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Rider with Steel Balls

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BR44P, Dec 6, 2015.

  1. Hi all,
    My name is Hayley and I ride a 2015 Yamaha MT-07. I have been riding for about 4-5 years (on and off road) and I have only recently upgraded from my 1989 Honda VT250 Spada to the Yamaha. It was definitely a big difference going from 250cc to a 650cc but I have never looked back.

    I was told by a fellow biker about this forum and that I should give it a go since I'm looking for new people to meet and ride with. Only sad thing about it is that I'm only a weekend rider. I work 6 days a week and usually that one day I get free it's shit weather. I'm a bit of a wild one when it comes to bikes (hence the title "Rider with Steel Balls") since I have no fear but there will come a day that I'll come unstuck and lay it down but until that day, I will continue to ride and enjoy doing it.

    There's not much else to say but if you live in the Hunter region and interested in going on a ride or just to meet and great, I'm always floating around so your welcome to send me a message.

    Happy riding all !!
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  2. welcome aboard :)
  3. Appreciate it !!
  4. welcome - the 07 is the only one from MT range we don't have!!!! Enjoy the riding - you have some great roads around you
  5. Some of our roads are great, it's just touri
    Some of our roads are great but it's hard to have a decent ride because of the tourists that visit my area.
  6. too true - haven't been up that way for a few months - have found some roads heading southwest a little less busy
  7. Welcome to the forum.
  8. G'day and welcome, HayleyHayley.
  9. oh dear V8PatrolV8Patrol sorry you didn't like my post :cry: didn't think it was that bad ;)
  10. Welcome BR44PBR44P
    Congrats on the new ride as well.
    Yep bikes can amazingly switch off the fear factor so I hear you. I'll give any road a red hot go on the bike, yet in day to day life I am soooo risk adverse and I am so over analytical it is a wonder I get anything done.
    Good on you.
    I guess if you venture inland a bit from Newcastle you will avoid some of the wannabe novacastrians ;)
    Some nice rides a bit further north and you could whip up thunderbolts, do the oxley down towards Wauchope then zip down through Comboyne and back down to Newcastle. Now that'd be a nice run.

    Anyway enjoy your MT07. Lots of MT riders on here.
  11. Welcome. You know why gipsies ride carefully. They've got crystal balls !!!
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  12. Sorry
    Didn't even know I did that
    Tiny phone screen & fat fingers
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  13. I haven't actually gone on an adventure with the new bike yet since I've only recently bought it. I'm pretty keen to see new places and meet new people along the way so So if I heard correctly, thunderbolts is coming back next year?
  14. Welcome. Got back from Taree and Port Mac over the Oxley twice and down Thunderbolts just the past weekend. Thunderbolts is in best condition I have seen it for many rides.
    We often head up that way, feel free to meet us out at Singleton, Gresford etc and spend the weekend enjoying the new toy. problem is with one day off, you will find it hard.
  15. I'm only about 35 minutes from Singleton and I have a few friends who ride that live there also so I will most definitely keep that in mind thanks !! In the coming new year, work will be a bit different and I'll have my weekends back thank god !!
  16. Speaking for someone else here, but you're only the rider with steel balls until your instructor comes drifting past you on a track day on the outside of a corner while looking back and giving you a thumbs up, this while you thought you were fast.
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  17. Welcome Hayley, you'd certainly be enjoying your new steed more than the spada then!

    As for these steel balls- now correct me if I'm wrong but I was under the impression that the female of the species does not, in fact, have any balls. Unless boyfriend/hubby is totally whipped in which case maybe you have his? :D
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  18. There steel cos their bolt ons........If they were hers they'd be soft and squishy like yours ;)
    Oh and welcome(y)
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  19. Ah, right you are! Had to check on google but I found them...

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  20. Don't want to know how many puke worthy pics you had to go through to get to that one!
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