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Riders cause fatal car crash on Marysville Rd (06-08-2006)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Aug 6, 2006.

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  1. There was a head on collision between Narbathong & Marysville today and police are pointing the finger at two "Harley" riders who were overtaking a line of cars causing an oncoming car to loose control while taking avoiding action and then involve another inoccent vehicle. 3 helicopters were used to ferry the worst of the 7 injured to various Melbourne hosptials but one 16 yo girl died at the scene.

    The above was taken from a Ch7 News report this evening.

    I was at Lake Mountain today introducing my 6yo nephew to snow for the first time and had to go home via Buxton but the interesting thing was the discussion in the car was along the line of riders taking risks after I was forced to brake on a couple of occasions as various riders decided to pass me at inappropriate locations.

    I can now see 80km/h zones being applied throughout that area, just like the Great Ocean Road, and the bike & car "hoon" element only have themselves to blame for this......

    Police are looking for the riders involved who failed to stop.
  2. Yes very sad news indeed. I hope that this doesnt spark a massive media slur on harley riders. Unfortunately lowering the speed limit in this area will do nothing, its a bikers playground and we all speed in these areas regardless.

  3. Yes extremely SAD news...
    So much death and sadness in one day and in such a small area!!! :cry:

    Kris, i agree with you...
    Limiting the speed will only slow some down (cars) and as you said, its a bikers playground. The death and accident tolls on these roads, unfortunately wont decrease until there's a cop car on every corner...

    So sad...
  4. Already being done on the GOR with coppers hiding where you cant see them and radioing ahead to nab people when they get to the other end.

    Trouble is they aren't playgrounds, they are public roads, if you want to play go to Broadford or PI.
  5. Playgrounds?

    If you still ride the GOR at warp 9 speeds then you dont value your licence much.

    They patrol that road like demons possesed. The roads that were "rider playgrounds" will all become a set of sedate corners with speed calming measures designed to make the road boring to riders.

    Just look at what they did to the Kew Boulevard. No one goes there anymore.
  6. Thing is this is all "allegedly" and unfortunately will do all riders more harm than good! Car drivers won't remember all the rider's who were killed by car drivers behaving irresponsibly! My heart bleeds for the unfortunate 16y.o. girl who was killed before her life had barely begun & I wish all of the other victims a speedy recovery, physically & emotionally! So, so sad but let us not point the finger at our own, until all of the evidence is in!
  7. Hope they catch the bastards, and bring the book down hard.
    Condolences to the family of the girl killed, and all those injured, pity the driver couldn't recover the vehicle in time, or it would have been a minor incident instead of a tradgedy to a completely innocent party.

    People like that just make my blood boil, irregardless of the conditions, and irrespective of the fact that it makes harley riders (and to a lesser extent, _motorcycle_ riders) look bad in the eyes of the d!ckheaded public.

    (Just kidding, harley guys/gals, we love you still)
  8. The road was still shut at 6 tonight when I came back from my 4x4 comp.

    I found today (fighting the landcruiser around the cornsers) that I noticed riders on the Marysville->Cumberland Junction run on my side of the road way too often. If anyone sees me doing that when I'm out riding, can they kick my arse for me please?
  9. Sad for the young lady's family, and, it would seem, an unnecessary death.....


    And at the end, another death on the Spur, a 40 year old rider from Bacchus Marsh; I'm starting to hold my breath when I read about motorcyclist's deaths in Victoria.....
  10. Very, very sad.

    I don't know about anyone else but I would be driving head on into an oncoming rider who shouldn't be there before I would be driving off the road and putting myself and my loved one's in danger. Of course in real life this may be different if i were ever presented with this situation, but I hope that is what I would do.

