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riders around Bacchus Marsh/ Ballan

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Timmy_0_T00l, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. to any riders around the bacchus marsh/ ballan area im looking for some local riders to go riding with and i dont know anyone so if u know of some one please let me know

  2. :roll: Hello to you too.

    But yes there a few riders in that area.
  3. We're a bit east of you in Sunbury, but we ride out that way fairly often. Plenty of great roads in central Vic too.
  4. A couple more weeks until my new road bike arrives unfortunately, but after that, I'm in!

    Until then I guess I'II just have to put up with riding at Phillip Island again.... :p :grin:
  5. I'm just down the road in Melton. I get out every second week or so but ride over the other side of town where the roads are not so flat and straight. What do you ride?
  6. i ride a 07 hyosung gt250r it not much but its a start
  7. I am over in Sunbury and get out and about on the bike now and then as well.
    Don't put your Hyo down Tim.The Hyo 250 is one of the best first bikes to get.We have a 07 Hyo250 at my place as well. :cool:
    Keep an eye out on the forum,there are bound to be some rides that you will be interested in coming up.
    If you are free on thursday nights you could try the mystery ride that is on every thursday night.Have a look at the Thursday night thread. :)
  8. Hi, lm down Anakie way. New to riding and looking for someone to go riding with.
  9. well spidapig if u want to arange to go for a ride just let me know and maybe we can arange something
  10. hey all!

    i'm from melton and don't really have any riding buddies yet.. one mate just got his Ls and he reckons he's not yet confident to venture out of melton.. i know i am! :grin:
  11. Hey is West Melton still called Snobs Hill?
    As for your mate god if he rides around Melton then he ready to venture out.

    Why do you think we now live up here :p
  12. i didnt even know it was called that.. hmmm
    nahh.. he prefers riding late at night when there are few cars on the road.. HE feels safer that way.. go figure
  13. :LOL: Will take that as a no. Was when we moved into James Cook Drive. From memory we were the 3 rd or 4th house in the entire street. Those were the days.

    Whole town is a dive now :LOL:
  14. well if you ever want to go riding with someone just let me know cus im always looking for people to go riding with
  15. yeah cool! it's going to be a nice day on saturday.. but i might have to bring my bike for it's first service that day.. we'll see how it goes
  16. so what bike do u ride anyway?
  17. hornet 900
  18. I'm in Melton South, but not over the train tracks.

    So I'll stab you, but not kill you.
  19. thats good to know at least i feel a little safer now
  20. Well, the new bike has arrived, just have to get it reg'd now and then I have some catchin' up to do on the road... :)