there are a group of people, I'll tend not to stop as I'm only adding to the confusion and be in the way. If there are only <2-3 people then I'll definitely stop.
  4. Ok, I read that one but it didn't say anything about the Black Spur but that "Matt was leading a small pack from Mirboo to Dumbalk" which is nowhere near the Black Spur! Are you sure this is the same thing?

  5. Read about spurs later in that thread and maybe put those 2 together.
    I probably got it wrong then
  6. If there were heaps of people around and I wasn't with them I would carry on, obviously if there were only a couple of people I would stop and see if all ok and help if I could.
  7. No probs.

    If there was a strip of gravel across the black spur, it wouldn't just be carnage but Armageddon given the amount of knee down motorcycle traffic there!