  11. What a farking ridiculous comment! Any rider/driver would instinctively aim to take an aversive course of action. If that goes pear shaped as it is "allegedly" the case then that could not have been foreseen in the split second the driver had to react!
  12. I understand the sentiment so I'm not arguing, but the best response is to hit the brakes. By reducing speed and stopping if need be, you give the oncomming (wrong side of road) vehical more space to make the overtake, hopefully avoiding an accident at all. If they do hit, less speed on your own part will reduce the damage overall. :)

    NOTE TO THE PEANUT GALLERY: I am casting no assertions over what did, didn't or might have happened. Simply offering my oppinion on the ideal responce to a given hyperthetical situation. :wink:

    My sincere condolences to the families and friends of the young girl and the rider who died today.
  13. I hope the truth comes out soon.

    Condolences to the girl's family.

    Sympathy and best wishes to all those that were hurt.

    <reserving judgement>
  14. Why do people say things like this. Hitting a 300kg motorbike and rider combo would cause catastrophic damage to EVERYONE. I'd hope you would take evasive action, as that rider might just not be there by choice.

    Why, when there is ANY accident, involving anyone, does a thread get started with all these hypotheticals and wild statements.

    The riders of the bikes that allegedly caused an accident will be pursued by the police and dealt with approtiately. The rider of the bike that crashed will be terribly missed by his family, friends and colleagues regardless of what he was doing at the time. Nothing deserves dying over.

    As regards the speed limits, 100kmh is plenty fast enough to really hurt yourself on any of the Spurs. And bikers have been (unfortunately) killing and injuring themselves on this road for many years. Anyone who rides there will know that you are likely to get stopped for a licence check and roadworthy just about anytime.
  15. Too right.

    Physiologically speaking, death is likely for a human body coming to a sudden and complete stop from 40km/h.

    40 km/h doesn't seem fast, but it can be deadly...
  16. Tragic incident. :(

    When will people/riders learn that dangerously riding on the wrong side of the road could not only necessarily harm themselves, but also others.
  17. Myself and a mate went to Healsville to try and hook up with the Healsville/Marysville ride at the Ampol in Healsville,but somehow missed everyone so decided about 11.30 to go it alone. I came thru the spur not long after the cops had cordoned off the road, and the ambo,s had taken away the crashed rider.They were just letting 1 lane filter thru, for the accident on the Healsville side of the spur.
    Its was on 1 of the 3-4 in a row, long flowing sweepers, with the gaurd rail, on the left hand side, about 3 minutes into the spur. The front end had ripped of the bike, there was about 12 other very somber looking faces or riders parked beside the road, just up from the accident, obviously feeling for their buddy. I dont know if it ws D.O.A. when the ambo,s got there. I think he must have gone in too hot or been coming back towards Healsville and run wide. Godspeed brother.

    Then when we got thru to Marysville turn off, just after Narbethong, around 12-12.30, SES had cordoned off the Marysville road and had to do the Buxton way to Marysville. We stopped at the "in gear"cafe, or whatever the biker cafe there is called in Marysville, for lunch. They said only 2 bikes came thru around that time the coincided with a timeframe after the accident, stopped briefly, then moved on. Myself and my comrade where discussing it and came to the conclusion that I would say that the riders had no idea what had happened and where too busy concentrating on the road after a possible scare and where oblivious to the carnage and distress that they had allegedly caused,with tragic reprocussions.

    Theres no way anyone with an ounce of self respect or a conscience could have realised what happened, and could keep going. They simply could not live with themselves and the guilt and remorse would rack and assail them to they emotionally, will inevitably have a nervous break down.

    Even if these individuals didnt realise the events that ensued, by their irresponsible riding, with the media coverage this is going to get, they are bound to come across this in the news. A work colleague may mention it in passing, a friend, fellow riders they roll with, their going to piece 2 and 2 together, do the maths, and realise that there is a distinct possibilty that they where an alledged contributing factor in this situation, where absolutely no one wins.
    My deepest sympathy and condolences to all related or involved, in both incidents.
  18. Allegedly, presumedly, assumingly.......

    NOTE: The following post is made on the ASSUMPTION that the riders are in the wrong in both of the above mentioned incidents. Key word being ASSUMPTION.

    I can't agree with this more. Its the middle of snow season, one of the busiest times to travel around this region. The roads are in the most slippery condition they will be for the year. Is this not common knowledge? Is this not a deterent to riding somewhere near the limits?

