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RideRight II

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by vic, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. All done, just waiting for the phone call now :LOL:
  2. yep got the plastic plate and got done for running an amber light a little to fast oops, wonder what the pics gonna look like with the drive right tag partially blocking my number plate :)
  3. just signed up both bikes, since one's gonna be a while gettin fixed, maybe i wont get done for anything :)
  4. waiting waiting........., still no phone call, anyone had a call yet???, buggers didn't send me a bike one either grrrrr
  5. Same, neither the bike ones, nor the car one have come throught yet.
    Guess they must be SO backlogged with all the requests :LOL:
  6. I got mine ages ago :)
  7. i have registered our bike and car for drive right and ride right but havent bothered putting the sticker or plate on either car or bike....if you have them displayed and are witnessed to have been a couteous driver or rider then you get rewarded with some sort of show bag....you dont need to display the tags to be in the running to win the cars just need to not lose any points up until the end of jan or feb next year....

    it is funny (or sad) the number of dickheads on the road that have the stickers on their cars but are the ones that are swerving all over the road or driving at a gazillion miles an hour...

  8. that's what i'm figuring too.
    No sticker, don't get pinged, nothing to lose
  9. it would be interesting to see how many people have actually read the terms and conditions....i reckon there would be very few as most of the deadhead cage drivers (1) would figure that they could drive as normal and be in the running to win a car...

    (1) generalising of course :p