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Riders Discount - low price quarantee? WTF

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by alwayseric, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. found a pair of kevlar jeans but noticed the price is at least 20 bucks higher than the other sellers (eg stg's) . they offer low price guarantee, so left two messages about matching the price. 24 hours later, i still have not got any feedback from them. what the Foock! usually these online seller responds quickly . if they dont want to match the price, the least they can do is to send me an email.

    i cant find their email address, but there is a message board where you can leave your name, email address and a message to them.

    anyone has successfully had them price match other seller's price?
  2. 2. Submit Price Match Request

    Please submit your claim by contacting us via email or calling us at 1-616-931-6644. Include the product name, manufacturer, product number, description, and other respective characteristics. Be as specific as possible when describing the item. Additionally, you must include the following information depending upon the location of the competing price in question:

    Internet Price Match: Include the URL of the competing product page.
    Print Advertisement Price Match: Include a complete copy of the advertisement. The copy must include the product/price, company name and the corresponding publication's name. Please email, mail or fax the copy. Fax: 1-616-931-6646

    Riders Discount
    Low Price Guarantee
    2336 112th Ave
    Holland, MI 49424

    Your claim will be processed in a timely manner. Each claim will require unique steps to verify the validity of the price match. We will contact you once we have determined the legitimacy of the price and supplier in question. Thank you for your time.
  3. Dont bother with them just buy moto legion from australia
  4. ben, are you their rep?i wish you are.
    of cause, i checked the conditions for the price match before submitting a request. i did provide the links to STG's website for the same pants. what i am really annoyed is there is no any feedback from them in the past 25 hours. if they reject, i can go with other companies. if they say OK, i will place the order straight away. but they simply do NOT answer to me. i dont know what is going on there.

    people say their prices are good. i dont really think so, but their shipping is really good. however, 20-30 bucks extra for a kevlar jeans sabotage the advantage of low shipping cost.
  5. alwayseric,
    There are many of us in the forum who have purchased items from Riders Discount. I can certainly vouch for their prompt, professional service. Their prices certainly are very competitive (we're already benefitting majorly with the strong Aussie dollar) and their low one-off US$25 postage fee is next to none.

    As benn0051 has mentioned, the delay you're experiencing is probably based on the process that the supplier is engaged in to qualify your request.
    Buying from overseas on most accounts results in us saving dollars. I find this is mostly true for expensive (relatively speaking) or larger items.

    If you needed something (your pair of kevlar jeans, in this case) soon and/or prices don't vary too much, I then much prefer to support local businesses. Not only would I have the item in my hands quicker but after-sales assistance/exchanges are less painful.

    Best of luck with your reply. It can be annoying waiting for a reply from anyone, for that matter. However, Riders Discount are fantastic, and well-worth it.
  6. Patience Luke....patience!
  7. to anyone who purchased from RD before, how long does the shipping normally take to the cities like Sydney? will goto NZ for a 10 days holiday (no earthquake please...) around the easter holiday. my experience with UK online shops indicates it may take about 2 weeks.... i dont want to miss the parcel. this is another reason i want to get it done asap.
  8. will take around 2 weeks
    slowest part of the whole trip is customs
  9. if they only match the price why not just buy from STG? or am i missing something
  10. stg doesnt have the knee protector i want. stg is the no. 1 alternative anyway.
  11. I purchased an alpinestars leather jacket from riders discount and the beat a competitors price for me plus gave me an upgraded postage (extra insurance and quicker delivery) for free. Just have some patience im sure your not the only customer they have to deal.
  12. I received a jacket from them last year 8 days after I ordered. But I'd expect that to vary by up to a week depending on items being to hand in the warehouse etc.
    I found their service in replying to an email question i put to them prompt and professional. No complaints from me.
  13. As Nickers and IronSheik have bought stuff thru rd as myself they are trustworthy and will indeed beat prices. I tried sending emails last week to the address I was using last time but was getting no reply. I then went on their website and sent to this email address and have been sending/receiving emails this week. support@ridersdiscount.com Shipping takes 1-2 weeks.
  14. Shame we can't take advantage of the dollar so that we can STOP GETTING RIPPED OFF ON HELMETS.

  15. use the email address, they replied. happy to price match, but dont have the boots i want (smx5) back order until the end of may. oh no.............
  16. RU serious -- didnt you check my other thread ? in the for sale part
  17. Whichever email you were initially trying to contact them must have been the same as what I was sending it to as I was getting no replies. Having dealth with John before and getting prompt responses I thought this was odd and didn't seem right. So I sourced the support email address and the replies started flowing again. It would seem as they offer price matching and better them their stock turns over fast. I bought a Tech 1-R jacket early this year no issues. A guy tried a few weeks after me but stock had already been depleted.
    Either wait or look at others for the boots. You can try motomummy, solomotoparts and so on.
  18. Motomummy, as ResmeN stated above, are reputable and fast with their international sales/service also, having received an order for 'StompGrip' tank pads today - only waited 8 days from time of order... Gotta love that, especially the fact they were HALF the price of what the cheapest supplier in Oz are selling them for.

    Naturally, I ordered 3 sets. Not ALL for me, of course :)
  19. their prices are'nt the cheapest, but not many ship that cheap.
    they have an eGay store, better to shop there, more up to date with stock and feedback
  20. i will have a look. at same time, i am also choosing helmets for the coming snow season. the shipping kills many good deals. if rd can offer $25 international shipping services, why not the other stores?