    We're all sick of hearing about rider fatalities and I cant comprehend the pain the families of todays victims are going through. Yesterday i was presented with a situation where two riders were coming from the opposite direction, passing a car. They had already commited to the overtake on a precarious piece of road(wont say where) as i came into view. I had to move to the far left of the lane as they finished the manouvre. I didnt think anything of it then but hearing about todays events makes me wonder "what if"....i was in a car. The road was rather narrow so there was no room for any lateral movement. And frankly i dont want to think about it any more. No matter what, i dont want to think about situations where i'm deciding "take out rider, or take out myself" until heaven forbid, it happens.

    My point (and pvda's) being these are public roads, not frickin racetracks. I've been riding for less than a year on a pissy 250 and probably dont have the right to have a go at the "cowboys" out there, but fark. Is it worth it? Putting yourself at risk is one thing but we need to consider others peoples lives as well.
  19. Interesting thread, particularly given the varied opinions on this subject.

    What dismays me is the pontificating that is going on in this thread, starting with the misleading title.

    As others have pointed out, it's been "alleged" that the riders caused this tragedy. It's not known for sure, and it definately hasn't been proven. I heard tonight that the riders have expressed their innocence in this matter. I'm unaware of any further details relating to this development.

    I wasn't there, and obviously neither were anyone else here who've been expressing their views. I would be reluctant to go pointing the finger at anyone. Having said that, I'm struggling to understand how the riders could directly be attributed fault. Perhaps they contributed to this crash, IF they were making an illegal and dangerous passing maneuvre. But at this point in time, we don't know, do we?

    It has been suggested that one of the drivers panicked, and as a result lost control of the vehicle. Now, could this be fairly considered as the main contributory factor?

    Point to consider - what do you think that the riders could be charged with, if anything, in relation to this crash. Ignore for the moment, if they were crossing double lines or whatever, as we don't know if this was the case or not.

    Whatever happened, whoever is at fault, for whatever reason, one fact does stand out - we do tend to do some crazy things, particularly out on roads such as the Spurs, the GOR, etc. where we tend to mix it with everyday and Sunday traffic.

    Today, for example, I went on a ride to meet up with an MRA social ride. On the Neerim Sth/Jindivick Road, we me the riders on the outskirts of Jindivick (them approaching from the MEL side). In the lead were a few sports bikes. One of them decided to pass his mates, with me slowing and pulling over to the left in case he stuffed it up. Mind you, it was a pointless move as he was already in an 80 kay zone and appraching the 60 limit. He made the pass on the apex of a left hand bend. Or another; last Sunday on the Sth Gippy Highway just out of Loch, someone else did the same thing, except that fellow was passing a line of cars and over double lines, in an 80 kay road construction zone. Again, I had to pull over to the left to give him more room. I gestured at him to suggest that he was a lunatic. Dunno if he saw or understood the gesture.

    But yeah, we're our own worst enemies. Doing this crap in full view of non-motorcycling road users only further hurts our "cause".

    Just consider whether passing cars on double lines is worth the risk, and the effect that it has on other road users, in particular how they tend to view us.

    In the end, it's all about patience and a bit of common sense, and a lot about maturity.
  20. As said earlier, I would say its only a matter of time before they put up a 60-80kmh speed limit thru the Black Spur. Having said that, theres a lot of parts in there, that you cant really do much over 60-80kmh, unless you dont value youre health or youre fellow road users health too much. Theres a few spots in the Black Spur and especially Myers and Chum creek road, that head up to Toolangi from Healsville, that grow green moss in the the centre of the road, where cars dont track over. People on bikes need to read the road twice as much as car drivers in order to live to ride another day, and not pose a danger to themselves and others. Any bike, say hypothetically over 250cc and up, goes at exactly the same speed a 250 will, if you ride it that way. Its the owners not taking responsibilty for actions that can endanger others, riding the bike or themselves, beyond their capabilties, especially within the legal speed limits or speeds that the situation dictates, thats the issue here. A few "cowboys", gives us all a bad name. Mitchell's going to have a field day with this one.
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