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Riderless motorbike race!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pringa8, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. Just randomly found this on the net! pic is on the link


    The American Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have organized a $ 1 Million contest involving a 400km race through the Mojave Desert, from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

    So what! you say, the interesting thing is that no-one is allowed to ride in or on the vehicles! They have to control the driving themselves and even more amazing a motorcycle is currently odds on favourite to win. The race includes on-road and off-road navigation and must be completed in less than ten hours.

    So the contestants will have built a vehicle that not only will be able to ride through the desert by itself, but also navigate and make decisions while competing against others to get to the finishing line first.

    Of the 25 contestants expected to line-up on March 13th this year, only one of them is a motorcycle, a motorcycle that will ride itself with the aid of a series of gyros and sophisticated computers.

    The two wheel idea came from a 23 year old Berkely University student , Anthony Levandowski. His creation, aptly named “Ghost Rider Robotâ€, happily functions on its own. It can even stand stationary on its own two wheels without falling over, “Single track (two wheel) vehicles cost less, are more efficient and can traverse more extreme environments because they only have conform to the terrain in one axis.†Commented Levandowski .
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  3. Same balance technology principles as the segway, I believe -
    great read.
    Just shows you where mechatronics is up to, its an easy concept to imagine, but to put into practice..... Damn, that is one talanted kid.
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  5. The segway balancing is significantly different to what needs to be done to a motorcycle to make it balance it self. For starters, the wheels on a segway are adjusted to make the segway balance when standing still. You can't do this on a motorcycle as the wheels are in-line, not side by side...
  6. The Segway does have surprising capabilities, though:



  7. Yes, but to enable the motorcycle to stand upright, the centre of gravity needs to be constantly changed to account of a shift in weight (as people do automatically on a bike. - hence the segway example.) Then when that is accounted for, and constantly changed for depending on centripetal accceleration, the forward and backwards motions would be equivalent to an RC car I imagine. to change the centre of gravity, an electric motor and a laterally shifting mass would be all that is required.
  8. lol at the segway photos, good job guys